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  1. Nice work, now I can't really add these because I dont know all the regions and some are rips but here we are: Koloomn - black screen Hot pixel - black screen profile error Diner dash - black screen Final fantasy anniversary - black screen Death Jnr- black screen Exit - black screen WTF launches - stuck on please wait... Riviera Promised Land - black screen Brave Story New Traveller - black screen Astonishia Story - black screen Hopefully it gets a miracle fix
  2. Ok that would be great, best of luck with your progress on this project.
  3. Looking really good, is there any video of anything actually launching on ps4 though?
  4. Not used it yet but looks awesome, good to see you are still around the scene too. ?
  5. I would suggest you find some beginners guides and start from there, become accustomed with what you can and can't do on Vita, best of luck with your future endeavours.
  6. You can either update to enso 3.65 or h-encore 3.68 meaning you can install more vita games with a higher firmware requirement eg. Secret of Mana, Undertale etc. PKGJ is a store for games, look it up as it's very poor forum etiquette to discuss such immoral things. (Free games).
  7. Are these custom or official? I see themes can be made persistent now which is cool but I only like minimalistic themes, except for when they contain Shia Labeouf of course.
  8. You can't play Secret of Mana as the firmware requirement is certainly higher than 3.60, you can update your hack though. Anything PS2 is a no no, also Spyro that isn't for adrenaline you need to forget about too. Look to install PKGJ if you want some digital versions of games you already own on cart
  9. I posted in the thread if that counts for anything ? Congrats guys.
  10. Congratulations on the upcoming birthday, where did that time go? nice submissions guys, best of luck to you all. Too lazy to enter :)
  11. Nice, I will check some out later, the "view file" link is broken btw.
  12. Running Henkaku Enso 3.65 with Sd2vita and jobs a gooden. The Flow is a bit of a stud.
  13. Great news, now is there any conflicts when installing the new Enso over Enso 3.60 with SD2VITA setup, anything I should be aware of. Thanks to @GregoryRasputinfor my SD2VITA adaptor
  14. Good news, I will be all over this like a cheap suit.
  15. It's a tough gig at the moment but I'm an Arsenal fan, always have been and always will be *cries a little bit inside* 1
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