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  1. My Initial response was hasty, I realised that after I had posted it, but it had become to late and people had already seen it which is why I wrote a follow up, my opinion will not change on the part which I state "You should not be part of a console hacking scene and selling exploits to the company who owns the console you are cracking", It kills the spirit of a scene, it used to be we would get a hack and Sony would patch it when they found the bug, but now they can just pay a console hacker to find the bug for them and we are at the mercy whether the actual exploit can be released. So my problem is the case that we might no longer get exploits in the future, if Sony decide that the hacker can only state that he found one but not actually release it, then we are screwed and scenes will slowly die. For me hacking console is not about piracy, it is a side affect which is great for some and not so great for others, what I loved about the PS3 scene which is the scene I started in was the community and the developers who seemed more friendly and approachable than they do now, hackers broke the console because that is what they liked doing and not because they wanted to get some financial gain from it, money is great, everyone needs it, but some of us crave other things such as community, it seems that community now is based in Reddit and Twitter where all we see is "ETA WEN". No, TheFlow has chosen not to engage with me, I am not angry with him for doing so, it would have been nice to have a conversation with him man to man, but one can not force someone to do something they don't want to do.
  2. The PS4 has been given a boost with some great news and releases in the past couple of months, Mira, Open Source SDK's, a new KExploit and much more and the releases just keep coming. Such as this application by Jabu which lets you convert PS2 game ISO's to a format that the PS4 will understand, here is a video of it running: Source https://www.psx-place.com/threads/ps2-fpkg-0-2-by-jabu-new-tool-to-convert-ps2-games-for-ps4.30350/ Via https://twitter.com/zordon605/status/1280936603050016769?s=19
  3. @Indeed1 thanks for taking the time to reply, you are correct stating that hackers who sell exploits to Sony have no morals is harsh. My biggest flaw is writing something before thinking of the consequences or fallout, i had written those lines before I even knew that famous scene developers had contributed to the bug bounty, sadly people including TheFlow assumed that I had created this article to attack TheFlow, which isn't the case. Do I wish the exploit could have remained away from Sony for a little longer? of course I do and my i still believe that scene developers should stay away from bounties, but that does not mean I hold any ill will against those who participate in them.
  4. For about two and a half years the latest firmware that could be exploited on the PS4 was 5.05, that all changed yesterday when reverse engineer TheFlow released his PS4 KExploit which has the potential of running homebrew and backups on firmware 7.02 I say potential because the KExploit needs a WebKit exploit to run and the latest WebKit is 6.72, so at the moment you will be able to run homebrew and backups on firmware 6.72 and you should not update past that firmware at the moment. If you are on firmware and need to update to 6.72 visit this site and grab the firmware: https://darthsternie.net/ps4-firmwares/ Or you can do this: What Does This Update Mean? You will be able to pirate play around 1500 games that you could not play on 5.05, here is a list of games and download content you will now be able to play: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1SyqZV9EgK5J1Uq-tGjSWxE3M_A4wLQalXZXxgn_CohU/htmlview?pru=AAABc1L2u7s*XmTg-mKYfdvJuHS1ieCPAQ# The other great news and my favourite bit is the potential for even more homebrew, we do have a great selection already from the likes of developer Lapy, but hopefully this update will bring out more developers to create homebrew on the PS4 and hopefully we will see the consoles very first homebrew contest. Mira has already been updated to support 6.72, so we are in for good times. One should not update their firmware quite yet, if you are on 5.05 then stay there for now, If you are on any firmware between 5.05 and 6.72, then feel free to update. Finally I would like to say thank you to TheFlow for breathing life into the PS4 scene, my personal opinions aside in regards to bug bounties, I would be dishonest to deny that this release doesn't hold some greatness for many people, I just hope we see more homebrew. Source
  5. I am sure by now you have heard of a developer called CTurt, he helped the PS4 scene a bit at the beginning and helped progress it. Now the developer is back with an exploit that will help those of you with a PS2, this exploit is that it is great and doesn't need the console to be exploited or hacked in any way, this means you will be able to run PS2 homebrew on your PS2 without Swap Magic, a mod chip or any other type of physical modification, all you will need is a modified DVD disc that lets you exploit the DVD player, here is a quote from the developers blog: Read the full article here: https://cturt.github.io/freedvdboot.html Update Below is a video by Modern Vintage Gamer explaining in more depth what this exploit is and it's potential: Thanks to the awesome @Roxanne we now have a console compatibility list, the great news at the moment is that all PS2 Slims are able to run the exploit: https://playstationdev.wiki/ps2devwiki/index.php?title=FreeDVDBoot_Compatibility_List If you need a tutorial here is a great link: https://www.psx-place.com/threads/tutorial-fmcb-installation-with-free-dvd-boot.30211/ When they are available I will be posting video tutorials in English and Spanish.
  6. After yesterdays debate on the morality of bug bounties for the PS4 I think I need to clear a few things up in regards to my opinion on such things, not that anyone really cares about my opinion but that won't stop me giving it. I created this thread yesterday, in which it seemed I was insulting scene developers which is not quite the case, I firmly believe that if you are part of a scene, then you shouldn't be working for a company and helping block up exploits for a scene you are supposed to be part of, basically this means that you should not be part of the PS4 or PS Vita scene whilst also selling exploits to Sony, it is basically a big fuck you to anyone who contributes their free time and work to a scene in an effort to make it better. In my opinion if you want to work for Sony, then leave the scene or never join it to begin with, if you have left the scene and are selling exploits to Sony I have no problem with that, if you have sold exploits to Sony and have never been part of the scene then I have no problem with that either, my problem lies with being part of the scene and also selling exploits to Sony. Whilst I am at it, I see all these silly arguments about this being a good thing, are you people deluded? Yes it might bring more people to hack the PS4, but it will also bring more people to sell those exploits to Sony who will close them up which means you get sweet fuck all. I also see statements saying "Oh but it says right there that they can release them at a later date", no, no it does not say that, it states that the exploiter can disclose them at a later date, disclosing something does not mean release, it means show the exploit, it means provide information on the type of exploit released or how the exploit was achieved and all this is at Sony's discretion, If Sony decides to say that the exploit cannot be released, then guess what? You get sweet fuck all. There are also other statements saying "oh but they can find several exploits, sell one to Sony and give the scene one", lol you seriously think that they would give you an exploit after already being paid for one, money talks, all the exploits they find will be going to Sony who at their discretion decide if they can be disclosed or not, guess what that means? YOU GET SWEET FUCK ALL.. Let me ask you this to the people who think that Sony will allow any of the exploits to be released. Do you honestly think that Sony will let these developers release an exploit for any firmware that will allow games built above firmware 5.05 be pirated? Do you honestly think that Sony will give the green light for an exploit that will allow you to pirate games such as The Last Of Us 2? Finally I want to apologise for saying the scene is dead, this is not true and was disrespectful to all the great devs working on the PS4 in their free time, I have huge respect for all you developers working on the PS4 for the scene, not because you expect some big pay check, but because it is something you love to do. These are my simple opinions and are what I stand by.
  7. After I came to the realisation this morning the the PS4 Scene is dead it depressed me in a big way, so I thought I would do something that makes me happy, I would like to give a huge congratulations to @Shiro for becoming a bachelor in Electric Engineering.
  8. UPDATE As TheFlow has posted a link to this thread, I would like to post a few things about this article and why it was made. 1.) When I had originally written this article, it was not targeting any developer in particular, this was posted as a deterrent to developers from the scene from selling exploits to Sony, yes it was childish and perhaps I could have used better words, but I did not want exploits being wasted. 2.) Like I said this article was targeting scene developers, TheFlow has stated several times that he is not part of the PS4 scene, so how could he then take offense to this? Also if he does not consider himself to be part of the PS4 scene, then how could I make him leave the PS4 scene? You cannot leave something that you are not part of. 3.) TheFlow decided to falsely blame me on him leaving the PS4 scene as a way of getting back at me, he knows I could not have made him leave because in his own words he was never part of the scene. 4.) A new exploit was released by TheFlow, this is great for those of you who have been waning to play games above 5.05, but that stops at 7.02, had this exploit not been given to Sony, then you would have at some stage been able to play games and homebrew on 7.50 or 8.00 using this very exploit. 5.) I am used to the hate from scene developers, this is nothing new, i say what I feel, I give my opinion and that annoys them, examples such as: a.) Freakler got angry at me because I kept calling Hackinformer out for selling access to an eCFW and for charging people to install other developers homebrew and apps, Freakler supported this scam and didn't like me calling him out on it, supporting a scammer makes you as dishonest as him. b.) SKGleba got mad at me for calling out the fact he is two faced, so he decided to use xenophobic and Islamophobic language towards me, now he claims I am the toxic one. There are other developers I could mention, but I get on with most developers pretty well, most of them are decent and honest. 6.) The thread in which I posted my opinion on scene developers selling bugs to Sony was inconveniently not posted at the same time this one was, so here is a link to that article: I may have been wrong about a couple of things in it, but the sentiment still stands, you shouldn't be part of the scene and selling exploits to Sony. Whilst you are here reading this, why don't you enter this competition to win a PS5 control pad: Anyhow thanks for reading this edit, you can view the original below. Original Post If you are the type of console hacker with no morals or any human decency, then this bug bounty brought to you by Sony will be right up your ass. Sony are offering a $50,000 reward for exposing critical flaws that will lead to the system being hacked, this is nothing new and but is probably the biggest reward offered for finding a critical flaw. I had a whole rant posted here regarding this, but I deleted it as I feel deflated and depressed, with all the PlayStation exploits closed over the past year and the ones that will be closed in the future, you can guarantee that the PS4 scene is dead. Sell your soul here: https://hackerone.com/playstation
  9. TBH it is easy for you as a White guy to moan and cry that there is no problem with racism in USA, that is the cowardly hill you and many other White privileged Americans such as yourself hide behind, this is because you are not brave enough to see the problems or are too racist to care about them. This is why you choose to use token Black people such as the video you linked and clowns like Candace Owens and ignore the fact when the videos shot by normal people are there showing the racism, showing the Police brutality, showing Neo-Nazi marches, these are not headlines in any tabloids, these are real videos by real people, the facts you are too afraid to admit are real. Whilst I write an article here in solidarity with those abused racially, you come on here with denial of racism and in my opinion that makes you no different than those who deny the Holocaust or any other type of genocide, it makes you no different than the type of people who denied apartheid existed in South Africa or those who deny it exists in Israel EDIT lol just watched that video and realised that the Black guy, is nothing more than an ex Blue, of course he is going to be spouting shit against BLM and Black people in general, there are so many of these type of fake opportunistic cowards in USA, they care more about the clout and money than they care about the welfare of their own people and are the type of people Republicans cling to in order to let them off the hook for closing their eyes to racism in USA. Oh and before you make any more ignorant assumptions about me, I probably know more Black American people than you do and I take their word over yours in regards to racism and racial prejudice, because they suffer it, you don't. Stick to console hacking and stay away from politics, because when you talk politics you show your ignorant side.
  10. If you haven't been living in a cave for the past hundred years, you will know that racism is a big problem in USA, from the KKK, to Red Neck racists, to Neo Nazi's, they are all present in every day USA, but what is worse is that these racist cowardly thugs are in the ranks of the police force. More recently the cold blooded murder of George Floyd has brought about huge anti Racism protests and about time too, it is time the world stood up in solidarity with our Black and Brown brothers and sisters and show those in power that we will not stand by whilst Black people are murdered because of the colour of their skin. As I mentioned there have been many protests all over the USA and that has brought about many arrests which is where you can help, for around £25 you can get an awesome bundle of games as well as soundtracks and book, some of the games include: Baba Is You Spelunky Football Manager 2020 NBA2K20 Sonic All Stars Racing Bioshock Remastered This War Of Mine Final Cut Overlords Company Of Heroes 2 Broken Age And so much more. Comics include: Attack on Titan Anthology Ghost in the Shell: Global Neural Network Shaft: A Complicated Man This bundle is a great bundle and you are helping a lot of people by purchasing it, there isn't long left so hurry. Get it here: https://www.humblebundle.com/fight-for-racial-justice-bundle?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_1_layout_type_twos_tile_index_1_c_fightforjustice_bundle
  11. GeoHot came along, acted like a dick looking for glory, gets sued, bends over for Sony, Sony wins, devs are more worried about releasing exploits.
  12. Veteran PSP developer Davee is holding a live stream this Sunday on Twitch. Here is a tweet from the developer followed by a link to the stream. https://twitch.tv/daveeftw/profile
  13. @STLcardsWS you are correct that the PS4 has never had an exploit on a current firmware, but that did not stop many people getting PS4's on 5.05 and having months of fun with pirated games, there could have been more people in the scene, but people simply did not care nor were interested in sitting on firmware 5.05 until an exploit came out, @Mathieulh amongst others including myself advised and warned people over and over again to not update if they were on firmware 5.05, people decided to update rather than wait, simply because they didn't care to sit and wait to see if an exploit would come out for firmware 5.05. @rednekcowboy I think the PS3 scene was the last proper PlayStation console scene, I do not think we will see a PS scene anything like what we had on PS2 and PS3, the PS5 will be no different in terms of exploits than the PS4 and I think it will be the first PlayStation console I have gotten where I won't be modding or hacking it in anyway, I am simply to old and too busy to wait for something never coming out. I wouldn't say the PS4 scene is dead, I think it is more like in a hibernation or deep sleep waiting for something that no one knows when it's going to be released, that's why I was hoping for this competition to give the scene a surge of energy to keep it going to the EOL exploit release. But scenes are filled with stubborn people and that is why things never happen or get done, there is no harm in having more than one competition, one now and one when the EOL is released, that shouldn't be a problem if people are convinced the scene will be striving then.
  14. @STLcardsWS I think that is where your fatal flaw regarding this lies, you are comparing the PS4 scene to the PS3 scene or rather using the PS3 scene as an example of how scenes can rise again. The huge difference is that the PS3 scene was great from it being hacked up until now, the same could be said for the PSP and PS2 scenes, I am sure we could start a competition in all three of those scenes and they would have huge success and that simple fact lies down to those scenes having heart, where as the PS4 has a barely beating heart with barely anyone even some of the top developers caring about it. The fact we do not know when we will ever have a new exploit makes it even less excitable.
  15. Thanks everyone for responding. Generally scene contests happen when the console is in it's prime and occurs not long after the exploit has been released, take both of the successful PS Vita contests, the one that happened before HENkaku was released and the HENkaku one, they both happened shortly after release. One could argue that all the consoles were exploitable thus why there were such successful competitions, but we have been stuck on 5.05 on the PS4 for a LONG time and nothing has happened in regards of a homebrew contest, my reason for suggesting a competition now and probably aligns with @zecoxao and @wololo's reasoning is that we do not know when there will be a new exploit released, the people who have such exploits said we will see one when the PS4 is at EOL, when exactly is EOL? This is only something they know, it could be four or five years away or more, so where is the harm in holding a competition now for people on 5.05, something to tide us by until a future exploit is released. I also want to point out @STLcardsWS that the PS3 scene is popular now, because it has always been popular, nobody can deny how damn awesome that scene was from the release of PS Jailbreak onwards, whereas the PS4 scene has never really been hugely popular and never really will be in comparison to other scenes and I believe that if we leave a contest too long, then there won't be enough interest in the future to hold one. As far as which sites are in charge or who runs it I simply do not care, I just want to contribute and be part of a PS4 competition before it's too late to have one.
  16. So only six months until the UK is finally out of Europe. Businesses are already talking about moving from Northern Ireland to the South of Ireland, so here is hoping a border poll comes soon and my country will be one again, would be great if it happened next year on the centenary of the annexation of the six counties by UK. Scotland wanting to hold a referendum too, hopefully the UK will be broke up soon.
  17. A couple of years ago I bitched on Twitter that homebrew developers were being lazy in not creating any homebrew, the response I got was "there is no open source SDK". There now is an open source SDK as well as the ability to use Unity, so there is zero excuses now not to make any hombres apart from laziness. So to give people the incentive to create homebrew I am going to continue the discussion of a homebrew competition that was started earlier by @zecoxao on Twitter. I can probably contribute $150 towards the prize fund, what we need are other contributors, we also need ideas on how the competition can be managed, the rules and anything else important to running a competition, lets make this the best competition in a long time, let's start this competition now.
  18. I removed the link from your post, that website hosts fake PS4 exploits.
  19. Thanks for joining Don't forget to check out the competition for a chance to win a PS5 control pad.
  20. No I didn't disable it, the people who create the forums software removed it in an update a long time ago, can't remember their reason for doing it.
  21. They should run better, the original US PS3's have PS2 hardware built into them, so any PS2 games you own should probably run better on it than a Slim.
  22. The PS Vita for many is the ultimate handheld gaming device, the console is made even better by being hacked with the many awesome homebrews and plugins. Hacking your PS Vita is easy enough as is installing homebrew and plugins, but sometimes things can go wrong, thankfully CustomProtocol moderator and PlayStation scener @Cimmerian has created an awesome troubleshooting guide that will help you should you find yourself stuck. Visit the link below to view the troubleshooting guide: https://samilops2.gitbook.io/vita-troubleshooting-guide/ You can also improve this guide by translating it into your own language: https://crowdin.com/project/vita-troubleshooting-guide
  23. I am not sure how many of you know that I am a HUGE Tony Hawks Pro Skater game fan, some of you might remember me bitching about how bad Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 is, it was nothing compared to the Tony Hawks 1 - 4 games and this pissed me of greatly, but I was basically screaming in excitement at the reveal of this new game. The game is new, but also old, the game is called Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 & 2, yes you have guessed correctly this is a remaster, but Robomodo created a remaster already I hear you say, you are only slightly correct in that thinking, Robomodos remaster whilst great only had some levels from THPS1 and about two levels from THPS2, the game was missing skaters such as my favourite Bob Burnquist and of course the nostalgic music was not there, there was a huge amount missing that made both the original games awesome, Tony Hawks was also not on board with this one, though he was still a playable character. That is where this new game differs, it comes with Tony Hawks helping making the game, ALL the levels, all the original characters with all their old moves as well as some new ones, all the old goals such as collecting SKATE will be there along with some new ones and lets not forget that awesome music, most of it is returning too, here is a video showing how beautiful it is, it also shows some comparisons between the original and new: The game will be released on the 4th of September 2020 for PS4 and Xbox One, I think it can be safe to assume that the game will be playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X, you can read more info about it here on the PS Blog https://blog.us.playstation.com/2020/05/12/get-ready-to-grind-into-tony-hawks-pro-skater-1-and-2/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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