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  1. hi members , i have a 1202x PS4 and want to cut a hole in the bottom of the shell where the internal fan is for more air flow. I want to buy a used bottom shell to practice and get my measurements right , on ebay there are 2 CUH-1102x for sale. Does anyone know if this will fit on my 1202x ? chat soon
  2. hi guys , i buy more than one console and rotate to not over use just one. Also i play in my bedroom and Vewlix Clone , after playing i put the console away on a shelf or switch to another entire one say PS3 or XBOX360. I have seen on Youtube HDMI ports on PS4's that have bent pins or pushed in pins , so i was thinking of using a HDMI Adapter and pretty much permanently leave it in so no wear and tear on the original HDMI port. like i mentioned i will be getting Slims and looking at photos of the HDMI port it differs to the Launch models (CUH-10xx , CUH-11xx , CUH-12xx) , have they fixed the issue on Slims ? the ports shown in the below websites look like the one in the Xmods webiste which look to be more reliable http://www.xmods.co.za/ps4/3531-playstation-4-ps4-new-1080p-hdmi-connector-port-ver-20-.html https://www.androidcentral.com/sites/androidcentral.com/files/styles/xlarge_wm_brw/public/article_images/2016/09/ps4-slim-compare-ports.jpg?itok=uX5f2ta_ https://geekculture.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/ps4-slim-5.jpg
  3. hi hax members , i am planning on getting my first PS4 Slim and the HDMI problem is a bit of an issue as i will be plugging/unplugging the cable at times. I was wondering if you guys have tried any of the below , i think there will be a clearance issue for some of the adapters but others will be ok. Maybe there are better methods i'm not sure but i'd like to hear it , anyways chat soon https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DC44-HDMI-Male-to-Female-Right-Angle-Extender-Connector-Adapter-For-1080P-HDTV/264216275531?epid=25029790158&hash=item3d84846a4b:g:xWkAAOSwCCpcdkpK https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/A91C-90-270-Degrees-HDMI-Male-to-Female-M-F-Plug-Swivel-Extender-Adapter-1080P/323714172729?hash=item4b5ede4739:g:Y14AAOSwYnhcd6Wn:rk:2:pf:0 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/419D-HDMI-Right-Angle-Saver-Male-to-Female-270-Degree-Vertical-Adapter-Connector/323714089119?hash=item4b5edd009f:g:m30AAOSwAnxcd5QP:rk:31:pf:0
  4. hi members , has anyone figured out how to get Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds (BCUS98115) to work ?. What happens is i use Multiman and select the game then it kicks me back to XMB and i then launch the game. The game wants to install to the Internal Hard Drive but after agreeing to that i get a black screen then it say's Installation Failed. chat soon
  5. hi guys , the Cables are Cat6 and Cat6A. I can verify i have used these on my other Slim PS3's and i get Gigabit connection speed. that's something i don't remember and will have to check later if it is important. I can say tho my other PS3's hit around 17 megabytes a sec with Filezilla and Multiman in FTP mode , also they don't have an issue connecting at Gigabit speed. i have done a google about this PS3 Gigabit speed issue and some others get it too...........
  6. hi members , i posted this over at PS3hax and didn't get any replies so i thought i will try here. I have a Slim PS3 2002A and it won't connect at network cable Gigabit speed. It will however connect at 100 or 10 mbit , I stream ISOs and prefer to connect at Gigabit speed. Interestingly if i 'test' the connection in the PS3's Network menu it says no cable is connected when the Network is on Gigabit speed , if on a slower speed it passes the tests. i have tried 3 cables , i've cleaned the socket with Deoxit and reflowed the Pins underneath the RJ45 connector...........still no dice. anyone have any suggestions ?
  7. hi guys i'm back , i did a bit of research and apparently Pending Sector Count is really bad and the drive should be replaced. So yeah i'm going to try and find my other PS3 HDD i have from another console that is broken , if i can't find it i'm going to buy a new small sized one. thanks for your tips and help , this forum will be my new home for PS3 as hax has died
  8. hi Greg roger that , i placed the PS3's Hard Drive in my 3.5 inch USB HDD Enclosure and created a Partition and Formatted it on my PC. I then checked the S.M.A.R.T stats and the PS3 HDD comes up with some errors see pic. Interestingly i put the HDD back in my PS3 and i get a bunch of beeps and then the console shuts off flashing red led not sure what to make of that. I do have another PS3 HDD from another console but i have to find it.......... what do you make of the stats i'm not a pro with CrystalDiskInfo
  9. hi members just signed up as the demise of ps3hax , i have a Slim PS3 console that has slow XMB (pausing when i select something) and in Multiman it also runs slower than normal. I can say if i Rebuild the Database and Restore Filesystem it runs as normal but when something is written to the Hard Drive XMB etc runs slow again. Interestingly when i put Rebug CFW on this PS3 it went to about 85% and then quickly finished , with other PS3's i've done they go to about 57% then quickly finish the install. my thoughts are the Hard Drive has hardware errors or some other type of problem and needs to be replaced , your thoughts are welcome
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