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  1. Thank you. Yes, once i got the time to understand it, I will modify it my needs so i can finally dump the information I need to fix some more games :-)
  2. Why is it important now? Also, why not making use of faster gpu?
  3. The elf has symbols in place. It seems there is only (adpcm) decoding done within that spu, no decrypting.
  4. Toggle Factory Service Mode - Reboots into Factory Service Mode without Dongle Sorry, forgot. It also lets you leave Factory Service Mode. So no need for Lv2diag or so.
  5. I wanted XMB to be the GUI, or if you mean as in Settings column that requires some more reverse engineering. pkg format by default does not support install to /dev_flash/ , maybe aldos or anyone wants to play around with force install path to /dev_blind/ with it mounted.
  6. xai_plugin by mysis - Release 0.1 Happy New Year Everyone! Features: * XMB Icons for nice cfw tasks, nicely listed in network column * XMB-Actions without the need for webbrowser for each step * Simply select and its executed! * No Thread waiting for controller input! * No additional CPU time stolen! * BD Remarry without downgrading! * Enter Factory Service Mode up to latest Firmware without Dongle! =CFW-Settings= Clean Log File - Gives you the option to delete the Log-File Dump Disc Hash Key - This Option will write retrieve disc hash key
  7. 0x8002F14E Error with installing Firmware update. (BD)Drive not found or disconnected. ROS1 Warnings look okay, as it cannot confirm what kind of core os it is. As for installing, check drive connection again.
  8. Them HD Remasters: http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Emulation#PSP_HD_Remasters
  9. ye but kakaroto's pkg tool does not support the key switching for psp remasters if i correctly read the sources...should be faster tho, yup
  10. i had that bugs fixed for a long time already...but recently i wanted to unpack a PSP HD Remaster PKG again, pkgview (1.3) doesnt work at all with it. EBOOT.PBP and DOCUMENTS.DAT entries are not properly decrypted in file list - the reason pkgview gives bad characters + fails on unpacking these certain files. So i thought ye why not release it finally... Ofc i do have some more projects currently in the pipeline and one kind of close to release as well, but thats not much related to this.
  11. As you might remember back then, @mathieulh had released a PS3 PSP PKG Decrypter & Extractor plus sources and as you might remember it was kind of buggy...so, here's a fixed version, sources including.. /mysis P.S: Did not fix speed issue, tell that to mathieulh and the shitty coding. PSP PS3 PKG Decrypter Extractor v.
  12. @haxxxen i will release sources once i get some kind of additional settings working as for colboot, i'm not using it ... it was a simple patch for testing purpose in casabonita channel as i didnt look further into how to skip the coldboot full yet.. - maybe someday. it softbricks ps3 in recovery ? recovery menu doesnt use vsh/custom render...or what do you mean? O_o
  13. the patches dont bypass enabling fsm mode, but bypass fsm flag checks inside lv1 for certain lv2 syscalls. @haxxxen about the removing games, its related to explore_plugin http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Talk:Factory_Service_Mode its based on param sfo bootable-flag. explore_plugin checks fsm flag via vsh and then does not display all bootable apps.
  14. Nice work @haxxxen . here i made a small upgraded version: hard + soft reboot within 1 sprx. @sandungas modified the xml so both reboot options are available and not cascaded. @GregoryRasputin xmb_reb00t.rar
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