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  1. No I didn't disable it, the people who create the forums software removed it in an update a long time ago, can't remember their reason for doing it.
  2. They should run better, the original US PS3's have PS2 hardware built into them, so any PS2 games you own should probably run better on it than a Slim.
  3. The PS Vita for many is the ultimate handheld gaming device, the console is made even better by being hacked with the many awesome homebrews and plugins. Hacking your PS Vita is easy enough as is installing homebrew and plugins, but sometimes things can go wrong, thankfully CustomProtocol moderator and PlayStation scener @Cimmerian has created an awesome troubleshooting guide that will help you should you find yourself stuck. Visit the link below to view the troubleshooting guide: https://samilops2.gitbook.io/vita-troubleshooting-guide/ You can also improve this guide by translating it into your own language: https://crowdin.com/project/vita-troubleshooting-guide
  4. I am not sure how many of you know that I am a HUGE Tony Hawks Pro Skater game fan, some of you might remember me bitching about how bad Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 is, it was nothing compared to the Tony Hawks 1 - 4 games and this pissed me of greatly, but I was basically screaming in excitement at the reveal of this new game. The game is new, but also old, the game is called Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 & 2, yes you have guessed correctly this is a remaster, but Robomodo created a remaster already I hear you say, you are only slightly correct in that thinking, Robomodos remaster whilst great only had some levels from THPS1 and about two levels from THPS2, the game was missing skaters such as my favourite Bob Burnquist and of course the nostalgic music was not there, there was a huge amount missing that made both the original games awesome, Tony Hawks was also not on board with this one, though he was still a playable character. That is where this new game differs, it comes with Tony Hawks helping making the game, ALL the levels, all the original characters with all their old moves as well as some new ones, all the old goals such as collecting SKATE will be there along with some new ones and lets not forget that awesome music, most of it is returning too, here is a video showing how beautiful it is, it also shows some comparisons between the original and new: The game will be released on the 4th of September 2020 for PS4 and Xbox One, I think it can be safe to assume that the game will be playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X, you can read more info about it here on the PS Blog https://blog.us.playstation.com/2020/05/12/get-ready-to-grind-into-tony-hawks-pro-skater-1-and-2/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  5. There is no doubt that the PSP was the most popular handheld homebrew device at that new stage, some may still argue that it still holds that title, even though the PS Vita is here and is great in it’s own right. Unlike the PS Vita , there isn’t much of an active scene for it and even though there may be some sort of game jam running at the moment for it, there is little interest in the PSP from people who aren’t hardcore PSP users. I know there are many great PSP developers out there and even though they may have hung up their developing gloves or have moved on to other devices, their PSP knowledge is invaluable and this is why I am asking older devs, retired devs and those with an interest in the PSP to please consider contributing to the PSP Developer Wiki. I created the Wiki almost three years ago due to a request by legendary PSP developer @Mathieulh, here is a quote from the Wikis front page: ””” The PSP Developer Wiki is a new wiki for developers and those wishing to educate themselves on the workings of the PSP, the wiki created in June 2017 encompasses Dark_Alex's PSP Dev Wiki which went defunct in 2008 and combines it with various other PSP developer wiki's, blogs by developers and various other PSP related sites which no longer exists. Not only does the wiki hold information from when the PSP was the centre of attention, but also contains information from the past nine or so years that was not documented on a wiki before. The PSP may not be the most popular device any more, but it has a lot of life in it and still has plenty to give. “”” Whilst it has many great contributions, it would also be great to see it completed and filled with an almost infinite amount of PSP information. To visit the PSP Dev Wiki, click the link below: https://playstationdev.wiki/pspdevwiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
  6. Sony has been keeping busy not showing us the damn console, Microsoft showed us their weird looking console and then gave us the important technical details such as CPU, GPU and Ram, but Sony is refusing to let us see what the console looks like, does it look that bad? Yesterday Mark Cerny gave us a presentation on the PS5 and what is inside this new console and from what he told us, we are going to get a console that is slightly inferior to the Xbox Series X console, apart from the SSD, so here are the specs and here is a reveal of the first article on the PS5 Dev Wiki, please feel free to create an account and add content. PS5 Info/PS5 Dev Wiki
  7. Glad to see you still around @LoboGuara The most important thing about a PS4 for homebrew is that it needs to be on firmware 5.05 or below, the PS4 Dev Wiki has a list of consoles that were released on 5.05 or below. Regarding the forum being offline, I was going through some personal problems and decided to leave the scene and everything and it was the end of PlayStationHaX, but things got a little better, so I decided to bring it back, even if I am not that active. Also your English is fine, it always has been.
  8. The only time I have used disc's are from ISO's created by @mr_lou, the disc I was able to use was DVD and it worked fine on the XB1, however a Blu Ray is needed for PS4. Perhaps Mr Lou can comment on how to create a proper disc
  9. I would like to wish all you hackers, modders, developers, Wiki editors, forum owners/editors and end users a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, for those who do not engage in these festivities, I wish you a great end to the year and an even better next year. Lets hope with the PS5's release next year, we see a big release for the PS4. Lastly you can listen this whilst you butter and moist your turkey: Listen to "Twas The Night Before Christmas" on Spreaker.
  10. The FBI have handed Sony a warrant asking them to hand over info from a customers PS4. https://live.staticflickr.com/3165/3284547784_77faf5a69e.jpg The customer in question Curtis Alexander known by his PSN name Speedola20 is accused of being part of a drug network trying to sell Cocaine via in game chat on an unknown game. Alexander was found out after a snitch Confidential Human Resource reached out to the FBI through a meeting in July 2019 and told them all about the illicit dealings of Alexander, who is said to have used the PlayStation and PlayStation Messenger to make his deals. The court document can be read here: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6565970-PlayStation-Seach-Warrant-Application.html Source: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/zmjp73/fbi-asked-sony-playstation-4-user-data-cocaine-dealer Via: https://twitter.com/josephfcox/status/1201915744495263750
  11. Thanks for joining the forum, I look forward to playing this game
  12. Almost two years ago veteran scene developer @Mathieulh released DTP-T1000 Pre IPL Dumper and today he follows up that release with Lib-PSP iplloader Bootstraper for DTP-T1000, here is a quote from the source: Source Download
  13. UPDATE The original post states that the game was released, however that is not the case and a mistake made by me, the developer is working on a playable demo and will be releasing the game soon. udkultimate aka Nidal Nijm has released a game he has been working on for four years, the game is an action third person adventure which see's you getting revenge for your false imprisonment and for the murder of your family at the hands of an Apartheid regime, here is a quote from the developer: As you can see through the images, this game is also available for Xbox 360 and PC, now I am sure there will be those of you who might find this game controversial and might say certain things about it's theme, but I would like you to read this message also from the developer: Those of you who know me know that I am someone who speaks out against all types of bigotry and racism and this game contains none of that, most of you also know about my support for Palestine, which is why I think this game is important. Download/Buy Source
  14. It has been about four years since PS Home for the PS3 closed down, my earliest memories using it were the best, @NeoSabin and i playing bowling and trolling people, sadly the service would eventually be closed down in 2015, but now you can bring back PS Home and run it on your PS3, at the moment it is only offline and it is a very early version of the game, but with people working on it, it could improve over time, here is a video on how to get PS Home running: Source
  15. Everybody REJOICE. Thanks to all of those of you who thought about me in my absence, I won't be active like I was before, but I will squeeze stuff in on the days I am free and hopefully I will be able to bring back PlayStationHaX Podcast.
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