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  1. ESP8266XploitHost 2.82a relased. Check first post for downlaod and changelog. If you are in 4.55 let me know if clicking sounds when you move around the menu (R1/L1 or pointer) works for you, i used a little trick i'm not sure it will work on 4.55 browser.
  2. ah... i just saw this, just replied to your private msg, sorry for the late reply. Ignore the PM, a bit sleepy xD Since the browser didn't change, 2.81b would redirect to 5.5.2 exploit, which is the same, so yeah, it works. I added 5.5.3 to the exploit page now, so it clearly indicates it will work for both. Glad you found it yourself without having to wait for my reply xD
  3. Yeah, will add that in next version, whenever i have some time to work on it. I have a few things in mind i want to add apart from payloads.
  4. How are you going to use FTP if you are offline ? (⊙.☉)7 @ShermanT Wow, sorry for the late reply ? It is a special file with ESP FW only, update files are around 200kb IIRC. Also i forgot to keep track of changed files that you need to upload, so i stopped providing those files separately. I released some older versions like that, but seems no one uses that anyway, it's easier to flash the whole image.
  5. lol xD I expected to see it there directly. Ok, don't worry, i can check it with the ESP. Let me know when you receive the VR if they work as is.
  6. ah! interesting. Indeed VR Enable does some firmware spoof. Can you check what system software version did it set ? Once you tell me if they work out of the box or not i will whitelist this spoofed FW version or not
  7. yeah, that's the problem Once you get them try them straigth away just with HEN. From what i read, most of them should work (if not all), with no need for the VR Enable. If no luck, try running VR enable before HEN, and if still not working, let me know and i'll build a VR+HEN launcher for you to test.
  8. to be honest that one is untested as i don't have the VR Have you tried if the VR works without using the payload ? With hang you mean loading bar on the browser doesn't progress ? Try launchig VR fisrt. For some reason in 5.05 once you load HEN you can't load anything else.
  9. ESP8266XploitHost 2.81b reelased! ESP8266XploitHost 2.81b - MANUAL IN THIS PAGE NOT YET UPDATED. WILL DO SHORTLY. THE INCLUDED ONE IN THE DOWNLOAD IS UPDATED THO. Added a modified version of xvortex HEN 1.7 (i removed the update blocker, and it seems to fix all the shutdowns, at least in my case. This version is a beta (i rewrote a lot of code to handle the streaming of the files ina better way), so let me know if you have any issues with it and if so, i'll replace it with the original one in a future not beta version. Added ReActPSPlus and updated stooged's payloads. You can now change AP name from the phone/PC tools menu. SD support finished. You can now upload your own payloads in HTML+JS format and launch it from there if you added a SD module. Read the manual for instructions about how to add references to external files. Binary payload files must be placed in \PS4\bin directory in the SD card (or uploaded to the flash if they fit - NO! GTA MODS WON'T FIT IN FLASH, SO DON'T EVEN TRY IT OR YOU WILL PROBABLY GET IT CORRUPTED). The binary payload sender tool now will list binary paylaods stored in flash and SD. You can store big binary payload files in SD as flash is almost full now. Added WiiU support for firmwares 5.5x. Just conenct to the ESP and browse to any address like http://local.host and you will get redirected to your FW version exploit page. Modified the offline installer so now, everytime you burn a new version of the host, it will autoupdate without having to delete the browser cache, first time you open the host main menu.
  10. Hay i have game.pkg and i want to edit cover (pic1) of the game for example  without extracting the pkg file then repack due to as u know ps4 games are very big for pack and unpack

    1. ahmedelshamy
    2. c0d3m4st4


      You will need to do it thru FTP. If you want your pkg to be modified with your pic for future installs you will need to unpack and repack, i don't think there is any tool that will let you do it without unpacking and repacking later.

  11. Why would you want any option that requires an active network connection when you are in offline mode ? All those are removed. Mira as it is right now, doesn't make sense offline either. Included Hen in Mira is 1.5, stand alone hen is 1.6
  12. The problem is most people STILL don't understand crashes are pure randomness. Nasty things may happen when you play around with RAM, and that's exactly what the exploits do. Not a bit of code was changed in 2.71, just fixed the offline installers for older FWs. If you have anything plugged on the USB ports, unplug it. That tends to crash and shut down the console all the time. Also, after powering on the console, give it a couple minutes before opening the guide/browser, that usually helps too.
  13. What's the problem with the installer exactly ? You say it doesn't work, and after that you mention it finished...
  14. Dunno if it's ok to place links to other sites, so google for the PUP file hash and you will find it: f86d4f9d2c049547bd61f942151ffb55
  15. -19/06/2018- ESP8266XploitHost 2.71 - Bugfix release for 4.05 and 4.55 offline installers (no need to update if you are on 5.05, 2.7 is good for you) - For 4.55 you will need to build an ethernet loopback plug or the exploits won't work. Check the included guide for details. Thanks to @wa7Ly for testing this. - This is the last version with support for 4.05
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