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  1. Taking bets on the release date. lol. Personally, I haven't been excited about previous releases even thou I've had an exploited system for everyone except 1.76, this one I am a little excited for due to the homebrew implications.
  2. I know personally, I use these resources countless times a week. I am forever grateful to the contributors.
  3. Wow this is great! Definitly will help many many people. thanks for the contribution!
  4. like said by many people it's sad that we need a list. but as I've said on Reddit, an awesome contribution like always. btw: whos this greggory rasputin guy? never heard of him.
  5. What I remember personally of him is he has teased before in the past, and that's all it was, tease. But with that being said, he has also made contributions to the PSP scene and PS3 scene. so it's not like he doesn't ever release anything. but he has teased and not released before. Now I don't condone any type of degradation talk of scene developers. I'm just saying I won't hold my breath for a release. At the end of the day he owes no one nothing. and to be quite honest, this scene is hardly ever thankful towards a developer when releasing his work. It always goes something like this, "I rel
  6. So I am at my core a Windows PC person, but recently I have forced myself to only use a mac to become more familiar with OSX. I am constantly running into situations where I have to figure out how to make things work that only have explanations for windows installs, this is one of them. So for all the time I spent getting the 8266 to connect to my mac and actually complete the process I figured I would compress what I have learned into a tutorial. Before I start I want to point out that I am running OSX HIGH SIERRA. The drivers for the ESP8266 may differ depending on what version of OSX u
  7. will be creating a in depth tutorial for this in the coming week or so. interested in trying it out. thanks for all you hard work!
  8. welcome back buddy. long time no see. any idea on a time frame?
  9. insane that i remember seeing this leaked photo and thinking its looked fake... silly me! its pretty cool have this come up now, knowing what the controller really looks like.
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