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  1. The 35C3 conference of Yifan Lu and Davee has awakened the PSVITA scene. The released keys have brought good results and the FAPS Team composed by CelesteBlue123, dots_tb, Princess of sleeping, juliosueiras and TheRadziu took the ball and here is a new plugin called reF00D along with the release of a new version 3.67 of Autoplugin.reF00D is a kernel plugin that eliminates the firmware requirements of games / apps. It allows you to run games that require a higher firmware than the one currently running, such as titles that require firmware 3.69 or 3.68 on 3.60 / 3.65, through the decoding of ga
  2. A few days ago, I wanted to play some Openbor games on PS4. I did not find so many around and I decided to make a port via iso PS2. Many have been fixed by me to make them work and I decided to share them with you. I do not think I'm going against piracy, they're simple mods of amateur games.
  3. It was April 21 when I decided to create something that could facilitate the scene PSVITA, an automatic plugin installer and thanks to the help of Team OneLua gdljjrod we are almost reached 150,000 downloads. I hope you keep downloading it. and the OneLua Team we released a new update that brings some updates to the plugins and facilitates the installation of the Custom Boot Splash plugin of the developer of Princess of Sleeping without modifying the file config_boot.txt. Autoplugin for those who do not know it is a homebrew that allows you to install the plugins automatically (not only) o
  4. I would like to thank you @GregoryRasputin that you gave me confidence. I hope to continue with new homebrew psvita and soon PS4
  5. Autoplugin updated to version 2.05 Thank you gdljjrod (from Team OneLua)
  6. updated to version 2.01 Thank you gdljjrod (from Team OneLua) for this big fix and NanospeedGamer for help and for reporting the bug
  7. We have worked a lot on this new version especially our friend of Team OneLua gdljjrod who helped me a lot to facilitate the use of this tool.With this version I would like to celebrate the 100,000 downloads of this little homebrew that has reached the whole world, thanks to you and the Team OneLua. But let's see together the new features: Compatible with HENkaku Enso and H-Encore Now you can install 1,2,3 etc plugin of your liking The updated plugins for 3.68 have all been inserted New graphic version easier Added new functions to
  8. I recommend upgrading to version 1.09 because of a bug that modifies the ur0: tai folder sorry
  9. Version 1.07 released The file configt.txt is not the only file saved but the whole folder tai in tai_backup on ux0:, ur0: etc. From this version has been fixed the problem of updating in case of new version of the application directly on PSVITA
  10. updated to version 1.05. Now you can update adrenaline with just one click.Press Square for extra tools
  11. updated to version 1.02.thanks to all the users for installing Autoplugin. Next the graphics will be improved, it will be divided by PSTV, automatic update of plugins etc.
  12. This is a modified version of vitashell from source code 1.9.Compared to the original version it was compiled with the latest source code and includes automatic language support (multi-language), 4 themes (1 by default Electron and Akatsuki by Acemad ) and support for firmware 3.68 (already added by the developer TheFloW). I remind you that to install this mod it is advisable to delete the contents (files and folders) within the ux0: Vitashell Changelog 1.9MOD0.5 added NeonRift theme by Acemad 1.9MOD0.4 added the HatsuneMiku theme by Acemad 1.9
  13. I would like to share with you my little invention. This morning a user of the site asked me if there was something to automatically install the most requested plugins on the latest HENkaku Ensō 3.65 / 3.60, the answer was clearly yes, Autoplugin.Autoplugin is a tool that automatically installs the plugins in ux0 and ur0: as: DownloadEnabler NoNpDrm NoPsmDrm PSVita-StorageMgr Shellbat Vitabright (only 3.60 and PSVITA) pngshot Kuio by Rinnegatamante PSV-VSH MENU by joel16 Vflux by Applelo Repatch by dots-tb NoAVLS by Sil
  14. To update instead from a game like Crash bandicoot, disable the internet connection, insert the game disc in the player and follow the onscreen guide.check if it is actually 4.55 when the game requires you to update the firmware
  15. It seemed like a useless tool, but we were contacted to add an explorer to install the vpk files. Do not worry, we updated the tool with an explorer. You may have to quickly install something for Test or transfer files without using Vitashell and Team Onelua tool, Two Touch FTP is the right tool. The application is very simple to use, just open it and voila the FTP is already active. In addition the new version adds an explorer to install / delete the vpk files. Note:We thank the Onelua team for the source code and the Onelua interpreter Guide Download and install the vpk fil
  16. New version available v1.04 https://github.com/theheroGAC/Cross-Connection/releases/tag/1.4
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