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  1. sorry for answering late, but i was quite busy (currently working on my PhD). problem solved by upgrading to a newer version of rebug. thanks everybody!
  2. even if i set up an ip adress, i cant get a connection. as i said, the ps3 is unreachable in LAN as soon as i close the settings.
  3. hi, so here is the problem: since yesterday my ps3 won't connect to the network anymore. i'm using a direct connection (laptop to ps3) via ethernet. of course the connectiontest for internet will fail and the ps3 tells me to either display a "solution" [x] or to go back [O]. as soon as i leave the networksettings, the ps3 shuts down the network connection and is unreachable?! while in the settings-tab i can ping the ps3, no problem. as soon as i leave, i can't ping it anymore. i want to ftp into the console, because i need to backup some data (i'm selling it), but i can't because of the networkconnection. (rebug 4.65 by the way) any suggestions? it worked fine before... and sorry! i was quite busy the last couple of months, now i'm back edit: here is the ping-log. you can clearly see when i open/leave internet/networksettings:
  4. what the ...? regarding hacking: anybody remembering the old xbox? here in germany (PAL region) you actually NEEDED to "hack" the console to be able to make use of stuff SOLD for it. back in the days, there was the (rly expensive) "MS HD-AV-PACK" which supposed to let your xbox run in 480i, 720p and 1080i videomodes. now guess what: you were not able to use a piece of hardware selling for ~50€, if you had a PAL console! the region needed to be changed to NTSC or else the picture would be the same as it was without the AV-PACK. the menu-item to change the resolution wouldn't even show up! now that's fair, isn't it? so you needed to "hack" the xbox to be able to change the regioncode in eeprom. in my believe, this is the best example to prove that it is all about the moneyz...
  5. private: LG Nexus 4 - because of vanilla android and it is/was the main developement device for ubuntu touch job: iphone 5s - because i have to. i'm not saying it's a bad phone, but i personally don't like it for various reasons.
  6. happy easter from münster
  7. "Still this is not a CFW its a system patch" from this point of view, i don't know any CFW , you mind naming one that isn't "just" a bunch of system patches?
  8. with 9.6 out, it seems to be gameover for N3DS regarding recent news
  9. i've heard NX will be more like a multiple platform "GameOS", including a store-system. sorry i forgot where i've read that, else i'd give you the source.
  10. the project is getting along very well. you should check the thread on GBATemp if you are interested in the current progress. they completely managed to take over ARM9 and are able to redirect NAND R/W to SD. comes in pretty handy to have homebrew and play new retail cartridges on the same system. what i wonder though is if CN is still required to trigger the CFW or if it loads by default using an other exploit than CN.
  11. hi, as the title says: i'm looking for an old Atari 2600 Woodgrain Console (the one with the wooden front/ 4/6 Switches). if someone has a spare one to sell (broken or functional), please DM me
  12. i'll take 42, the answer to all questions
  13. agreed! they should hire the guys from playtonic games (most of the "real" RARE staff) and help them create project okulele for the wiiU
  14. agreed. plus nintendo is probably busy with new HW. i'm pretty sure 2016 will mark the end of the wiiu. in my opinion the console was a failure (marketing- and games-wise).
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