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  1. 1.4|eboot.bin|ID:|VER:|FM:505 data|27|284851C|4 bytes|9999|1|money|25BD5C51C data|27|2833048|4 bytes|999|0|teresa skill points|25BD47048 data|27|28327F0|4 bytes|999|0|lazarel skill points|25BD467F0 can confirm locations are the same after reboot or quit game.
  2. barelynotlegal

    BloodBorne CUSA-00900 PS4cheater 5.05

    so just a fair warning, i unlocked the money value (unchecked the box) and i think it crashed the game cause as soon as i killed a guy and collected my loot it panic attacked and i lost my save data so maybe not go so hi on csh or just keep it locked. values same location this morning please see above for details
  3. just started again, here is blood vials, silver bullets(?) and some cash. i have restarted game twice to make sure they would stay/stick and they have not moved so safe to say this works.. this is a base game w/o a update. enjoy 1.4|eboot.bin|ID:|VER:|FM:505 data|18|C3BFC8|4 bytes|20|1|blood vials|20823BFC8 data|18|C3BFB8|4 bytes|19|1|ammo|20823BFB8 data|18|C3B904|4 bytes|999999|1|cash|20823B904 (either lock money or set low, i went above 999999 and game crashed/corrupted data) UPDATE: after restart of new game the money location is the same, just search same location as money (anon:0000023eb71e[0]-3-207600000-131072KB) for blood vials and silver bullets(?) happy gaming
  4. barelynotlegal

    PS4 pro on sale and all exploitable

    Recently bought a pro from Walmart at 349.00 on sale and before I did I did some research and come to find out all pros are exploitable except the new god of war I think. Not sure about that one but all the others are. Including special editions and bundle consoles
  5. barelynotlegal

    CUSA07713 Monster Hunter ps4cheater 5.05

    Just went to do more sniffing and seems everything but the health and money change. Once you find one value outside of the health and money they are in same location at time as you can see above. The items do stick after saves so load up when you find em. Those took me maybe 5 minutes. SEE ABOVE for details. (sorry)
  6. UPDATE #2 1.4|eboot.bin|ID:CUSA07713|VER:01.00|FM:505 simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@4424C90_3_15CC90+10+10+10+10+10+40+60+6C|data|4 bytes|989639|0|Money| simple pointer|pointer|float|@523E5C8_3_F765C8+7A0+148+0+8F0+10+10+8+64|data|float|100|1|Health| tested and working... (just started game again, on ps4 this time so codes will be updated as i find them) to find more values of items such as rations and other crafting material you already have just select the location of health and search for what you need.. worked 3 times in a row after hard reboot.
  7. internet speed has a huge role in ps4 cheater as thats how its scanning everything (silly rabbit) yes the LAN line will make quicker, if you dont know how to set up al azif's exploit ( just run on pc and then set up lan connection custom= all normal except DNS they need to be your pc ip (address host displays) as far as scanning, i usually pick eboot and scan all. does sometimes take a while but those are pretty complex games. NFS should be fairly quick i hope. i was a idiot, when i dumped all my games i never thought of updating them. :dumb: so all my games are base games.
  8. I use lan cable and al azifs exploit. Yes this is for base game. 1.08 would be diff use ebook and scan everything
  9. Cash worked for me. If it seems things aren’t sticking try anfull reboot ofnps4 and cheater.
  10. barelynotlegal

    [Quiz]PlayStation 3

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 37/100 My Time 163 seconds  
  11. barelynotlegal

    The Last of US--PS4 Cheater--4.55 Cheat Codes

    man that sucks, played the game on th eps3 and loved it, though i did have to cheat, just a little bit. ammo is always a necessity .
  12. Need_for_Speed_Payback CUSA05986 1.4|eboot.bin|ID:CUSA05986|VER:01.00|FM:455 simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@2FC088B0_3_8748B0+128+10+30+58+8|data|4 bytes|999999|0|Money| or 1.4|eboot.bin|ID:CUSA05986|VER:01.00|FM:455 simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@42A5BF80_3_967F80+28+28+10+0+A8+D0+10+10+30+58+20+8+8+38+FFFFFFFFFFFFFFE8|data|4 bytes|90639900|0|P1 Money| simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@428FA290_3_806290+98+68+20+10+30+0+58+10+50+0+108+10+3C8+48+10+58+28+98+70+8|data|4 bytes|8712281|0|P1 EXP/Rank| simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@42A5BF80_3_967F80+28+0+10+0+A8+D0+10+0+48+10+28+68+68+0+18|data|4 bytes|19990|0|P1 Tokens| haven't had time to test but its next in line. source. master cheat list
  13. 1.2|kh3d.elf data|3|2444C|4 bytes|99999|0|Money| data|3|1C52C|4 bytes|999|0|Ability Links| data|3|6BDA0|4 bytes|99999|0|Main Character EXP Sora| data|3|243CC|4 bytes|99999|0|Main Character EXP Ryku| Kingdom_Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue CUSA05787 1.4|kh3d.elf|ID:|VER:|FM:455 simple pointer|pointer|byte|@67ECB78_3_B78+78+734|data|byte|90|0|P1 Inf HP Sora / Ryku| data|3|2444C|4 bytes|133349|0|Money|681044C data|3|6BDA0|4 bytes|100396|0|EXP Sora / Ryku|6857DA0 data|3|1C62C|4 bytes|8000|0|Sora Ability Links|680862C data|3|1C52C|4 bytes|9999|0|Ryku Ability Links|680852C data|3|24364|4 bytes|1336|0|Droplets Sora|6810364 data|3|243E0|4 bytes|333|0|Droplets Ryku|68103E0 untested, havent had a chance yet. source. master cheat list
  14. barelynotlegal

    GOD OF WAR cheats 5.05 CUSA07408

    so load mira twice until you see waiting for payload, then send ps4 cheater payload, im using the test release still, there is a update but didnt like it. so once connected, load games, then once in play i refresh process( i dont select anything) and load the ".cht" file. then uncheck everything to that it will change values once you hit refresh, after unchecked hit refresh and you should see your current values. change at will, i use return button and refresh to get them to stick. if it doesnt seem to work correctly then you'll have to reboot and start over, happened to me today but mu .cht is a lot bigger. added 0 minutes later added 11 minutes later for health and rage i wait til it is full then i refresh and get values for rage and health then lock with the check mark, it will do down but comes right back
  15. 1.4|eboot.bin|ID:CUSA01166|VER:01.00|FM:455 data|2|34D60|4 bytes|9999999|0|Money|ABCD60 data|2|29E4C|4 bytes|9999999|0|Experience|AB1E4C data|2|29E44|4 bytes|999|0|Attack|AB1E44 data|2|29E48|4 bytes|999|0|Defense|AB1E48 data|2|2AB7C|4 bytes|101|0|Unison Strip Gauge|AB2B7C