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  1. GregoryRasputin

    Win A ESP8266 Wi-Fi Board For PS4

    When you have it so EVERYONE wins and only two people give you their details >.<
  2. GregoryRasputin

    [Released] PS4 Payload sender v2 2018-08-12

    Updated the post. Some of the homebrew posts are auto posted from PlayStationSceneFiles as i upload to there sometimes.
  3. GregoryRasputin

    The PlayStation Dev Wiki Family Has Grown

    Getting info on the PS2 is easy enough, the PS1 not as much.
  4. GregoryRasputin

    [PSVITA] Autoplugin 3.12 Released

    Look forward to seeing some PS4 Homebrew from you
  5. PayLoad Sender V2: Added support for 4.55/5.05 The language you select is saved. Minor bugs Code optimization. By developer Duxa (aka @Chrushev) Download
  6. Tried and tested thanks to devs involved Download
  7. The PS Dev Wiki's that comprise of PS3, PS3, PSP and PS Vita developer Wiki's are awesome, yet the family seemed as if it was missing something and that something was Wiki's related to the PS1 and PS2, which is why i have created Wiki's for both those consoles. It will be harder documenting the PS1 and PS2 as the majority of the sites connected to those consoles are long gone and many are not archived properly on Wayback Machine, i am hoping that some people from those scenes will be able to contribute, perhaps some developers such as @bigboss, anyhow here are the links to all the PS Dev Wiki's: PS1 Dev Wiki PS2 Dev Wiki PSP Dev Wiki PS3 Dev Wiki PSVita Dev Wiki PS4 Dev Wiki If you want to be a member of the PS1 and PS2 Wiki's drop a message below or contact me via Discord.
  8. Long time scene developer @DEFAULTDNB has updated his XMB Self Host Project with the help of leeful74 for exploitable PS4's, this update add's video playback support, here is some information about the application, followed by a list of changes in this version: + ADDED MEDIA PLAYER!: -+ Drop Down File Selector. -+ Plays MP4 only currently (need to work on more formats) -+ Play, Pause, Stop, Skip, Restart -+ 2 preset resolutions + full screen to suit your TV. -+ Dark mode toggle, Mute toggle. -+ Playback info (file location, name, time remaining/total time etc) -+ Companion BAT for easy alphabetized playlist generation (must run after new files are added to /MEDIA/ folder) -+ Just host your MP4 files from /MEDIA/ folder within xproject (easy to customize to share files from elsewhere depending on your host method) + Lodash finally fixed thanks to @Leeful + D-Pad navigation added as requested (L/R works perfectly U/D needs work) + GTA menus rewritten by @Leeful (now detect hen and load before payload (same goes for BO3/AFR payloads) + Slight restyle for uniformity thanks to @Leeful + ADDED NotAnotherMenu127 + ADDED IH RTM EDITOR + ADDED Community Trainer + ADDED Arcade category (Coming soon in v1.4) Download And Source Follow DefaultDNB on Twitter Follow leeful74 on Twitter You can also speak live to DefaultDNB on PlayStationHaX Discord: https://discord.gg/2B2uhw6
  9. Remote Play amongst other app's is not possible on the PS4 if the console has not been activated via PSN, luckily there is a method that will let you use Remote Play on your non activated PS4, the original guide is in Russian and was created by xHR_, with an English guide by DayVeeBoi, you can find the guides below: Russian Guide English Guide ATTENTION THIS METHOD REQUIRES THE DANGEROUS IDU MODE UPDATE It appears that whilst the original source is indeed Russian, the original Russian guide is not the one posted above, here is the original source by NeahNEET: Original Russian Source Thanks for tip @Izotov UPDATE 2 Here are some tips by NanospeedGamer:
  10. Partly because i was late in deciding who won and partly because i think the images deserved better than some random number generation, i have decided to make all of those of you who entered winners Edit Forgot to say, those of you who i haven't doxxed got addresses for, please send me a PM in Discord, do NOT use the forum's PM system for personal information.
  11. GregoryRasputin

    Win A ESP8266 Wi-Fi Board For PS4

    Winner will be chosen soon...
  12. Reactivate your Playstation Plus games Download
  13. GregoryRasputin

    Win A ESP8266 Wi-Fi Board For PS4

    It's not the 31st of July yet
  14. GregoryRasputin

    [Released] reactPSPLUS v0.1

    Developer @Zer0xFF has updated reactPSPlus to version 0.1 Download Official Blog Post Source