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  1. Cool. Still trying to iron out the kinks in Radiata Stories. So far the only game I've managed to get running perfectly is Lagaia 2 Duel Saga. Kinda annoying because I have a pile of ps2 games I'd like to push to this PS4. Xenosaga series, Zone of the Enders 1 and 2, Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, and if I can figure out exactly how to do it, I'd like to get ps4-Linux up and running lol, but that just feels like its going to be a nightmare.
  2. Getting an unhandled page fault error on launching Radiata Stories after packaging and installing it. So that's a thing. Going to see what fiddly nonsense I have to do to get this to work. EDIT: OK so adding "--vu-hack-triace=1" gets the game running at least, now it's a game of what does what with every other possible setting to get the lag issues and graphic artifacting/phantoming to stop. The parts of the game that run well, look nice at least. If I get this running, I'll start on Star Ocean 3~ if I can somehow figure out what settings are needed to do multi disks, beyond just telling it there are two disks naming one disc01 and the other disc02 lol.
  3. I dunno, I downloaded the thing like 3 days ago, and am just no getting around to testing it. lol
  4. OK that would be it then, since when I make the pkgs manually its making them for 4.05 min firmware. ANYWAYS~ I'm going to test this out officially right now, see how it runs with one of my ps4 games. Good old Radiata Stories~
  5. Ah! thank you for pointing that out, I had not noticed that it would let me right click the 'unity' image to do that. I'm fairly familiar with building the packages by hand, but as you progress with this I'm going to keep watch as I like Having a more streamlined meathod, especially since it's kinda a pain to make a new copy of all the ps2classic emulator files for each new project when doing it by hand. @tangotnt What game did you try using with it? It's good practice to give as much info as possible about what your doing when it isn't working for you. To my knowledge these packages should work both with 4.05 and 4.55 As the setup im using for my 4.55 PS4 is the same setup that was released when 4.05 was the only option.
  6. Tool looks pretty solid, but I would definitely give people a way to load their pic1 and icon0 pngs so they can tell the games that they load apart from a glance rather than needing to select each one in the list on their ps4 to see what it is. Just a little quality of life. From the looks of it, you seem to be adding a way to customize the emulator a bit as well, but what might I ask is the default settings of the emulator this is packaging? is it just the bare bones package that's been released before, just put into an autogen? If so, then we already know a handful of games that this pkg generator won't run with. Legaia 2 Duel Saga, doesn't boot without changing some settings, and neither does Musashi Samurai Legend. Also would be nice to add into this a way to load more than one ps2 image. As we have a handful of multi disk games that would benefit from doing so. Star Ocean 3 for example.
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