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  1. Yes, but i with another name. That one sucks..
  2. Hi, in my little time, i want to release a good vita cloud system to download and install the vpk (which are zips...) on the vita without filetransfer. Now i already have an implementation for the server and the system for file hosting, and i also want to encrypt and sign each vpk to avoid malicious content and also tell the user what will be used before downloading the vpk. (i'll also check the code itself before uploading the files to the server) But i want to know what features should it have besides file downloading and vpk installing. (my idea was essentially to h
  3. I got these keys for the beta of Might & Magic Heroes VII, but i don't care about it, so if you want, use it. 8LY4JWNWK346 43C2BRZ9RH1X You need to use them on UPlay
  4. XD the funny thing will be: "I can't use this because my ps account is not <place a country name here>" 16
  5. just create a stream and fetch that stream to both projectors via media player. you can create the stream with ffserver (https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/ffserver) then fetch it via VLC(?) which will simply show the stream on the projector. so if 2 pc fetch the stream you will hvate the same image.. well, that's my solution.
  6. then i'll buy a normal one and add (as most of you suggested) an external keyboard :| anyway today my friends suggested this phone https://www.asus.com/uk/Phones/ZenFone_6_A600CG/ Because it's easy to find a "cover with keyboard functionality"
  7. if that exists, well, that could be a solution for my problem, but bt drains like hell
  8. Hi! so people of this place, i need a new smartphone, but i really need a physical keyboard (i hate writing with the touch screen), any suggestion? this is my old phone and is dying pretty fast ( ) Has this specs (you can laugh xD) Mine is an old Xperia Pro 2012 Screen: 480x854 pixels OS: Android 4.4.4 Cyanogenmod CPU/GPU Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon S2 Storage: 1 GB - 320 MB user available (i hate this part, i can't have more then 3 apps (30 mb for each one) on this FUCKING phone even with a damn micro SD card) Ram: 512 MB RAM Camera: 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash + 720p@30f
  9. My pc: CPU: MPC5634 (80MHz 32 bit PPC unit with 111 KB total SRAM, 32-channel eTPU2 and 16-channel eMIOS with unified channels) GPU: None Monitor: ILI9341 360x240 px with SD card reader included. OS: My PPC DKernel Storage: 32 Mb SD card XD Network: NRF24L01+
  10. actually the version_launch.dat contains all the needed urls, so you just have to redirecting the ww version_launch.dat to the xx version_launch.dat and all the links will be replaced. (i just tried with my vita tv)
  11. i just noticed i uploaded a PRX not SPRX. did you signed it?
  12. thanks. Is there somebody who can test this PRX builted with PSL1GHT? because i can't see the tty output from my PS3 (CEX) http://rghost.net/7x95hJ9wd
  13. thanks! i'm already giving a look to the PRX
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