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  1. HulkWogan

    Win A ESP8266 Wi-Fi Board For PS4

    Congratulations on the upcoming birthday, where did that time go? nice submissions guys, best of luck to you all. Too lazy to enter :)
  2. Nice, I will check some out later, the "view file" link is broken btw.
  3. HulkWogan

    The road of HENkaku Ensō 3.65

    Running Henkaku Enso 3.65 with Sd2vita and jobs a gooden. The Flow is a bit of a stud.
  4. HulkWogan

    The road of HENkaku Ensō 3.65

    Great news, now is there any conflicts when installing the new Enso over Enso 3.60 with SD2VITA setup, anything I should be aware of. Thanks to @GregoryRasputinfor my SD2VITA adaptor
  5. HulkWogan

    multiMAN Coming To PS4

    Good news, I will be all over this like a cheap suit.
  6. HulkWogan

    Win A Copy Of Fifa 18 For PS4

    It's a tough gig at the moment but I'm an Arsenal fan, always have been and always will be *cries a little bit inside* 1
  7. HulkWogan

    [Update] And The Winners Of The #SD2Vita Adaptors Are...

    mine arrived last week and the stickers were a nice touch too, thanks again.
  8. HulkWogan

    [Update] And The Winners Of The #SD2Vita Adaptors Are...

    Awesome, cheers guys
  9. Looks good, but Shia Lebeouf theme? LMAO, Still good stuff though.
  10. HulkWogan

    Happy Birthday HulkWogan

    Thanks @StarMelter now only a year or so away from a midlife crisis
  11. HulkWogan

    Happy Birthday HulkWogan

    Very kind of you, I'm having a great day thanks buddy.
  12. HulkWogan

    Happy Birthday HulkWogan

    Thanks man, much appreciated.
  13. HulkWogan

    Happy Birthday HulkWogan

    Thanks Gregory, looks delicious mate. *licks screen*
  14. Good tutorial, I hope to see a backup manager soon but it's great to see the scene up and running, when I get a day off I will exploit my ps4 and look into this for sure.
  15. HulkWogan

    Six v5 #SD2Vita To Give Away - #HENkaku

    Just because it brings back some good memories of the psp scene it has to be Adrenaline. 8