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  1. I'm looking forward to ps5 hax 4
  2. [PS4] File Manager BETA This a standalone FS Manager with this being said the differs from the one in OrbisMAN in terms of resources used (25% less) and more features Download: https://psarchive.darksoftware.xyz/FS-Manager.pkg (71 MBs) This is currently Open Source to devs ONLY if you are a dev who wants access PM at Twitter or on my Discord (https://discord.me/dks) Features Copy Cut Paste New File New Folder Rename Delete Settings Menu Unsafe Partition R/W FTP
  3. ORBISMAN v2 BETA 4.55 & 5.05 Supported (FW Auto-Detect) New Features File Manager Syscall 9 (sys_unjail) JKPatch RPC Server Autoload settings Remote PKG installer server USB ELF Loader Remote Play Patches (no IDU yay) New Icons with White text for a full List of new features look at the changelog below (Updated) Tool Box - Sub Menus +Section 1 + Section 2 (Kernel Menu) + Section 3 (HDD Menu) - USB0 ONLY! + Section 4 (Misc) + Section 5 (Game)
  4. ORBISMAN 1.02-2 BETA 4.55 & 5.05 Supported (FW Auto-Detect) CREDITS AlAzif AlexAltea Anonymous CelesteBlue123 CrazyVoid CTurt droogie IDC Joonie86 Mathieulh OpenOrbis qwertyoruiopz SKFU SpecterDev valentinbreiz XVortex xerpi XVortex zecoxao ZeraTron Special Thanks
  5. PM me ASAP, or feel free to join my Discord here https://discord.me/dks
  6. No but i was on my phone also i can code however i cant re-do it in English if i dont have the source and i cant find the source :/
  7. Let me start by saying im writing this because alot of people dont know how to setup UART for their PS4 This TUT is only for those who have SAC-001 Motherboard Tools you would need A set of screw Drivers to open up the PS4 Soldering station $30-$150 (depends what you get) Solder 0.7mm - $7 Flux - $5 - $15 Kynair Wire- $7 Wire cutters - $12 (Optional) Hot Glue and Glue gun - $15 Tip cleaner - $10 ANY Cheap FTDI USB to TTL Serial Adapter Micro-USB Cable etc First After you have your tools buy any cheap FTDI USB to TTL Serial Adapter i bought this one: h
  8. Thought i d register via Twitter because its easier to sigh in
  9. When i first saw this i was thinking/hoping it was TUT to re-marry a different daughter-board to the PS4 .... but oh well, atleast we can still play digital games and update without a blu-ray drive unlike OFW PS3s
  10. I saw this about a few hours ago,... im glad your doing news also one thing "You'll now be able to contact PSN again on your HENkaku enabled PS Vita. Be sure to use it while you can."
  11. This thread still is alive somehow
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