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  1. I am sure most of you most of you know I love console histories, I love reading about the amazing things they were capable of in their day, the breakthroughs and achievements that each generation achieved. If you like that type of thing too, then you should check VitaHex's Consolepedia 3D application for the PS Vita, it combines information of game consoles and their game along with stunning 3D images of the games consoles, here is a quote from the source: Source/Download You can follow the developer on Twitter here: https://twitter.com
  2. Here are some codes for Steam that I do not want. Be nice and don't take all the codes for yourself, take the one you want and let others have a chance, also let others know which one you took
  3. Who would have thought that 2020's biggest gaming news would be that Microsoft buys one of the biggest and well known games companies? Microsoft has bought ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda for $7.5 Billion , that means that Microsoft now own the, Fallout franchise, Elder Scrolls franchise, Doom franchise, Quake franchise, Wolfenstein franchise, Dishonored franchise and so much more. What does that mean for the future of these franchises? Will Microsoft allow the next version of these games to be released on other consoles? Or is PlayS
  4. Today is probably the greatest day of 2020 for PlayStation gamers as Sony are about to drop the price and release date of the PS5. The will probably showcase some games and perhaps some accessories for their next gen console, we might even find out if the console comes in all black and hopefully find out more details such as the amount of inputs/outputs it has, HDMI, USB etc. Here are the times you can watch the show at: Canada - 4PM California - USA - 1PM New York - USA - 4PM Ireland, UK, Portugal - 9PM Spain, Poland - 10PM
  5. Sony released the PS Vita almost nine years ago and whilst it was an outstanding piece of hardware when it was released, Sony didn't show much care for the device, it removed features, released a slim version, released a version without a screen, but it's support for the system wasn't great. But can you imagine if Sony actually cared about the PS Vita and what it would have been like if they had released a newer, better version of the Vita? Thanks to the imagination of Roc6d, you don't have to imagine anymore, you can view his concept below:
  6. Developer brainstream has updated his PC companion app for Open PS2 Loader to version 2.3, the update seems to fix an image breaking problem. The application was initially released nine months ago, here are some of its features: Manage Your Game Collection Manage Game Pictures Install Multiple Games From Different Sources Recover .ISO Files From Installed Games Source/Download
  7. Developer inselc has released a PS2 toolchain that is to be used with the PS2 SDK for used with a Retail Debugging Startup Cart. Source/More Info
  8. The developer is the one who created the thread, his Twitter link is in each of his posts https://twitter.com/c0d3m4st4
  9. It has been a long time since both Microsoft and Sony revealed their next gen consoles, usually around the time of reveal we have been told the price of the console. But for some reason, this time both companies decided to play a childish playground game of "who's dick is bigger" and basically out chicken each other and see who would reveal the price of the console first. Yesterday and today Microsoft decided to reveal the price of both versions of their next gen console and they are as follows:(Xbox Series S is white console in image above, Xbox Series X i
  10. We have all been there, stuck at a game and not sure how to get past a part, or a boss has just relentleslly kicked our ass, so we have turned to a cheat device such as Xploder or Game Shark, these devices have been around for an eternity, what is even better than these premium devices is an open source or free version, PS4 Trainer is a free version that you can use by visiting the website, or by downloading the offline applications. Now I am not going to get into the politics of cheating in a game too much, people cheat for various reasons, such as they legitimately f
  11. I already asked on Twitter if any dev wanted to port SM64PC to PS4, so far no one has attempted it >.<
  12. Developer and hardware tinkerer @centrino has successfully performed a firmware revert on his PS4. Reverting is great if you want to have a homebrew console, but also want to play the latest games or play on PSN, backup your PS4's syscon and HDD, update play online, then revert back to 6.72 when you want to play homebrew, of course this method is not for everyone and only those skilled enough with a soldering iron will be able to do this. You can read this article to better understand how to revert: Follow Centrino on Twitter here: https:/
  13. Back in early July of this year, I created this thread, which discusses the possibility of downgrading your PS4, @wildcard's method has been made a reality and you can now downgrade or revert to a lower firmware following a tutorial by MaxLab81. Firstly I would like to note that this method is being referred to as a revert and not a downgrade, this is because you are not actually downgrading from a higher firmware to a lower one, instead you are returning to a lower that you have already backed up, you are reverting your system to that lower firmware, 6.72 as an examp
  14. Developer Yusuf Celik has released a debugger for the PlayStation 1. If you know what a debugger is or why you would use this software, then there isn't a lot I need to explain, for others, this helps you test homebrew code, here is a video of the developer using the application. Download: https://github.com/YusufCelik/newroze https://github.com/YusufCelik/newroze-psx-debugger
  15. Developer Smartkin has released an application that will help you create discs that are compatible with the PS2, I am assuming these discs work similarly to how FreeDVDBoot discs work. The software is still at an early stage and only works with single layer DVDs, plans are made to get it working with dual layer DVDs and CDs. You can grab the software and find out more information from here: https://github.com/Smartkin/PS2ImageMaker You can follow the developer here: https://twitter.com/SmartkinZ
  16. PS4 developer Al Azif has decided to open a Homebrew bounty program in order to get some people interested in creating homebrew apps. There are three categories at the moment, PKGs, plugins for Mira and bug fixes and the total prize fund for everything is currently $270. This bounty, homebrew contest is a great initiative for the PS4 scene that is crying out for a competition. To read up on details of this homebrew bounty, view the link below: https://ithaqua.exploit.menu/bounties.html And follow Al Azif on Twittter: https://twitt
  17. hdd_script.py v3 For PS4 View File A script released by a very prominent console scene developer that will let you convert the wrapped key blobs in sflash0 into eap_hdd_key. This lets you grab information from any PS4 HDD, from retail to developer machines as long as you have a dump of the sflash0 you will be able to retrieve the data from that drive. Here is some info: Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted
  18. Version v3


    A script released by a very prominent console scene developer that will let you convert the wrapped key blobs in sflash0 into eap_hdd_key. This lets you grab information from any PS4 HDD, from retail to developer machines as long as you have a dump of the sflash0 you will be able to retrieve the data from that drive. Here is some info:
  19. This is PSHaX not PSXHaX though 😛 Anyhow welcome to the forum, hope you stay and help contribute a little ❤️
  20. Developer FrostySo has released an application to let you send PKG files to your PS4 without the need of external storage, it is a very simple to use application, select PKG, input PS4 IP and send. Download/Source You can follow the developer here: https://twitter.com/frostysodev?s=09
  21. From it's humble beginnings on the PS3, RetroArch has come a very long way and is now able to run on basically any device, PC, PS2, PSP, PS Vita, Wii, Wii U, Switch, PS4, Raspberry Pi etc has a version. RetroArch houses a vast number of emulators, lets you play your retro games online, it even plays video. The newest version of RetroArch is v1.9.0, you can download it and find out the changes and additions via the link below: https://www.libretro.com/index.php/retroarch-1-9-0-released/
  22. You can now easily create your own playable PS2 game discs, thanks to this GUI by Jabu, here is a quote from the ReadMe: Changelog: v0.3 -fixed some code -you can now drag isos onto the exe without the app crashing v0.2 -added a readme -added drag n drop support -added PS2 Stuffs Mode( 2x--> ...) -fixed some internal code v0.1 -initial release If you need help on how to convert DVD or CD based games, follow this tutorial by MrMario Source
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