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  1. I’m hoping PSVR V2 will blow my socks off 🤪 ..and PS5 kex.. 13
  2. Thanks for ripping off my Pure HEN template and giving no credit.
  3. Fantastic, it’s perfect for beginners, unlike OpenGLES etc.
  4. Yeah lol @GregoryRasputin 1.5 is the latest version. 1.5: https://mir.cr/0W7KDJ5R 1.5 ESP: https://mir.cr/1UYGJMBN 1.5.1 is in the hands of zecoxao only right now, I have internet now at my new place, so expect a proper update next week
  5. Just ftp into it and swap it yourself It would be far quicker than me making and uploading a payload to my ESP, dumping the bin, uploading it, and then you downloading and flashing the bin....
  6. Great work! Zeco this is your mod of 1.7? Or officially 1.8 xVortex release?
  7. I don’t agree either: If there is no softmod solution, and it requires hardware to downgrade, then it doesn’t make downgrade to 5.05 for HEN redundant....
  8. @TheDarkprogramer I have just come to use this today and no matter what the version always says never Is that right?
  9. Sound advice. But what if you want the inside to look like a zoo? wow that’s nasty.
  10. Surely double click pub-chk, select the pkg you want, extract it with 32x0 password is easier than making folders and batch scripts?
  11. Awesome, thank you Well done to all who participated!
  12. Is this an updated version? The version I have in my host pack is modified version of Zer0xffs moddable one.
  13. FTP in and change the icons or files for a quick fix. Alternatively use pub-chk, open with 32x0’s as password, extract, swap the files out making sure they’re same format and specification, repack with gengp4 and pub-gen.
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