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  1. Can somebody help me with ps3 3004a Rsod i made an dump with e3 flasher. But i don't know how to fix to reflash  again any help will be precious thank in advance.



  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhh so sorry my friends i was soooooo busy last days and i was not active online, anyway thank you so much for this greeting
  3. The current leaked one is not that one shown in Vitamin official video, you can check the difference your self, there is still another private version/s but leaking the un-complete stuff will always piss-off devs and force them to stop working again or trusting any people
  4. Yes you are right, now every body in Vita scene know what is leaked The problem now is that leak will kill the official project and the leaked version is not complete one
  5. Sorry my friend i know what is leaked but i can not give more details about it right now, and i do not know the name of the leaker.
  6. That is because a fuckin leaker leaked his/his team private work even if the leak is not goes public but leaking private work always leading to dev leaves
  7. تسلم اخى رائد و ربنا يتقبل دعائك ان شاء الله. The problem now is that person is back to Libya in a vacation so when he back to Jordon again i'll contact you and inform you my brother
  8. كل سنة و انت بالف صحة و سلامة يا اخى رائد و رمضان كيرم علينا و عليك و على اسرتك الكريمة بإذن الله. Happy Ramadan my dear brother @3absiso and may ALLAH blase you and your family as well
  9. Thank you so much @GregoryRasputin for that. And Happy Ramadan for your and for all Muslims here like me, and for all other forum users here that does not care about that, please ignore that and do not reply, because this is for Muslims only that they know what does Ramadan means for Muslims. @GregoryRasputin, may ALLAH keep you and your family my friend.
  10. Yes, i think that they are dreaming about this price, but i think also they will drop it very soon because their market will be very low.
  11. The Black Fin shit is real my friends, my supplier in Shenzhen, China already have stock of it for more than 3 weeks now and they sell it for 118$ It is more than the PSVita it self and now you have to be very near of your PC to be able to select and play your shared games.
  12. Happy birthday @bigboss , i hope that you get this cake Or get a better one that have a 3.15 kernel exploit coded on it to replace this bash shell code
  13. Yes thank you so much @SonyUSA i just typed it quickly now it is fixed. You are right @Zer0xFF but this depend on the CPU used and OS i mean in other cases Long will stored in 4 bytes also not in 8 Bytes.
  14. @dreadylein i just updated some other offsets but i'm not 100% sure of my work so please can you confirm if this is right or not? A small update to cred structure struct ucred{ ulong cr_ref; //not sure about this but at least it uses 4 bytes. ulong cr_uid; //mov edx, [r12+4] ulong cr_ruid; //mov ecx, [r12+8] ulong unknown2; //[r12+0Ch] ulong cr_ngroups; //[r12+10h] ulong cr_rgid; //mov r8d, [r12+14h] uchar unknown3[0x1C]; struct prison *cr_prison; uchar unknonw[0xE4]
  15. Thank you @Zer0xFF i'm trying to help as much as i can, and i hope that i have PS4 with 1.76 FW right now to test this BTW, i think that i had some correction to the cred structure now as follow: struct ucred{ uchar unknown1[0x4]; //skip first 4 bytes ulong cr_uid; //mov edx, [r12+4] ulong cr_ruid; //mov ecx, [r12+8] ulong unknown2; //[r12+0Ch] ulong cr_ngroups; //[r12+10h] ulong cr_rgid; //mov r8d, [r12+14h] uchar unknown3[0x1C]; struct *cr_prison; uc
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