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  1. [PS4] File Manager BETA This a standalone FS Manager with this being said the differs from the one in OrbisMAN in terms of resources used (25% less) and more features Download: https://psarchive.darksoftware.xyz/FS-Manager.pkg (71 MBs) This is currently Open Source to devs ONLY if you are a dev who wants access PM at Twitter or on my Discord (https://discord.me/dks) Features Copy Cut Paste New File New Folder Rename Delete Settings Menu Unsafe Partition R/W FTP Hide Local IP SELF Decryption Support FWs 4.55 4.74 (untested) 5.05
  2. ORBISMAN v2 BETA 4.55 & 5.05 Supported (FW Auto-Detect) New Features File Manager Syscall 9 (sys_unjail) JKPatch RPC Server Autoload settings Remote PKG installer server USB ELF Loader Remote Play Patches (no IDU yay) New Icons with White text for a full List of new features look at the changelog below (Updated) Tool Box - Sub Menus +Section 1 + Section 2 (Kernel Menu) + Section 3 (HDD Menu) - USB0 ONLY! + Section 4 (Misc) + Section 5 (Game) Okay, so here are some examples below (these examples use cURL but if you use something else then just take a look into available URLs and JSON format of data field for POST requests). Checking if app exists (also tells its size if exists): curl --data '{"title_id":"CUSA09311"}' 'http://<PS4 IP>:12800/api/is_exists' Installing main package (if you have multiple pieces you should specify all of them in packages array in consecutive order; if you use a merged file then you just need to specify a single element for this array): curl -v 'http://<PS4 IP>:12800/api/install' --data '{"type":"direct","packages":["http://<local ip>:<local port>/UP1004-CUSA03041_00-REDEMPTION000002.pkg"]}' Installing main package from CDN: curl -v 'http://<PS4 IP>:12800/api/install' --data '{"type":"ref_pkg_url","url":"http://gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net/gs2/appkgo/prod/CUSA02299_00/2/f_b215964ca72fc114da7ed38b3a8e16ca79bd1a3538bd4160b230867b2f0a92e0/f/UP9000-CUSA02299_00-MARVELSSPIDERMAN.json"}' Installing patch package: curl -v 'http://<PS4 IP>:12800/api/install' --data '{"type":"direct","packages":["http://<local ip>:<local port>/UP9000-CUSA02299_00-MARVELSSPIDERMAN-A0108-V0100_0.pkg","http://<local ip>:<local port>/UP9000-CUSA02299_00-MARVELSSPIDERMAN-A0108-V0100_1.pkg","http://<local ip>:<local port>/UP9000-CUSA02299_00-MARVELSSPIDERMAN-A0108-V0100_2.pkg"]}' Installing additional content: curl -v 'http://<PS4 IP>:12800/api/install' --data '{"type":"direct","packages":["http://<local ip>:<local port>/UP0001-CUSA09311_00-ULCQUEST00000002.pkg"]}' Installing theme: curl -v 'http://<PS4 IP>:12800/api/install' --data '{"type":"direct","packages":["http://<local ip>:<local port>/UP0001-CUSA09311_00-ACDNEWTHEME12345.pkg"]}' Uninstalling game: curl -v 'http://<PS4 IP>:12800/api/uninstall_game' --data '{"title_id":"CUSA02299"}' Uninstalling patch: curl -v 'http://<PS4 IP>:12800/api/uninstall_patch' --data '{"title_id":"CUSA08344"}' Uninstalling additional content: curl -v 'http://<PS4 IP>:12800/api/uninstall_ac' --data '{"content_id":"UP0001-CUSA09311_00-ULCPACK000000004"}' Uninstalling theme: curl -v 'http://<PS4 IP>:12800/api/uninstall_theme' --data '{"content_id":"UP9000-CUSA08344_00-DETROITCHARTHEME"}' You could also work with tasks themselves (pause, continue, remove, etc), you just need to know task id, it could be retrieved in a response when you send installation commands. Starting task (tasks are started automatically but you could use this command if you have stopped task manually, for example): curl -v 'http://<PS4 IP>:12800/api/start_task' --data '{"task_id":123}' Stopping task: curl -v 'http://<PS4 IP>:12800/api/stop_task' --data '{"task_id":123}' Pausing task: curl -v 'http://<PS4 IP>:12800/api/pause_task' --data '{"task_id":123}' Resuming task: curl -v 'http://<PS4 IP>:12800/api/resume_task' --data '{"task_id":123}' Unregistering (removing) task: curl -v 'http://<PS4 IP>:12800/api/unregister_task' --data '{"task_id":123}' Getting task progress information: curl -v 'http://<PS4 IP>:12800/api/get_task_progress' --data '{"task_id":123}' Finding task id by content id and sub type: curl -v 'http://<PS4 IP>:12800/api/find_task' --data '{"content_id":"UP1004-CUSA03041_00-REDEMPTION000002","sub_type":6}' Task sub types: Game=6, AC=7, Patch=8, License=9 Useful Programs https://anonfile.com/x2A6y2keb7/ - RPI Test for Windows by Al Azif https://github.com/Sc0rpion/RPI_GUI - RPI_GUI by Sc0rpion USB SELF LOADER to load an SELF (Sighed ELF) you dont need to run HEN 1.8 first as the HB auto applies the 1.8 Patches however it might fail to load the first time as the app need to be re-launched for the patches to take effect for the Loader to read the SELF it needs to be named as one of the following load.self load.elf load.bin and be on USB ROOT and if your SELF needs any Assets make a folder called "assets" on USB root and copy to there and it will auto-copy the assets REMOTE PLAY These Hook certain PS4 peices to working without PSN but it also fakes IDU mode which means its not IDU but the PS Button doesnt work at first so i suggest doing this Goto settings -> remote play -> add new device -> connect -> reboot - re-connect with everything working normally Syscall 9 Syscall 9 (unjail) is a special system call that gets installed to the kernel on XMB (toolbox) launch which means you can use it with the app closed after its installed this syscall auto-jailbreaks 5.05 or 4.55 once its called also displaying UART output of it (with also patching it) You can call it from any HB or payload by doing Syscall(9); File Manager Controls Up-dpad to go up Down-dpad to go down X to select a file /\ to open file options for the selected file right-dpad to go between everything L1 to confirm or to make new Folder depending on what option was clicked /\ to make a new file if Create button is selected and all names etc are handled by the Sony PS4 Keyboard on screen Features Copy Cut Paste New File New Folder Rename Delete Settings Menu Unsafe Partition R/W FTP Hide Local IP Error Reporting If you get that screen Send us the log located at /user/app/NPXX33362/Error_Log.txt Credits 2much4u 3226:2143 Abkarino AlAzif AlexAltea Anonymous bigboss Golden a.k.a Xemio CelesteBlue123 CrazyVoid crypt0s CTurt droogie EvilSperm fail0verflow IDC Joonie86 LightningMods m0rph3us1987 masterzorag Mathieulh OpenOrbis qwertyoruiopz SKFU SiSTRo SpecterDev valentinbreiz Vortex xerpi xorloser XVortex zecoxao ZeraTron Special Thanks Flatz TheoryWrong Golden SiSTRo Znullptr X41 Testers _iggy4 AlAzif Alzeric boogeyman CelesteBlue Darkmage1991 GradSdk KlairmKraken MADPYRO21 Mogi_Codemasterv PotsAlott red-j retrogamer Shiro SiSTRo Znullptr Almighty "via https://darksoftware.xyz/HomebrewThnx" - Made Clock time White - Kernel Dumper message box is now OK, so you can return to the XMB (with controls returned) - Dump EAP Key now 1 button for both 4.55 and 5.05 - Dump PSID is now a MSG Box which now shows the PSID Written to USB its also an "OK Button" msg box - Added JKPatch (for 4.55 and 5.05) with syscall 9 "UNjail" auto-install on XMB/Toolbox Launch - Added Disable/Enable Auto-Load settings button for FTP - Added Disable/Enable Auto-Load settings button for JKPatch - Added and made syscall-9 install without jkpatch for when its disabled - Added 5.05 ONLY Spawn patches with Printf redirct - Added ELF Loader - ELF Loader now makes /data/self and copy anything in the "assets" folder on the root of a USB to /data/ New Icons - old stock button replaced - spoof fw 6.00 - USB ELF Loader - now only 96 MBs (used to be 400 MB) - prob forgot a few things - UI Improvements - Text alignment - Added Not supported message to ELF Loader for 4.55 and below - File manager **DKS_OS** Replaced - added unsafe r/w to File manager - added FTP to file manager - added Hide local IP in FS manager - UI Improvements - Scrollable XMB (Will be available once needed) - Added new dialog messages - USB ELF Loader now gives unsupported message for 4.55 - start-up patches detect if its 4.55 for fself spawn - replaced DKS_OS with New FS Manager - Added XMB Fail safe (L2) to auto-select the first XMB button again - PKG Server Button (Flatz shit) - Remote Play Patcher - refixed ELF Loader - Added more MSG Dialogs XMB Selector Fail safe **changed** now is O + <- - more shit Known Issues - FTP and App will crash if you try to - FTP Doesnt have Decrypt support Download via: darksoftware.xyz (Size: 97MB) Source Code: Currently Closed to ONLY Devs
  3. ORBISMAN 1.02-2 BETA 4.55 & 5.05 Supported (FW Auto-Detect) CREDITS AlAzif AlexAltea Anonymous CelesteBlue123 CrazyVoid CTurt droogie IDC Joonie86 Mathieulh OpenOrbis qwertyoruiopz SKFU SpecterDev valentinbreiz XVortex xerpi XVortex zecoxao ZeraTron Special Thanks Flatz TheoryWrong Znullptr X41 Testers _iggy4 AlAzif Alzeric boogeyman CelesteBlue Darkmage1991 GradSdk KlairmKraken MADPYRO21 Mogi_Codemasterv PotsAlott red-j retrogamer Shiro SiSTRo Znullptr Almighty "via https://darksoftware.xyz/HomebrewThnx" [/tab] Changelog Build ORBISMAN V1.02-2 HOT-FIX BETA Testers Only - Fixed broken things - added new names "eap_key_455.bin" and "eap_key_505.bin" - Fixed the EAP Key dumper for 4.55 - Fixed pic0.png Build ORBISMAN V1.02-1 HOT-FIX BETA Testers Only - Removed XMB Info icon - Removed XMB DKS_OS - Removed Home from DKS_OS Build ORBISMAN V1.02 BETA Testers Only - Added EAP Key 4.55 support - reversed EAP Key bytes - changed pic1 from "Homebrew" to "ORBISMAN" - fixed FS Dumper for recursive dumping with 5.05 and 4.55 Support - Changed "Dump ALL System files" to "Dump FS (Reboot Required)" - Added Dump FS Message boxes with reboot - Added dump FS msg 1 - Added dump FS msg 2 Build ORBISMAN V1.01 BETA Testers Only - Linux Loader - tried a few things - dont know what to do next Build ORBISMAN V1 BETA tester only - Changed all the text to white - added save support - added background FTP (no decrypt yet) - added a few dump and decrypt options like SceShellCore - Added new Icons - added new Icon0 and Pic0 images - added HDD Key dumper (5.05 only) - Audio button is now persistent - Added load dump module into memory - 4.55 FTP Support - Added FTP - Added Stub changes - Added dump and decrypt note - Added more functions - More tech changes - ALL Dumping options moved to this PRX - Added Dump and decrypt support - Stub Changes Build Unnamed V1 - Added Credits option - Added Credits open web page for Credits web page - Deleted Debug settings options - Added Dumper options (Partial IDPS, PSID (CID) - Changed Hide Text to now 2 things - Disabled Test Button and removed animation - Added new Jailbreak Patches for 5.05 (including MMAP and others) - Added Partial IDPS Dumper and write to file - Added PSID Dumper and write to file - Added PSID Dumped Notifcation - Added Partial IDPS Dumped Notifcation - Added loadrip function for loading PRX into memory - Added more Unless & Top Secret Shit ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Build ALPHA V5-03 Beta Testers ONLY - Removed MSG Dialogs off the Backup ptions but kepts for Restore options - Added Update Blocker LITE Install and Uninstaller Options - Added auto-Load HomebrewWIPMSG.prx at app startup - Added Msg Dislogs with wait timer for Recovery nnd System reboot options - Added back Wipe Notifcations (i didnt know Unity didnt save) - Made UB LITE Installer and Uninstaller in only 2 C# Scripts - Added Credits - Fixed DKS_OS (No one told me it was broken) - Fixed Parent Control removel - Added Recovery Mode and Reboot Dialogs - Added Wait timers for Reboot - Added Kill Syscall - Added installer and Uninstaller UB Notifcations - Fixed Remove Parent Control Kernel Panic Build ALPHA V5-02 Beta Testers ONLY - Added Message dialog for backup and restore, app.db and shellcore - removed backup and restore ntoifcations on app.db Added the following 2 PRXS HomebrewWIPMsg.prx and (sysmodule) libSceMsgDialog.sprx Build ALPHA V5-01 Beta Testers ONLY - Re-added some more things - Took away the back circle from the bottom - Kernel Dumper - Wipe all notifications - Complete Notifications (for each option) - Resolving Patch applied to ALL Kernel Functions - Reboot to recovery mode - Remove Parental Controls - Cleaner text (disappearing upon click and re-appearing upon Back) - Disappearing columns (so people cant make videos where they open all at once) each column press closes the others - Fixed Mute audio Settings - Fixed Theme Hit Box - Fixed some text that wasnt disappearing - Removed unnecessary Jailbreaks (x7) (so the app wont break when switching to the filemanager) - Fixed some Notifications and SYSTEM_ABNORMAL_TERMINATION_REQUEST - Re-added Jailbreak to Reboot to Recovery - Fixed Power Button iirc [/tab] [tab=Features] - Enhanced Rooted DKS_OS (touch pad only) - Browser - XMB (toolbox) ----------------------------------------------- Features FTP Automatically On once XMB is started Up -------- See IP and FTP Port at the buttom of the screen------------- Sub Menus +Section 1 - Enable and Disable Background Music (selection saved as a Gamesave) - Credits + Section 2 (Kernel Menu) - Kernel Dumper - Key dumping (PSID, Partial IDPS, EAP Key) - ALL will be written to USB0 - Spoof Target Id (Devkit, TestKit, Retail) - Spoof FW (9.99, 5.55, Restore 5.05) - UART (On, Off) + Section 3 (HDD Menu) USB0 ONLY! - Backup and restore App.db - Decrypt and Dump FS (Reboot Required to avoid System problems) - Dump misc (notifcation.db, SceShellCore) - System Partition R/W (On/Off) + Section 4 (Misc) - Linux Loader - Reboot to Recovery - Remove Parent Controls - Update Blocker LITE (On/Off) - Wipe notifications + Section 5 (Game) - Lightbar changer (Green, Blue and Red) known Issues - FTP and App will crash if you try to 1. Upload to a write protected Directory (with System R/W off) 2. Try to download from the HB sandbox directory while its running 3. Try to download anything from /dev/ - FTP Doesnt have Decrypt support - Scrolling Fast/Past the end of the XMB will get the selector stuck - Closing the App without rebooting after FS Dump will cause every app to fail to launch (VM_Map problem) - Credits needs internet (its a webpage) [/tab] Download DarkSoftware Hosting https://psarchive.darksoftware.xyz/ORBISMAN_BETA.pkg SIZE: 200MB Homebrew EAP Key Dumping and Decrypting TuT by DarkEelement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcPEjxGHoE4&feature=youtu.be Follows us @DarkSoftwarellc or @LightningMods_
  4. PM me ASAP, or feel free to join my Discord here https://discord.me/dks
  5. No but i was on my phone also i can code however i cant re-do it in English if i dont have the source and i cant find the source :/
  6. Let me start by saying im writing this because alot of people dont know how to setup UART for their PS4 This TUT is only for those who have SAC-001 Motherboard Tools you would need A set of screw Drivers to open up the PS4 Soldering station $30-$150 (depends what you get) Solder 0.7mm - $7 Flux - $5 - $15 Kynair Wire- $7 Wire cutters - $12 (Optional) Hot Glue and Glue gun - $15 Tip cleaner - $10 ANY Cheap FTDI USB to TTL Serial Adapter Micro-USB Cable etc First After you have your tools buy any cheap FTDI USB to TTL Serial Adapter i bought this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/FT232RL-FTDI-USB-3-3V-5-5V-to-TTL-Serial-Adapter-Module-for-Arduino-Mini-Ports/232428575643?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Step 2 Open up your PS4 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHVqDrXLXzY Step 3 Got some wire and strip some of both ends Then solder 1 end to these points Step 4 MAKE SURE THE WIRES ARE STICKING OUT of the console (Optional) Hot glue the wires to the motherboard so they dont come un-done when you put the PS4 back togather Step 5 Put the console back together WITH THE WIRES HANGING OUT Step 6 Solder the ground wire to Ground on the device and the TX Wire from the PS4 to the RX Pad on the FTDI Device (Pic of the one i bought0 Step 7 Hook it up to your PC with the micro-USB Cabele Step 8 Download: https://www.arduino.cc/download_handler.php?f=/arduino-1.8.5-windows.exe INSTALL IT DONT USE PS WATSON.. PS WATSON DIDNT WORK FOR ME Step 10 MAKE SURE ITS YOU COM PORT LAST STEP NOW YOUR DONE!!
  7. Thought i d register via Twitter because its easier to sigh in
  8. When i first saw this i was thinking/hoping it was TUT to re-marry a different daughter-board to the PS4 .... but oh well, atleast we can still play digital games and update without a blu-ray drive unlike OFW PS3s
  9. I saw this about a few hours ago,... im glad your doing news also one thing "You'll now be able to contact PSN again on your HENkaku enabled PS Vita. Be sure to use it while you can."
  10. This thread still is alive somehow
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