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  1. Redj has released B&nder Bar, a game which sees you play the character Bender from Futurama. In the game which is created by GameMaker Studio, you control Bender moving him left or right and collect beers, you lose health if collect soft drinks and the game ends if you collect to many, the game is fast paced and the bottles of liquid fall quite fast, here is a video of the gameplay: Source/Download Follow Developer Here
  2. ChendoChap has updated his PS4 application PS4 Save Mounter to version 1.5, this software lets you mount your game saves with Read/Write permission. With PS4 Save Mounter you can make decrypted copies of any game saves, as long as those saves are grabbed on firmware 5.05 and below, you can use other peoples game saves and replace your saves with modified ones, here are the changes in this version. v1.5 Changelog removed process selection (everything mounts through shellui) added function to detect games with saves (shellcode-ish stuff) increased performance due to decreasing amount of getuser calls from (2-5) to 1 extra patch to mount other games save's with write permission extra patches to mount saves foreign to your account id increased performance getting save information overall increased performance due to reducing amount of memory allocations fixed save info formatting (UTF8) embedded ps4debug payload Source/Download
  3. @DEFAULTDNB has released version 1.5.5 of X-Project, for those of you who have been living in a cave for the past year, X-Project is an easy to use exploit host software that you either run on your PC, upload to your public webserver or install on your ESP8266 Wi-Fi device X-Project's user interface looks like the PS3's XMB and lets you do a whole bunch of awesome things, such as run various different versions of HEN, block firmware updates, dump games, install Linux and much, much more, here is a list of what is new or changes in this version: Triple version bump due to LOTS OF NEW things Version number is displayed in multiple places so you know which version you're using. Improved information panel, now shows more information so you know whats going on (Can be hidden or shown again by clicking show/hide, perma-hidden or perma-showing based on toggle) X-Project (not PS4) debug menu is now able to be perma-toggled) (New hidden goat icon for test payload!) Fixed debug menu "ghost column" issue (been there since day one!) Added Cache and FW detection, along with network/tracking/and true firmware detection (from cold boot). These are only a small amount of changes in the list, to see the complete changelog and download this software, visit the source: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-x-project-5-05-self-host.512046/
  4. NanoSpeedGamer has created a video tutorial to help people downgrade their PS Vita's using TheFlow's modoru: Follow Nano on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/NanospeedGamer
  5. Installed a new Discord notification plugin, kept failing when setting it up >.< And thank you for the donation
  6. MasterTurkey has ported Shephard to the PS4, the game was originally created by Butterscotch Shenanigans and is made using GameMaker Studio: The game sees you running around after sheep, shaving off their wool. Download included in video, or follow MasterTurkey here: https://twitter.com/MasterTurkey
  7. PS Vita developer TheFlow has released a method that lets people downgrade their PS Vita's, the application called modoru is only useful to people who already have HENkaku installed on their Vita's. An exploit will be released some time in the future for PS Vita's on firmware 3.70. Download/Source
  8. Developer has released a homebrew game for the PS4 The game is a platformer, you search for stars whilst collecting coins, the game starts off easy enough and slowly build in difficulty as you progress each level, later level see monsters roaming about, all you can do is avoid them as fighting back is not a possibility, there are also such elements as falling bridges and crumbling rock/grass mounds to deal with as well, here is some gameplay: The game is easy enough, even though i make it look like it is hard, it looks stunning with beautiful backgrounds, there are three stars in each level to find and about twenty levels to complete. Download via the embedded tweet above, follow the developer here: https://twitter.com/RetroGamer_74
  10. lol i am in a place to criticise anyone's code, even if i was a coder/developer, i probably wouldn't criticise it anyway, your tools get used by a lot of people
  11. Developer @Quickz has released another stunning looking PS4 Homebrew The game is Pongesque, you have to paddles and have to hit a turtle shell across the screen without it hitting the edges of the screen, here is a video of me playing it very badly: All you need to use the left and right thumbsticks and the X button. Download Guys please follow the developer here: https://twitter.com/Quickz16
  12. Developer Lapy who ported the Flappy Bird clone a few weeks ago, has released a stunning looking homebrew for the PS4 called Save The Scene. The game see's you saving scene developers from bombs, you have to press either Square, Cross, Circle or Triangle to detonate a bomb before it drops on the head of a developer. Here you can see some gameplay: Thanks to NanospeedGamer(Follow) For the image and video. Follow Lapy https://twitter.com/Lapy05575948 Follow RetroGamer_74 https://twitter.com/RetroGamer_74
  13. This might help: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/install-ps4-updates-via-a-usb-flash-drive/
  14. @ImMrNiato has released the source code of all his PS3 software on his newly opened GitHub account: View his GitHub Follow him on Twitter
  15. Quickz popped by Discord to let me know of a game he had just created, the game see's you control a creature that looks like a jellyfish sheep, you have to avoid objects falling from the sky. The game is made using GameMaker and is probably the most fun i have had playing a Homebrew game in a while, the game looks great and is quite addictive, here is a screenshot followed by a gameplay video: You can download the game here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bt8n0dsrc60v0p7/IV0000-QUIG00001_00-QUICKZGAME000001.PKG Also please follow the developer on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/Quickz16
  16. devnoname has released version 1.0 of his PS Vita homebrew plugin VitaBright, this update brings support to PS Vita models with LCD screen as well as fixing an issue with brightness jumping after inactivity. Source/Download
  17. SnakePlissken has released Block Buster which is an Arkanite clone, it is built with Unity and does have some bugs, but hopefully they can be fixed in the future and maybe the developer could add stuff like points/score. Source/Download
  18. @silicaAndPina has ported Deltarune (Undertale 2) to the PS4: It was ported to the PS4 using Game Studio 2 and thanks to scever_patch by dots_tb. Source/Download Follow silica on Twitter
  19. @Sylvain i am sorry @BwE has not responded yet, he is usually quite busy and does not always see the notifications, he will help you once he knows of this
  20. PS Vita developer dots_tb has released something for the PS4, his application is called scever_patch and is used to patch PS4 .elf files from firmware 5.50 to run on firmware 5.05. This is more for other developers such as @silicaAndPina, this will not let you run PS4 games that require high firmware's on firmware 5.05, if in the future games from higher firmwares get decrypted, then this tool might possibly work with getting them to run of firmware 5.05. Download Follow dots_tb On Twitter
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