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  1. Avira threw up too. Thing is, it is a carp ton harder to stop getting it to throw up than avast. And yes, I have used both.
  2. Wow this has been updated fast.
  3. i left it on overnight and it still isnt done You know what? SCREW YOU BACKUP!
  4. 6 and 1/2 hours later and the backup STILL HAS NOT EXTRACTED! It is 4gb counting every archive file, and i have a 12 gb flash hard drive that was not even 60% full.
  5. XD LOL anyways still extracting, and i found out that if you have tron evolution your game data files for cutscenes and stuff are labeled .xxx
  6. Yea i get errors when using windows and using an extraction parameter in ps3xport. The tip is to just point it to C:\ when you use it. ExtractPath ./ / C:\ works for me, because dump keeps giving me "Unable to create directories" even when pointed to C:\. I believe because this an especially Linux-centric program or something like that. I saw it in the github issues for ps3xport.
  7. Hello! I started this because I went looking around my (Still not done yes it's been 3 hrs) extracted backup, and I noticed some very weird things. And no, not like "I have found an exploit" but more like WEIRD. Unusual. Things you would not expect on a ps3 hard drive. Like, at all. Anyways, here are my current weird files. 1. An actual PASSPORT. Like, traveling to another country passport. It seems to be for age confirmation, and has different variations with red boxes, which i assume are for OCR.
  8. I need a bit of help. WHen I run your program and try to connect to the local proxy, I can succsesfully connect via the connection test, but after the test I can't connect to anything and my ps3 displays an error code marked 80711008. I am running with admin rights, using wifi and windows 8. I attemped to adjust the mtu value lower but that did not work.
  9. Remember those PC's with that akward mouse-nub in the middle? THAT is what it reminds me of,
  10. psp keys on ps3, Noobish idea here, but ps1 mini's work on both.
  11. Maybe spanish willwork? Que no funcionan Also, I have heard it would take 30 years on a normal i7 to brute force ECDSA, so what about cloud computation? 2 i7's would mean 15, 4 would mean 7.5, with 100 i7's it could take 3.6 months. How much computation power does a normal ps3 proccessor have again LOL
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