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  1. Congratulations on the Steam release @nidalnijm I added the game to the Internet Game Database(IGDB). https://www.igdb.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-the-knights-of-the-al-aqsa-mosque You can edit it to your liking 😀
  2. A couple of people have said that the link does not work, I have checked using my iPhone and it did not work, however it works fine with my PC.
  3. Today marks seven years since PlayStationHaX forum was created, it has been a roller-coaster of a journey, from being busy back at the beginning to being almost dead now, I miss all the fun we had at the start, but times change, people change and move on, life doesn't evolve around some internet forum. Much has happened in these seven years, we have seen many hacks and exploits released, up to date PS3 jailbreaks, PSP Unbricker, many PS4 KExploit releases, constant PS Vita releases, PS2 hacks and even PS1 hacks, the PlayStation scene has so much to give and so much to achieve, we have yet to achieve a permanent PS4 hack and nothing is known publicly about any PS5 hacks, but it will get there one day, I just hope the PS5 scene is more fun than the PS4 scene is. So Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX, thank you to all the people who contributed, thank you to all the members and developers who have come and gone, I don't know if the forum or I will be around in seven years, but here is to another seven years anyhow.
  4. I had some video tutorials regarding PS3 hacking already posted, I posted them a while ago when PS3Xploit first came out, but sadly the YouTuber deleted his videos. So I am posting another video tutorial and I am 99.99999999% sure that this video will be up for several years if not forever, MrMario2011 releases great videos and explains in great detail on how to what is titled in the video.
  5. Sorry for the late reply, hacking any all PS3's is quite easy now, no need to do several different things or risk bricking your console. Sadly this YouTuber has deleted his videos but you can view this one from the great MrMario2011.
  6. So as most of you know, the PS3 Scene just recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the PS3 being hacked/jailbroken, many, many things have happened in that short year, many changes and break throughs, i have two reasons for creating such a FAQ, the obvious being all the changes, PS3 owners just getting into the scene, need help and guidance, i also seen a failed attempt at a F.A.Q on another site and i thought that mistake needed to be rectified, with a proper F.A.Q (Q) Why Would I Hack/Jailbreak My PS3 ? (A) Hacking your PS3, gives you so many new option’s, you will be able to use emulators, homebrew apps and game backups as well as being able to use Linux, after Sony removed the function in firmware 3.21. (Q) Is there a firmware my PS3 should be on ? (A) It seems the preferable firmwares are 3.15(For the real OtherOS), 3.41(The original “Jailbreak” firmware) and 3.55(the first CFW PS3), 3.55 is the favourite and most used. (Q) What Firmwares cannot be hacked yet ? (A) 3.56 to 3.70 are unhackable at the moment, perhaps it will remain that way, or perhaps we will see a break through in the future, only time will tell. (Q) But when i bought my PS3, the firmware was above 3.55/My family member updated my console when i was out , how can i have Homebrew ? (A) All hope isn’t lost, you can downgrade your consoles firmware with devices like progskeet, at the moment, this is rather a tedious process, involving soldering several wires to your PS3, but in the future we will have solderless models of these products, for information on how to downgrade, check this thread: Noob Tutorial: How to downgrade/flash your PS3 from firmware 3.70 to 3.55 via ProgSkeet/Teensy++ and install 3.55 Kmeaw CFW (Q) Downgrading was a pain, i don’t want to go through that again, is there a way i can protect my PS3 from accidental upgrading ? (A) You can use Team Rebugs firmware spoofer, it spoofs the firmware, so that when someone attempts to update the PS3, via internet or disc, the PS3 tells them they are already on the highest firmware, as an extra precaution, you should remove your consoles access to the PS3, when you are not around, you can grab your spoofer, from the offical Rebug site here. (Q) What other firmwares can i hack/jailbreak my PS3 on ? (A) 2.76, 3.01, 3.15, 3.21, 3.40, can all be “hacked” using the PS Jailbreak USB Dongle or equivalent variants, information on the useable devices, can be found on my old F.A.Q, which you can view here. (Q) CFW/MFW Or Dongle ? (A) CFW/MFW is the way to go, dongles are more or less dead, apart from the Cobra USB dongle, but it too will become obsolete as its features get implemented into CFW/MFW, also with CFW/MFW, you do not need to do the start-eject combo that is needed with the dongles. (Q) How do i install CFW ? (A) If you aren’t already on 3.55, you will need to update to the official Sony firmware, then install a CFW via recovery, Pirate wrote a great guide, which you can read here: [Tutorial] How to play and install Backups with Kmeaw CFW+PSN without risk of brick or itskamel’s NOOB JAILBREAK GUIDE If you wish to stay on official firmware 3.41, the same method applies, but you will need to grab Team Rebugs 3.41 CFW, which you can find here. Here is a video of Kmeaw being installed via the Recovery Method. (Q) I see many different CFW/MFW, which one should i chose ? (A) As i stated earlier, Kmeaw is the most popular CFW/MFW but there are other versions and you can take your pick, all installed the same way as the above method: Team Rebugs 3.41/3.55 CFW BobbyBlunt’s PS3HaX MFW Thelostdeathknight’s PS3HaX MFW varaques MFW bitsbubbas NFW bitsbubbas NFW With Cobra Implimentation (Q) I want to test a different CFW/MFW, is it ok to install a CFW on top of another CFW. (A) If you have Kmeaw installed, you can install Rebug over the top of it, but if you decide you don’t like Rebug and want to go back to Kmeaw, it is advised that you install the 3.55 Official Firmware, then install Kmeaw, as a precaution, i would advise that is done with all CFW changes (Q) Ok so i have CFW installed, how do i run homebrew ? (A) You will see in the game section, you will see “Install Package Files”, you will be able to install all your homebrew and backup managers from there, just a note though, the PKG files that you are installing, need to be on the root of your FAT32 formatted thumbdrive/external HDD. (Q) Now that i have updated to 3.55 CFW, is there a list of working homebrew app’s/games ? (A) Here are a few links: Homebrew Games Collection(Maintained by manster) Homebrew Emulator Collection(Maintained by Thelostdeathknight) Homebrew Application Collection(maintained by GregoryRasputin(me) (Q) How do i play my backups ? (A) You will need a backup manager, the following are available(We recommend the PS3HaX endorsed multiMAN): multiMAN For help, check the (Support Forum) Grab BDEMU2 here. Rogero Gaia Iris Open Manager(Firmware 3.41 Only) Hermes Manager(Firmware 3.41 Only) (Q) I have my games backed up, i now want to play online, how do i do that ? (A) Currently there is no way to access the PSN server to play online, even if a new CFW came out, Sony would block PSN again with a new OFW, so your only real option, if you want both homebrew and PSN, is to have two PS3′s (Q) What are my storage options for backing up games ? (A.1) You can backups certain games to CD/DVD/BD disc’s, read here for more information. (A.2) You can install games on the PS3′s internal HDD or use an External USB HDD, which needs to be formatted to FAT32, you can also use a FAT32 USB Thumb Drive, note that with FAT32 you are limited to games with single files under 4GB, if you prefer all your games to be on the internal HDD, you can get up to 1TB 2.5? HDD, or you can use the Xecuter PS3 HDXT method and have your internal HDD on the outside of the machine, the benefit of this, is that you can use 3.5? Sata and IDE HDD’s as internal storage. Some more PS3 HDD Information submitted by ieder-zijn-meis(Thanks again) - maximum height is 9,5mm (many 2.5? drives above 640GB are too high too fit inside) – maximum PS3 filesystem is 1TB (512KB block size) – maximum FAT32 theoretical size is 8TB, practical limit on the PS3 is 2TB – 7200rpm can be used, as well as Flashdrives (although the 1/5th lower loadingtime of GTA5 can be considered too low to justify the higher pricetag of SATA Flashdrives. – SATAII-300 can be used, although it will work on SATA1-150 speed interface. – If using external 3.5? drives hooked up to the internal SATA, you’ll need an external powersupply (some drivebays include them). – If on low budget or you like DIY: use a normal extension (male to female) SATA cable (and make sure it doesn’t get loose) and recycle the case + powersupply of an external USB harddisk (without using the USB connection/conversion). – Don’t use RAID or SAN drives with (e)SATA interface, just a plain single drive with a bare SATA connector (many controllers don’t work without drivers/software). – Games can be hardcoded for BluRay speeds (9MB/s) so sticking a 85~220MB/s harddrive inside will not speedup everything/allways (but most do). – If you plan on exchanging the drive, download the full PUP of your FW you are using and put it on an USB Mass Storage Device formatted with FAT32 in PS3UPDATEPS3UPDAT.PUP and disconnect the LAN before re powering the PS3 (or you’ll bound to end up with the latest (3.55 now) unjailbreakable/undowngradable version). – Use a good fitting X screwdriver, the screws fitted to the HD<>tray are made of very soft aluminum. Here is a tutorial, by forum member Invi, on how to an External IDE HDD Case and use it as Internal Storage: HowTo: Use an external IDE HDD Case to connect an Internal 3,5″ Sata HDD as PS3 HDD. An image of the Xecuter PS3 HDXT. Videos of different HDD expansion options. (Q) Now that i am on 3.55, can i install Linux ? (A) Follow this thread. (Q) Ok im fed up with using my thumb drive, is there a way to download apps directly to the PS3. (A) Yes,you will need to instal “Package Installer”, then you will be able to FTP the apps to the “packages” folder on your PS3, you can find more about that here. (Q) Ok so i have backed up a game, i want to save that game to my computer as an extra backup, or i want to mod the game, how do i transfer it from my PS3. (A) There are two methods, FTP, there are three of those at the moment: PS3 FTP Server by CJCP blackb0x FTP Server by blackb0x OpenPS3FTP(Probably the most stable) Alternatively you can use Comgenies Awesome Filemanager or Simple Filemanager multiMAN also has FTP and Filemanger options if you cant use FTP, or have an External HDD, Comgenies Filemanager is the best choice. (Q) I just bought a new game, tried to play it, but it says i need to update my firmware, what do i do ? (A) Unfortunately, newer games being released, will be unplayable on current CFW’s, you may be lucky and get a patch, but the chances of those are getting slimmer as time goes on, so the only options you are left with, are update or buy a new PS3, this is the sad situation of the scene, until the scene developers release a new CFW, you will be unable to play the newer games you bought. (Q) I want to be able to create my own Homebrew, is it possible. (A.1) Yes, using the Open Source PS3 SDK, named PSL1GHT, you can create Homebrew, PSL1GHT was created by AerialX, read about it here. (A.2) You can use the Official Sony SDK, it is reported that this is better for creating homebrew, than the open source version. (Q) I backed up a few of my movies to .AVI and .MKV formats, but when i try and play them through Showtime, or stream them via PS3Media Server, i get a Cinavia warning, is there any way past this ? (A) You can install this app: Disable Cinavia Installer (3.41 & 3.55)(By Team Rebug) (Q) Can play PS2/PS1 backups on my Jailbroken PS3 ? (A.1) You can use this method, it lets you use Swap Magic to load PS2 backups on your PS3, the only consoles allowed, are those that are Backwards Compatible, this option also works on a non Jailbroken PS3, even with firmware 3.70 (A.2) You can use the Cobra USB dongle, to play PS1 or PS2 backups on your Jailbroken PS3, it is compatible with firmwares 3.41 and 3.55. (A.3) You can use this method to play PS1 backups on firmware 3.41 and 3.55. People who deserve thanks and respect, for making this great PS3 Scene what it is, without them, it wouldn’t really exist Mathieulh, RichDevX, GeoHot, The PS Jailbreak Team, KaKaRoTo, Hermes, klutsh, Amon-Ra, marcan, ThatOtherPerson, AerialX, Comgenie , NZHawk, CJCP, blackb0x, MohammadAG, gliitch, Kmeaw, fail0verflow, moogie, durandal, Snowydew, kaz, eussNL, robo hobo, squarepusher2, condorstrike, CrashSerious, graf_chokolo, glevand, jjolano, Mr.Goodfrag, samson, facanferff, DarkhackerPS3, lunuxx, deank, Rogero, uf6667, opium2k, Codename Rebug and any other person, who has also created a payload, made homebrew, or contributed to the scene, if i have missed your name, sorry The other guys that deserve a big thank you, are the site admins, that work to keep you up to date with news and bring you those all important exclusives, the only decent English speaking PS3 Scene sites are listed below: greg @ Dashacks GaryOPA Sennax @ ThePlaystationClub And of course Pirate , here @ PS3HaX This is by no means finished, if you see anything you would like to see addressed, feel free to leave a post in the comments section Wayback Machine Link
  7. The PS Vita competition KyûHEN has been running for almost a month and has recieved some great submissions, below I will list each one: Utility * hbRedirect by @Rinnegatamante - Redirect ux0 usage to other partitions. * Vita Homebrew Sorter by @joel16- Sorts the the application database in your LiveArea. * Mac Address Spoofer by Princess of Sleeping - Allows you to spoof your mac address. * DS4Ambi by Sarcastic cat - Change the colours on your DualShock 4 Light Bar. Video Recorder by @Rinnegatamante- Record your PS Vita gameplay. * reSavedata by Princess of Sleeping - Redirect savedata to ux0:resavedata without pfs encryption. Port * Abuse by Sarcastic cat - Port of CDC Abuse * Vanilla Conquer by Northfear - Port of first gen Command & Conquer game engine. * X-COM: Terror From The Deep by Northfear - Open source clone of X-COM:UFO Defense. There is a month left to enter the competition, for more information check the official site below: https://kyuhen.customprotocol.com/en/details Follow the competition on Twitter below: https://twitter.com/KyKyuHENcontest
  8. I am sure most of you in the console hacking scene know the name garyOPA, he was an admin and ran well known PlayStation scene site PSX-Scene, he moved on to the dishonestly aqquired PS3Crunch as well as keeping close ties with the well known scene site Maxconsole. Well Gary is now sitting in a prison in USA awaiting trial for distributing piracy devices and is being sued by Nintendo over SX Pro and SX OS, Nintendo is looking $2,500 for each piracy device sold as well as $150,000 for each copyright violation, this is a multi million dollar lawsuit. You can read the court document here: https://www.scribd.com/document/503318575/Nintendo-vs-Bowser-Polygon Via https://nintendoeverything.com/nintendo-files-lawsuit-against-hacker-gary-bowser Thanks to MrMario2011 for the link I have know Gary for quite a while, having met him online during the PS Jailbreak(PS3) era, I was on friendly terms with him, speaking to him on several occasions via MSN, falling out with him when he started heavily promoting the unneeded reDRM piracy dongle True Blue, he used PS3Crunch as a front to sell and promote that device, I was strongly against this device as I knew it was a scam, basically the eBoots of the PS3 games were locked by the True Blue develoeprs and only the True Blue dongle could unlock them, there was a long running fued between the site i ran PS3HaX and his site PS3Crunch, many members on PS3HaX supported me in condeming such a device. Anyway, Gary went on to be involved in the Nintendo 3DS device called Gateway3DS, another device that was not needed as the same results could be done for free, Gateway3DS even threatened to brick 3DS consoles at one point. After Gateway3DS Gary moved on to the Nintendo Switch and his greed is how he ended up in this situation. Gary may have been involved in the Cobra piracy dongle that enabled PS3 owners to play pirated or backup PS2 games on PS3. Regardless of my personal feelings or opinion on Gary, I hope he gets released from prison soon, I do not think he should be locked up for what he has done.
  9. @TheDarkprogramerhas released a new homebrew application today, this one is called PS4 Tools Homebrew. The application includes: PKG Functions Read System Info Trophy Util Open Save Data View the source to download and find an explanation of what each function listed above does: https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PS4_Tools/releases/tag/Brew Follow TheDarkprogramer here: https://twitter.com/thedarkprogr
  10. @TheDarkprogramerhas released a new application, this one allows you to view your trophies on a computer. Download https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PS4_Tools/releases/tag/trp2 Follow TheDarkprogramer here: https://twitter.com/thedarkprogr
  11. Sony have revealed that they are working on a new VR system for the PS5, this will please PlayStation VR fanatics such as @centrinoand @DEFAULTDNB . There are not a lot of details, apart from a mention that it will connect to the PS5 via a single cord and will come with a VR controller that will utilise some DualSense features. More info can be found here: https://blog.playstation.com/2021/02/23/introducing-the-next-generation-of-vr-on-playstation
  12. Getting news on time is a bit of a rarity for me these days and I am not going to disappoint with this one A few days ago @TheDarkprogramerreleased a new application that allows you to unlock your PS4 trophies. You can follow a tutorial on how to use it here: @TheDarkprogramerhas updated his Trophy unlocking application to version 1.1 v1.2 This will no longer delete you're current game.(Thanks to @AngelDavil88_v2 for this info) Auto Patch( App_VER and other SFO goodies) 3 Methods via Settings (FTP/PKG/Manual) Renames pkg files automatically v1.3 It now has a unlock all feature. Display's trophy title and details Download https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PS4_Tools/releases/tag/trp2 Follow TheDarkprogramer here: https://twitter.com/thedarkprogr
  13. Yesterday I posted some images of a device that @LightningMods_has created for the PS4 known as E4, the images can be viewed here: https://gregoryrasputin.net/some-images-of-the-ps4e4/ A lot of people have been asking me questions regarding the device and whilst I am able to give people a rough idea of what it is and does, I am not quite qualified to give a full explanation on it, so below you will see a Q&A I did wih LightningMods regarding this device, I hope you find it helpful. Hi LightningMods. As you know I posted the images of your E4 device yesterday, people have been asking me questions about it, so I thought I would do a little Q&A so that people can understand what this device is: 1.) What is this device and what is it's purpose.? LM.) This Device is a All-in-one, it can be a PS4 UART device, esp host, a NOR flasher and maybe soon syscon glitcher. it's primarily sold as a NOR flasher like ps3s E3 flasher but can do much more for less money for ps4s 2.) I know you have given many of these devices to well known sceners such as Centrino, how many of these devices have you given away? LM.) as promised 10 have been given away but unfortunately 2 got lost in the mail on their way to Egypt and Spain 3.) Has it achieved the resultes you wanted/needed and if so what has been accomplished because of theis device? LM.) so far everything is good and I have gotten better results than I expected but I might make 1 last prototype before it hits retail 4.) Do you plan on selling this device, if the answer is yes how much? LM.) $25 for Users (excluding shipping) 5.) This device requires soldering, is this an easy or complicated process? LM.) it depends what you think is easy , to me it's easier to others it may be more difficult 6.) Are there any other usess for this device than just the PS4? LM.) Yes, it can read UART from any uart enabled device, it has a daul-core ESP32 so you can program it to do 100 more things as you would expect, it can also dump any spi flash including ps5 (untested) with edits to the code running on the board 7.) Do you have a PS5, if yes have you been doing anything in regards to exploiting the system and will the E4 work on the PS5? LM.) I do not have a ps5 yet as they are really hard to get right now but adding ps5 support should be pretty simple just takes a code edit and/or board modifications for the new Flash footprint assuming it's a spi flash chip Thank you for answering these questions and for your time Hopefully this has helped those of you who were curious about this device, for any other questions contact LightningMods on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LightningMods_
  14. One of the greatest handheld gaming devices for the console hacking scene will be soon be ten years old, in that time we have a lot of fun and excitement, we have had the fun PSP related hacks and then we have had the awesome native hacks such as Rejuvenate and HENkaku, each of these hacks gave much love and opportunity to a handheld that Sony had abandoned. Since the native hacks were released we have had two great homebrew competitions and we are about to have another one where you will be able to win lots of cash prizes. This competition created is called KyûHEN and is the invention of three very well known people to the PS Vita hacking community, @Cimmerian_Iter, @frangar and @2_Old_4_Gaming. The competition organisers will soon create a website where homebrew creators can submit their homebrew, in the mean time here are the categories that you can enter: Game 1 : Homebrew game developed using unity sdk and gamemakersdk Game 2 : Homebrew game made from scratch with libs from vitasdk/dolcesdk and lua Utility : Homebrews Ports : Port of games from other platforms to the PSVita You can follow this Twitter account for any and all updates on the competition And here is information on how to win the €50 I mentioned in the title, it is simple enough if you are good at using Photoshop, all you have to do is create a splash-screen that will be used with the competition: Here are the logos for each Website mentioned in the Tweet, Wololo has two so you will have to contact him and ask which one he wants you to use Wololo PSX-Place PlayStationHaX
  15. I feel really fucking dumb for having to actually write this topic, but since @RoxanneTweeted something about PS4 firmware 8.03 yesterday, people have been hyping it up as she has a WebKit exploit for firmware 8.03, this is NOT the case Here is the Tweet Roxanne posted: It has 172 likes, this is because most people assume that it is WebKit exploit related, it has four quote tweets each assuming it is WebKit exploit related, it has replies assuming that it is WebKit exploit related, but that is not the worst. In a now deleted article, well known French scene site Logic Sunrise posted it as actual news, the poster believed that Roxanne has a WebKit exploit for 8.03. You can read it here: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache%3AyJ2mRb2zGRcJ%3Aplaystation-3.logic-sunrise.com%2Fnews-1125362-ps4-rumeur-sur-lexploit-webkit-du-firmware-803.html+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk On top of that people have also made YouTube videos about it. So for the record: Roxanne does not have a 8.03 WebKit Exploit. There is no known 8.03 WebKit Exploit.
  16. It is only six months since TheFlow disclosed the last big Kernel Exploit and now he has done it again, this one works with firmware 7.55, this exploit was reported to Sony just 20 days after he disclosed the last one in June. The last exploit was fully disclosed, this one only partially. With fully disclosed you get the full contents of the exploit, with partial you only get the summary and timeline and not the actual contents of the exploit, will this be fully disclosed through time? Your guess is as good as mine... More info can be found here: https://hackerone.com/reports/943231
  17. Developer khubik has released Baryon Sweeper a piece of software that helps you to unbrick your PSP 3000. You can find the download along with description on how to use it here: https://www.pspx.ru/forum/showpost.php?p=1229948 Here is a tutorial on how to make a JigKick Memory Card https://www.pspx.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=111112 Also don't forget there is a PSP Dev Wiki https://playstationdev.wiki/pspdevwiki/index.php?title=Main_Page Any and all contributions are welcomed.
  18. You should check out the latest RetroArch release for PS3.
  19. If you haven't been living in a cave for the past couple of years, then you will know about this horrible virus that has been holding us all hostage. Many places such as UK and Ireland have gone into lockdown, with schools closing and lessons going online, sadly not everyone has a PC or laptop so won't be able to do online lessons, laptops and PC's are expensive, but games consoles can be gotten quite cheap, especially second hand and these can be used to access online learning. Compatible models: Xbox One Xbox One S Xbox One S Digital Xbox One X Xbox Series X Xbox Series S PS4 PS4 Slim PS4 Pro The PS5 and PS5 Digital do not have a dedicated web browser application, but can be tricked into using it, however I am not sure how well this will work. Here are the steps: 1.) Plugin a USB keyboard into the USB port of your console, you can use the supplied control pad but a keyboard will make life so much easier for your child and you, keyboards can be bought quite cheaply, you can buy a Rapoo or Trust Classic wired keyboard for £7.99 at Argos, you can also buy cheap keyboards at your local supermarket such as Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys etc. 2.) Locate the consoles Web Browser, this can be done easily with the control pad, ones the browser is started, go to google.com or google.ie or google.co.uk. 3.) Once on Google search for your respective online teaching service, for my children's school in the North of Ireland/Northern Ireland they simply visit Google Classroom. Northern Ireland: Google Classroom https://classroom.google.com/ Scotland: Glow https://glow.rmunify.com Wales: Hwb https://hwb.gov.wales/ England: Just 2 Easy https://www.just2easy.com/ Microsoft Teams https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/microsoft-365/microsoft-teams/group-chat-software 4.) Once you have visited the site of your region, you or your child will need to login with their details, their school should have provided them with a username and password. From there you should be able to access everything your child needs to learn from home. Here are some video guides: Theses guides will also be useful for other countries. You can also find other sources and information here, much of it from school teachers: https://twitter.com/search?q=xbox or playstation&s=09
  20. Happy New Year Lets hope 2021 is great and we see the elimination of this cruel virus.
  21. Congrats to @mmmnipleon winning the DualSense competition, I have sent you an email
  22. We have had a console teardown and a teardown of the DualSense, now thanks to Hackinside, we now have a teardown of the HD Camera: You can view all the images on the PS5 Developer Wiki here: https://playstationdev.wiki/ps5devwiki/index.php?title=HD_Camera You can follow Hackinside on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/bioboy
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