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  1. I'm using offline exploit, nothing plugin usb port at that time.I alway open guide immediately after console boot up maybe this it the cause random console shutdown. Thanks for the help. Anyway, DS backup still v1 and when i run it nothing was copy to usb.
  2. i've got many auto random shutdown when inject HEN with 2.71 2.7 is rarely shutdown. what's the problem ?
  3. Why sometimes run Mira+HEN it show not enough free memory twice and 1 javascript error message why run HEN i never see javascript error just sometimes see not enough memory ? thank In v2.6 run HEN never see "not enough free memory" but v2.7 i always see it .
  4. Finally I could find out my solution to fix slow scanning . I connect PC and PS4 directly via ethernet cable. And run host exploit locally on PC. I scan all and run very fast and found some address to change the cash and torken card value to max out. Thank you. added 5 minutes later Cheating or FTP using EPS8266 is a bad choise. Use LAN is the best.
  5. I knew we have to scan eboot.bin but there are many mem range inside eboot.bin. and using lan cable will make process faster ? thanks
  6. The address for cash cheat is different, how to know which process need to scan. And which network did you use to connect between PC and ps4, WiFi or lan? Because i connect to esp8266 AP so the scan took very long time
  7. Me too,but if run binloader first, send payload then run HEN it will be OK.
  8. Both on same network,I connect PC to esp AP , if I load hen first then load another payload the second won't load and system seem panic. Here I saw from gbatemp.net said NOTE 2: Running HEN payload followed by dumper payload has been proven to speed up the dumping process massively (Thanks @Leeful)
  9. Your code won't work for cusa05999 v1.08 I can find the value for money but change it not effect. What's wrong? And scan a process 64Mb took very long time.
  10. Hi all How to run FTP, dumper, binloader correctly ? i run ftp first then use pc connect to ps4 but it didn't work. do i need run HEN first before load another payload ? thanks
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