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  1. 'been a fan, I'm looking forward to always have backwards compatibility of all previous consoles, and not cloud based. And more Customization! And more stuff and let me win for once. 28
  2. @GregoryRasputin Hi, I'd been a member here for quite some time. I remember I was able to add an avatar before using gravatar. but now, I can't seem to add anymore. did you disable the option?
  3. Hi, Just a little help here. I used to be able to replace my Avatar/Profile Photo. Now, for quite some time, the option for it has been missing. I can see other members have it.
  4. Yes, I've been really outdated recently.. I've got to check these new updates, Thank you so much for the responses mate..
  5. I'm sorry, I've been away for weeks.. No I didn't find the options in my PS4, but I remember seeing this options back in the PS3 DEBUG Settings before. and it works..
  6. My Debug Settings appear after running PS4Hen , which I got from wololo. here's the direct link he provided, and the source here. I was also using the main Debug Settings from his TUT before while I still have no knowledge that PS4HEN also enables Debug Settings. I'm sorry if my answer is not what you expect, I'm a noob.
  7. I see your point. In my case I only have 1 PS4, so I guess I'll stay put with 4.05, waiting for a stable release and hoping a CFW soon. I was just testing anyway those releases that you guys release. And thanks for that guys. ?
  8. I agree that I should Update to 4.55, i'm just waiting for a Go from Wololo, They're saying that The Current Golden Firmware is 4.05.. But is it ok now to update to 4.55? I also notice that most releases are for 4.55..
  9. first time i did it is used the version which is a mistake, but I remember installing the setup that required Internet connection. I now have and created a PKG out of it. I still got the same result. Error CE-34627-2
  10. I downloaded version from the link given by @TheDarkprogramer, which is supposed to be Sure I'll wait, I'll also test it out once I got a hold of your next TUT..
  11. I understand, but The Controller Mapping Way is rather confusing. • Yes, The Buttons will swap • But, The Display still says that X as Accept, and O as Cancel, also In game, it's really bad. But anyway, I believe that in time, This will be implemented same as it happened to PS3.. And Also, I don't see those Debug Settings in my PS4, but from this link, it is there.. Thanks mate for the response..
  12. Thanks mate, I'm kinda Outdated with the many progresses to the scene so I'm trying to understand what I can. Thanks for the link.. [Update]: So I Checked the Link, I'm Kinda Interested in the Debug Setting under System: (Circle Button) Button Behavior --> Back ---- Is it safe to Change this? ---- I have my PS4 Bought in UAE and I'm stuck with Circle Button as Back, and it really feels weird for me because I'm used to Circle as Accept System: Region Setting ---- Is it safe to Change this?
  13. I see, but It's pretty easy to understand, and thanks for the TUT. Also I tried it out yesterday, after installing my created PS2 Classics PKG, I got an Error. The Error Asks me to Update to Firmware 4.50. I'm on FW 4.05,
  14. thanks for the TUT.. Do you have any Description for every option in DEBUG Settings? I kinda wanna try each one, but am afraid of the Brick Warning
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