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  1. Thanks Greg and I hope all the moves aren't taking too much of a toll on you and yours.
  2. I've always been about Greg. I generally follow on Twitter and check in anon via my mobile but I'm getting older and the teenager I produced takes up much time ;). Sorry to have been so scarce. I'll be sure to drop in more often. Love this site and its members. To think we were mostly members "back there" before Greg created a home for us.
  3. Thanks for the info. How would one go about finding the .63 token? I'm assuming it's easier said than done?
  4. Think we'll be able to spoof it in the future. There was mention that 3.60 an .61 used the same token. Any clue if we'll be able to access the .63 token?
  5. Ape quest (NPEG00005), Arcade Darts (MINI) (NPEZ00053) and 101 Megamix (NPEH00068) I can confirm working and running .cso's. I've not yet played with plugins yet!
  6. Interesting that! Yes I had been using the old HENkaku mainly because I couldn't install the newer kaiHENkaku! LOL Luckily that's solved. I hadn't until reading this tried to gain access but it worked first try. I also checked the version spoofing and you're going to need to update your build to rev 7. Spoofing 3.63 works for me on both devices. Its the revision released on 13 Nov. Enjoy!
  7. @zecoxaoTried that repeatedly to no avail. However I was given a solution over at /talk. Initially it was suggested that the problem wasn't with the vita or vita TV but with my internet/router. So I used my mobile for a wireless hotspot and accessed beta.henkaku from there. Worked on both my vita and vita TV. Interestingly if I use my household wifi again it continues to install the old Sept 11 version. Don't really know how to reset this but at least I have Adrenaline installed on both devices. Now I face the c1-2858-3 error. I initially used a mini but this continues when using a full PSP game. I checked and the latest fix is fix2 and I have that installed. Any ideas? ***EDIT*** After changing my base game a few times I made 2 interesting discoveries: 1) A corrupt .cso (tested and not working on my PSP's either) caused the c1-2858-3 error. Simply removing it from the ISO folder solved this. Ill re-rip the UMD and try as an .iso or recompress and test again. 2) While attempting to solve the above problem, I was lazy to go to the laptop to edit the config.txt file so did it via Vitashell. It works just fine. So if anyone is wanting to change up their base game, simply find its TITLEID under /pspemu/GAME/ and change the *TITLEID in the config file. Click X on that line and edit it accordingly. Save, exit, reboot, restart kaiHENkaku and the new game will load the XMB straight away. Hope that helps!
  8. That's strange because I accessed the PSN yesterday to redownload my psp games and mini's after formatting my Vita due to a problem I have atm.
  9. Hi guys. I have posted this question over at /talk but have had no joy. Here's hoping one of you fella's have an idea in this regard. So, here's what the problem is. My vita has HENkaku installed and has had since it released. It's built 7b9c247 from Sunday September 11. Regardless of deleting Molecular shell and reinstalling it from http://henkaku.xyz or going straight to http://go.henkaku.xyz nor using the latest revision of kaiHENkaku url http://beta.henkaku.xyz, my Vita installs the old build. Ive tried: Formatting the Vita and MS Rebuilding the DB Deleting web browser cookies and history Holding R as the web page loads Deleting and reinstalling Molecular Shell from each of the 3 url's Using the offline installer both for normal HENkaku as well as kaiHENkaku (offlineinstaller.vpk and BETA_offlineinstaller.vpk) So lads, does anyone here have any bright ideas? I'm stumped and really annoyed at this stupid situation! Thanks in advance.
  10. gusha

    Mr Rasputin

    Awesome post Pockets69!
  11. Glad things are on the mend Greg. Take your time and some space knowing your baby is in the "safe" hands of the superadmins and other staff! Great to have the site and forum back!
  12. Happy birthday to you! Sent from my SM-N920C using Tapatalk
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