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  1. Hello guys it's been a long time, Today I saw that a lots of people are touching too much the Debug Setting and have found the IDU Mode. Some people have activated it and now are stuck on this special mode. This mod is for special console that are in store like Wallmart, etc... and are locked to be able to play demo of some games. Here are the step to remove this mode : Tutorial If you're console have been updated during the IDU Mode you will be stuck on the latest firmware of the PS4 waiting for a new hack. If you are lucky the console has
  2. The PS4 scene is under a lot of critics and according to a lot of people there are not a lot of games created like we have on the PS Vita for example. So, like the #VitaJam2019 I got the idea to organise the #PS4SummerJam2019. Unlike the #VitaJam2019 there won't be prizes or money at the end, only some fun and a lot of new good and funny games for our beautiful PS4 ! Winner will be decided on Twitter ! This is the first edition and I hope that during the seconds edition there will be something to offer to the winner, if you want to donate something to the winner
  3. PS4DLL RTM, a simple way to code your own C# tool Today I bring you a C# library wich allow you to code easely your RTM tool for Playstation 4. This library include the PS4Lib by BISOON but also include something new like an adresses library. In this Library you will be allow to put your own offset and bytes like you can see on the pictures so it will be very easy to code your tool and share your offsets with the rest of the community. I share this project in open source and I have included a sample to help to understand how it work. You can create the most complete li
  4. Today I release my first real time editing software for the PS4 for the games BO3 in Zombie mode. This tool is open source and you will find a lots of comment to help you understand how to code your own tool for this console using the PS4Lib. The tool is only for 1.23 now but may be updated later if I get other updates. Download link : Here
  5. First of all you can follow me on Twitter to get more news : click here ! Finally the 5.05 kexploit has been released by the developers qwertyoruiopz and SpecterDev a few moments ago on Twitter ! The link below include the 5.05 kexploit + Mira + xVortexHEN ! Link (go with your PS4) : click Source : click
  6. First of all you can follow me on Twitter to get more news : Click here ! Developer CrazyVoidProgrammer has updated the MiraProject to 4.55. Test it now on DarkSoftware thanks to @LightningMods_ : here Reminder : Link from CrazyVoidProgrammer with the full project : click here !
  7. First of all you can follow me on Twitter to get more news : here A few days after the 5.55 system update for the ps4, the developer MathieuLH has tweeted some nice thing. In fact this is a provocative tweet against Playstation. In this tweet he show the timestamp of the update wich only Playstation can know. So, we can suppose that he has already fully exploited this update like on 5.53. Don't ask for a release of an exploit but keep the update of your console as low as possible.
  8. First of all you can follow me on Twitter to get more news : Link here ! The world is waiting, waiting for the 5.05 Kexploit that will be released in a few days or weeks but before that, the developer qwertyoruiopz has shared on his Twitter a .pdf "describing ps4 5.0x kernel exploit". This .pdf has been used at the 0x41con and the title is : PS4 hacking: from zero to ring zero in two easy steps Take a look at the pdf with this link: Link here !
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 109 seconds  
  10. Yesterday I was using the payload from @LightningMods_ on my 4.55 PS4 Testkit FAT, trying to do some modifications. So, I go to /system/priv/settings and found some XML files. I open them, trying to do some modification and replaces them. After that, I went to the Debug Settings --> Boot Parameters and saw a new thing that I never seen before. This is called vsh_4k_mode. After a reboot it disappear. So I open up the files and as you can see I saw the vsh_4k_mode on the XML but I still don't know how I enabled it
  11. Hello everyone this is my first thread on PlaystationHax. I'm from France so, sorry if I don't write correctly English. Today I release the whole database I used on my website PSX Times wich contain : Firmware : -Firmware for PS4 (Retail, Recovery, Bêta, Testkit, Devkit) -Firmware for PS3 (OFW CEX, OFW DEX, OFW DECR, CFW (Rebug, ITA, Arch Darknet, Spy, OVERFLOW, Habib and more !), Downgrader for DEX & CEX, AV Tool, Kiosk Update). -Firmware for PS Vita (Retail, Devkit, Testkit). -Firmware for PSP (Retail, CFW, Testing Tool). SDK :
  12. I just completed this quiz. My Score 100/100 My Time 63 seconds  
  13. I just completed this quiz. My Score 66/100 My Time 86 seconds  
  14. Okay i'm gonna participate and try to win ! So, my favourite PS Vita homebrew is I think.... Vitashell. 4
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