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  1. had a question and go nowhere searching. i recently got a bd player for my pc, bought it as a recommendation from friend as he dumps his BD and 4K movies with it. i used makeMKV and i noticed in handbrake that it says source "1920x1080" PAR 1/1 but the output resolution is 1920x808. i did cars just basic settings and after i notice the resolution, on my tv it looks like a 16x9 picture and not filling my screen or bars on top and bottom. it didnt look right, so i edited the settings to be 1920x1080 and that was going to be the output. then it looks almost zoomed, anyone know what im doing or know the correct display size. this is my first BD rip. thanX in advance
  2. so i played intro until i was out in the wild on the first mission with the woman. seemed fine for life and ammo until i died in the house with the infected while learning how to stealth kill. and yes when i load a cht i click what i have only and then refresh. after dying life and ammo stopped working. i was in a bit of rush and didnt have time to restart both console and ps4cheater. now i just remember something EDIT : If you have problem with code, press "Start/Options" and press "Start/Options" again and all work! so ill try that in the morning. i put all the cht's i could find and from now on too. i see that psxcheatlist is going off line. i have posted an other places so hopefully itll catch on. tired of sifting thru help wanted post. ps4cheater .cht's 455/505 ones out of folder are ones im working on and all base games (open cht with notepad to see info_ feel free to ad or pm, mention and ill ad it @JDsnyke thank you (source..https://github.com/JDsnyke/PS4-Cheat-List)
  3. ok thank you, just started so going to wait til im out of the base with weapons ect.
  4. hello folks, i was hoping someone could shed some light for me. i have always used Al Azifs exploit host then the ESP boards came out, grabbed a lot of them. i use them for the wifes consolr and the kids console, on my console im running Al's exploit. sometimes my board but i do alot of other stuff that esp cant do right now. i basically want to take all my payloads that i have aquired and put them all into one bin or i guess maybe use html format to save space. i know the boards are limited to 4mb, and tired of searching for the newest bin, no disrespect to devs, seems anyone can now make a f*kn youtube with a new esp host aand usually junk except for a few out there. And honestly i know they are busy and instead of being a whinny little spoonfed brat i would like to be able to do it my self. i have googled and the few forums im at , one of them i have to be a dev to start a new topic, and the other they arent to familiar with the ps4 yet, though they are very knowledgable in other PS departments, and all the other forums seem to be dead, lol thanX in advance i dont mind making from scrath or just editing a existing bin to my liking. running 5.05 OFW ps4 pro edition, but the othere 3 are second gen ps4
  5. so i was wondering how to search with a pointer? say i want to use the ammo how would i go about that? add adress posted above and as a pointer into ps4cheater? say i want to search for health coul;d you explain the process (can be a quick rundown)
  6. @jgduff nice, and sorry they change, i had saved and played the next day and were the same, i found doom changes every level so gave up as i dont know how to look or even inoput float values, i know its long and tedious but well worth it if found. how would i go about looking for a floating value as in health or armor stuff like that?
  7. base game no updates 1.4|eboot.bin|ID:|VER:|FM:505 data|27|284851C|4 bytes|9999|1|money|25BD5C51C data|27|2833048|4 bytes|999|0|teresa skill points|25BD47048 data|27|28327F0|4 bytes|999|0|lazarel skill points|25BD467F0 can confirm locations are the same after reboot or quit game.
  8. so just a fair warning, i unlocked the money value (unchecked the box) and i think it crashed the game cause as soon as i killed a guy and collected my loot it panic attacked and i lost my save data so maybe not go so hi on csh or just keep it locked. values same location this morning ? please see above for details
  9. just started again, here is blood vials, silver bullets(?) and some cash. i have restarted game twice to make sure they would stay/stick and they have not moved so safe to say this works.. this is a base game w/o a update. enjoy 1.4|eboot.bin|ID:|VER:|FM:505 data|18|C3BFC8|4 bytes|20|1|blood vials|20823BFC8 data|18|C3BFB8|4 bytes|19|1|ammo|20823BFB8 data|18|C3B904|4 bytes|999999|1|cash|20823B904 (either lock money or set low, i went above 999999 and game crashed/corrupted data) UPDATE: after restart of new game the money location is the same, just search same location as money (anon:0000023eb71e[0]-3-207600000-131072KB) for blood vials and silver bullets(?) happy gaming
  10. Recently bought a pro from Walmart at 349.00 on sale and before I did I did some research and come to find out all pros are exploitable except the new god of war I think. Not sure about that one but all the others are. Including special editions and bundle consoles
  11. Just went to do more sniffing and seems everything but the health and money change. Once you find one value outside of the health and money they are in same location at time as you can see above. The items do stick after saves so load up when you find em. Those took me maybe 5 minutes. SEE ABOVE for details. (sorry)
  12. UPDATE #2 1.4|eboot.bin|ID:CUSA07713|VER:01.00|FM:505 simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@4424C90_3_15CC90+10+10+10+10+10+40+60+6C|data|4 bytes|989639|0|Money| simple pointer|pointer|float|@523E5C8_3_F765C8+7A0+148+0+8F0+10+10+8+64|data|float|100|1|Health| tested and working... (just started game again, on ps4 this time so codes will be updated as i find them) to find more values of items such as rations and other crafting material you already have just select the location of health and search for what you need.. worked 3 times in a row after hard reboot.
  13. internet speed has a huge role in ps4 cheater as thats how its scanning everything (silly rabbit) yes the LAN line will make quicker, if you dont know how to set up al azif's exploit ( just run on pc and then set up lan connection custom= all normal except DNS they need to be your pc ip (address host displays) as far as scanning, i usually pick eboot and scan all. does sometimes take a while but those are pretty complex games. NFS should be fairly quick i hope. i was a idiot, when i dumped all my games i never thought of updating them. :dumb: so all my games are base games.
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