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  1. Congrats to @mmmnipleon winning the DualSense competition, I have sent you an email
  2. We have had a console teardown and a teardown of the DualSense, now thanks to Hackinside, we now have a teardown of the HD Camera: You can view all the images on the PS5 Developer Wiki here: https://playstationdev.wiki/ps5devwiki/index.php?title=HD_Camera You can follow Hackinside on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/bioboy
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  9. ohhsodead has released an open source PC application that will browser a huge database filled with PS3 game mods, game saves, themes and homebrew, the application also acts as an FTP server, so all you have to do is connect it to your PS3 and start sending files, no need for thumb drives or external HDD's. Features Fast, lightweight and simple to use Browse a large database of ps3 mods Complete with info, creator, version, etc. Filter by firmware, mod type and region Download, install and uninstall mods Automatic game region detection
  10. Yes you read that correctly, you can now play the iconic Grand Theft Auto game on your PS Vita, thanks to some awesome work by developers @Rinnegatamanteand the_flow. Image courtesy of @Cimmerian. You will need a copy of the PC version of the game, then follow some simple instructions to get the game running. Source
  11. @Abkarinohas released version 0.50 of SPIWay for the PS4, the update includes some changes and code cleanup, here is the change log: Add support for Spansion S25FL256S SPI flash. Change the SPI Read Info command to a universal command that is supported in all current SPI flash exists in PS4 console. Code clean up. Source/Download: Image source @centrino
  12. thestr4ng3r has released a free open source PS4 Remote Play client, this application works on Linux, Android, MacOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD: Here are some features: Here is a video Modded Warfare created back in May Here is video by Sam Daniel: Source/Download
  13. This is the very thing I have been wanting for a long time, a naked PS5: Sorry for the crappy post, writing one handed on a mobile phone isn’t easy.
  14. We have see a ton of information from Microsoft on the Xbox Series X, but Sony have been tight lipped on the PS5, which was pissing off a lot of its fanbase, but now we will get to see well known Japanese YouTubers playing the PS5: Thanks to GrimDoe for the links
  15. Oh the good old days of the PS3 hacking scene, they were filled with greatness and triumphs, but it was also had a small scummy side, such as a vile dongle known as True Blue, garyOPA a well known criminal in the console scene was behind this dongle, along with his long time criminal buddy Max Louarn, they bought or scammed the original owner of PS3Crunch and used that site to peddle the reDRM True Blue dongle. I personally detested that True Blue dongle and once I knew garyOPA was behind it, I severed ties and friendships with him, not that I had much of a friendship
  16. I usually check GitHub for PS4 related releases, I had seen this project a few times but didn't bother with it as it wasn't PS4 related, I wish I had clicked on it when I seen it, as this is an awesome project, probably one of the best open source console related projects I have seen in a while. BlueRetro is a multiplayer Bluetooth control pad adaptor that will let you play multiplayer games or single player games on a retro console such as N64 using PS3, 360 or Switch control pads. BlueRetro comes in two parts, the software and the hardware, both parts are
  17. Every time a new console is revealed or about to be released, we see lots of fakes of the console or control pads, which is why everything posted is taken with caution. A controller modding group has posted on their Instagram what appears to be the first DualSense teardown, they show beautiful photos of the DualSense and show a teardown, sadly the nine images in the teardown are presented in a collage so are quite small to view. That being said, the images do look legit and there is no real reason to believe they are fake. The first few images s
  18. I thought I would create a thread that will help you find PS5 consoles and related accessories, the Amazon links are affiliated links but will not cost you anything to use them, I will be focusing on USA and UK. USA PS5 Amazon - https://amzn.to/331yOIY PS5 Digital Amazon - https://amzn.to/3mRMPB2 PS5 Remote Amazon - https://amzn.to/3kKZSSO PS5 Camera Amazon - https://amzn.to/36dV2JA PS5 Pulse Headset Amazon - https://a
  19. I am sure most of you most of you know I love console histories, I love reading about the amazing things they were capable of in their day, the breakthroughs and achievements that each generation achieved. If you like that type of thing too, then you should check VitaHex's Consolepedia 3D application for the PS Vita, it combines information of game consoles and their game along with stunning 3D images of the games consoles, here is a quote from the source: Source/Download You can follow the developer on Twitter here: https://twitter.com
  20. Here are some codes for Steam that I do not want. Be nice and don't take all the codes for yourself, take the one you want and let others have a chance, also let others know which one you took
  21. Who would have thought that 2020's biggest gaming news would be that Microsoft buys one of the biggest and well known games companies? Microsoft has bought ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda for $7.5 Billion , that means that Microsoft now own the, Fallout franchise, Elder Scrolls franchise, Doom franchise, Quake franchise, Wolfenstein franchise, Dishonored franchise and so much more. What does that mean for the future of these franchises? Will Microsoft allow the next version of these games to be released on other consoles? Or is PlayS
  22. Today is probably the greatest day of 2020 for PlayStation gamers as Sony are about to drop the price and release date of the PS5. The will probably showcase some games and perhaps some accessories for their next gen console, we might even find out if the console comes in all black and hopefully find out more details such as the amount of inputs/outputs it has, HDMI, USB etc. Here are the times you can watch the show at: Canada - 4PM California - USA - 1PM New York - USA - 4PM Ireland, UK, Portugal - 9PM Spain, Poland - 10PM
  23. Sony released the PS Vita almost nine years ago and whilst it was an outstanding piece of hardware when it was released, Sony didn't show much care for the device, it removed features, released a slim version, released a version without a screen, but it's support for the system wasn't great. But can you imagine if Sony actually cared about the PS Vita and what it would have been like if they had released a newer, better version of the Vita? Thanks to the imagination of Roc6d, you don't have to imagine anymore, you can view his concept below:
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