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  1. Merry Christmas dudes, hope you have good holidays :)
  2. Thanks, there was people asking for it here http://www.psx-place.com/threads/easiest-way-to-replace-hard-drive-with-a-bigger-one-cfw.13197/page-2
  3. @zecoxao the sauce has been removed from mega :/ Can someone reupload it ?
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 116 seconds
  5. There is a better way, by connecting it to the "prongs" of the power supply... that prongs are 12v (one is GND... the other 12v) and are only enabled when the PS3 is ON In other words... when the PS3 is in standby there is no 12v out of the power supply, and thats good for what you need You will need also a "sata connector extender cable" (containing both...data and power wires)... you will have to mod it a bit to attach the 12v wire to it Something like this (male to female connectors) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sata-15-7-pin-combined-Power-and-Data-30cm-Extension-Cable-Male-to-Female-/191096045072 For the mod you need to cut the yellow wire and attach it to the power supply... and left it unconnected in the motherboard side (because you dont want to send the 12v to the motherboard)
  6. I just completed this quiz. My Score 85/100 My Time 68 seconds
  7. I just completed this quiz. My Score 56/100 My Time 215 seconds
  8. I been always interested in them just to completion purposes of info in the wiki, i knew was special but had no idea about his contents or how was working The day you did show to me your video it confused me a bit because this is not how is supposed to work, what happens is the "photo", "video", "music" columns of the XMB has an option (by pressing triangle iirc) that allows you to navigate any directory tree from any "data storage device" (this includes cd data discs, dvd data discs, bd data discs, usb storage devices, and the devices connected on the memory cards slots of the first PS3 FAT model) Because the IDU discs are a "data disc"... you can browse his contents from that XMB columns, just incase there is a photo, song, or video in it to display... the files are not displayed though in the IDU discs because XMB filters them by file extension (and that file extensions are not allowed to be displayed on photo, music, or video columns) Actually, the IDU discs seems to have only 2 functions... one is to update the firmware, and the other is to restore a backup to overwrite the entire HDD... both needs to be started from the XMB "settings" column I didnt realized about this at that time, just by watching the video i was a bit WTF !!!... i believed you that was real but it makes not much sense to me without having a look at the files Time later is when i could talk with lightningmods and he show to me some screencaptures of the folders and files inside it and i realized the .DAT files was a "hdd backup" (he says he knew about it before, but it took me couple of hours talking with him because he didnt told to me... most of that conversation i was thinking "hmmm i think i have seen this files before but i dont remember where") That day (because i finally had the folder/file hierarchy of the disc with all the names of the folders and files, paths, etc...) is when i decided to create an specific page for SHOP in wiki and move all the info spreaded in wiki about shop to it (like your video). There was not much btw as you can see in the SHOP page on wiki, we have some descriptions of how it works (taken from an official sony manual), the directory/file tree (from lightningmods), the unlock codes (moved from another wiki page, im not really sure who was mantaining this codes, i hope he/she realized that has been moved to other wiki page), your video, a photo of a IDU disc (just to have an overall idea of what we are talking about), and not much Personally im not much interested in the contets of the .DAT files but i can point to a couple of interesting details of them In a standard "hdd backup", the files can only be restored in the same PS3, are paired to this machine, but the files in the IDU disc i bet are not paired because sony cant be so picky with his "corporative customers", they needs to simplify the things for the shop owners (and most specifically for the shop employees that could be eventually a bit dumb), this means they can update several machines with the same disc It could be interesting to understand how this works and try to find a way to use in our advatage Next thing to look at is how are "merged" the xregistry.sys In the "hdd backup inside the IDu disc (the .DAT files) there is an xregistry.sys... and there is another xregistry.sys in the console where you are going to restore the backup, and the console is turned on when the restore process happens, so the xregistry.sys from the console is "in use" and is "updated" by merging his contents with the other xregistry.sys from the "hdd backup" This process is normal, happens in all ps3 models, but is unknown as far i know nobody tryed to understand how it works and i think is posible SHOP does something different than retail *As a proof of this "merging" procedure, think in the "hdd model" value stored in all xregistry.sys... when you make a hdd backup in any ps3 the model of the hdd is stored in the backup (as example... SEAGATE120GB)... but you can restore this backup in the same ps3 by using another hdd... obviouslly after the merge the "old" hdd model is lost (because the hdd has been replaced) and only is kept the model name of the new hdd The last thing (in general) is to take a look at the different files in the hdd after restoring the "hdd backup"... and im not talking about the games (eboot.bin) because you are going to crash with a problem of signatures... yes is a SHOP and the game has not been installed using a .PKG (so you are bypassing the .PKG installation) but every executable that runs in PS3 is signed and is not posible to sign unnofficially over 3.55 Im thinking more in the PARAM.SFO's (yeah i know i have a perversion with them) maybe uses a rare CATEGORY or ATTRIBUTE flags specific for SHOP Also, any other stuff preinstalled (not part of the firmware) worths to take a look incase is using some specific trick for SHOP Time ago it was very hard to check all this but after the release of the tools to decript and rebuild the hdd backups (from kakaroto, flatz, TheDarkprogrammer, etc...) is a bit easyer, but for some of the things i mentioned (like trying to understand how the merging of xregistry.sys works) is needed lot of tests and time Hope this wall of text helps to start a constructive/destructive talk about what other usefull things could be hidden in that IDU discs... also incase someone wants to debunk the speculations i just said... is not clear yet if the IDU discs could be hiding something interesting or if are completlly useless
  9. The white disc and the golden disc are burned copies, right ? (duplicated at home, not soy official) they works on a shop console ? I guess the answer is yes... i was thinking in this (because the original is just a "data disc") and my bet is they should work... can you confirm it ? And btw... lot of time ago (one or two years ago) i was talking with other "someone" in efenet irc that did show to me the video of the walmart and i added it to wiki just to not forget about it, at that time there was no info in wiki about that disc and no page dedicated to shop, so i added it in the talk page of PARAM.SFO (and now i realized is the same video you have posted here in the forum saying you recorded it)... so this "someone" was you right ? XD
  10. I just remember time ago i was talking with someone (sorry dont remember the name) that gave me some info about the IDU disc and i decided to create this wiki page to group all the info about SHOP http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Shop#IDU_Update_Disc So it seems i knew about the contents i was asking in my first message in this thread, sorry (is just i forgot, lol) If someone has more info to add (about the .DAT's ...how are loaded, how shop firmware works, or whatever) please use that page The .DAT are an "hdd backup image"
  11. Ok, then i guess is just a "Data disc" not a "PS3 disc" This means the paths are not hardcoded in the firmware, XMB doesnt "preloads" the contents, and you have to navigate the folder tree to run the .DAT It also means those .DAT can be runned from any path Well, maybe im wrong, doesnt matters, the point is a "data disc" Did you try to install the stuff from the disc in a retail PS3 btw ? (or in a SHOP PS3 model)
  12. There is not an PS3_DISC.FSB at root of the bluray ?
  13. LightningMods Can you you make another upload from this disc with all the files but without the big files ? (without the .DAT's or any other big file) I would like to take a look at the folder/file tree of the disc, the PARAM.SFO's etc... Is to document the ps3 bluray disc structure in ps3 wiki... for this table http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Template:PS3_Disc_Game_Structure and also this page incase we are missing something http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/PARAM.SFO I edited those wiki pages and im very used to those files so i will take a look in detail of everything, if there is something rare i will realize P.D. The forum scripts/extensions/plugins or whatever does weird things to my messages, sorry for the bold, font types the wrong querying to your nick and other things
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