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  1. Most exciting moment in ps4 was simply batman arkham knight bundle. Can't believe I bit the bullet & spent that kind of money. It was well worth. Still runs to this day. Thank you for another opportunity to be part of. Best of luck to all 14
  2. Hi & thank you for making this competition available. What I'm looking forward to ps5 is just groundbreaking visuals. It goes more beyond that. God Of War IMO today still is the best game that showcases what ps4 is capable of & we can only imagine how much more beautiful they can make games look & play for ps5. I'm also looking forward to how the console looks as we await that reveal too. Thanks again for this opportunity. 9
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/383287034940 That's a listing on ebay you can give a shot making an offer first. Its Japan region but not sure if that matters. I too have a USA region god of war LE ps4 CIB practically a new unit. I have only added games to the thing but probably only played 5 hours on it since the exploit. The LE Controller & wires never used. It's on 5.05 but I'm willing to let it go for retail USD + shipping. Whatever works.
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 81/100 My Time 106 seconds  
  5. Hi. Just checked my email again but no message. Sorry for late response. Edit: Went under spam. Email replied. Thank you again
  6. my favorite Mario game is definitely Donkey Kong on the Game Boy 34
  7. yes i can confirm that it might be your router that's not allowing the transfer of your idps.bin I actually hooked up my old linksys router with dd-wrt firmware and it work flawlessly on any port. the port isn't the issue. it's your router
  8. So unfortunately my serial is missing from the back of my console. how can i go about to get using any CFW tools? i have google but which method is the latest? thank you
  9. hi folks. i decided to give idpstealer a try and i keep getting that error from the image you can see above. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. No I wasn't planning to run it. I'm actually back to 3.55 ofw. I haven't even upgraded to the latest rebug just yet, but thanks for this notice just in case others might have wondered the same.
  11. So is this pup a patched cfw with only ofw capabilities?
  12. joonie quick question regarding spoofing idps & console id. I see two blank texts from webman setup. what do i put in those boxes? Also does this work the same as psnpatch? Also reading more into psnpatch and sen enabler, i do not know the difference between the two but i believe with psnpatch i can use the reactpsn user with a spoof console id and idps as well? I didn't get into it this much and not sure much benefit would it be but would the built-in webman be enough for these type of stealth features?
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