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  1. Markus95 has released a modded version of Streets Of Rage for the PS4, this homebrew runs on all hackable firmware's: Source ‏
  2. GregoryRasputin

    6.20 Eta Wen?

    So Sony have decided to release yet another pointless firmware, Sony consoles must be the most unstable consoles out there as they are always releasing these stability firmware's:
  3. PlayStationHaX Admin @zecoxao posted a cryptic tweet on Twitter talking about some method coming to firmware 6.02, further tweets suggested that it was only really for games and nothing else: One has to wonder if it is the method @m0rph3us1987 will be talking about soon in Germany? UPDATE It is not @m0rph3us1987's exploit...
  4. Thank you for posting these links, unfortunately i cannot have links to copyright material on the forum, i would get in trouble with my host's
  5. GregoryRasputin

    Open GL ES Released For PS4 By @flat_z

    About an hour ago i was having quite an active discussion with @STLcardsWS that the PS4 scene was dead then the best developer in the scene @flatz drops this beautiful write up on OpenGL ES running on the PS4: @masterzorag and @Zer0xFF started the work but became stuck, so flatz decided to help them, here is a quote from the overview: You can download the write up from here: https://mega.nz/#!WZtA1I6I!QvKV0bSTnyh2smfH-HqXKZELIJwYva8E5rwTMbjXUPY Or you can view it here: https://playstationhax.xyz/opengles/ OpenGL ES Sample: https://github.com/flatz/ps4_gl_test
  6. GregoryRasputin

    PS3Xploit han (MINIWEB/BROWSER)

    Is the typo of browser in the application meant to be there?
  7. GregoryRasputin

    PlayStationHaX Podcast #3

    #3 Up
  8. I am sure you have read by now how the PlayStation Classic has been hacked and has been running games not officially designed for the system, at the start of the week it seemed the process to get your own personal PS1 games to run on the Classic would be difficult, but thanks to a script by justMaku, it is now possible to run your own or pirated PS1 games on the PlayStation Classic via a USB Thumb Drive. Before you read any further, note that this method can BRICK your PlayStation Classic. A user on Reddit suggests that you add this code to line 8 of the script to back up your original game database: cp /gaadata/databases/regional.db /media/games/original.db You can read how to install games here at the source: https://github.com/justMaku/gpghax You can also bypass the 25 game limit by doing this: (1) Copy out the sonyapp-copylink file to USB by adding this line to lolhack.sh: cp /usr/sony/bin/sonyapp-copylink /media/games (2) Boot up the PSC with the USB drive in it until it gets to the game selection screen, turn it off, put USB back in PC (3) Edit the COUNT_MAX number from 25 to 50 (or whatever) in sonyapp-copylink and save it. (4) Edit lolhack.sh script to REMOVE the line from step 1. (5) Edit the lolhack.sh script to run that script from the USB drive at /media/games/sonyapp-copylink AFTER the killall ui_menu but BEFORE it restarts ui_menu: kill the ui process killall ui_menu sleep 5s cd /data/AppData/sony/pcsx Call edited copy file so more than 25 games be used /media/games/sonyapp-copylink restart ui /usr/sony/bin/ui_menu --power-off-enable (6) Put USB drive back in PSC and boot it up and now more than 25 games can be used. Source And you can even add your own cheats by doing this: get a copy of the latest cheatpops.db from somewhere and save it on the USB drive in the games folder. Edit lolhack.sh to add the following line right under the line that copies the SQL DB: cp /media/games/cheatpops.db /data/AppData/sony/pcsx (this will copy the cheatpops.db to the pcsx directory and when pcsx runs it will detect it and the cheats can be turned ON/OFF in the emulator menu after starting a game) Source
  9. If any of you remember the PS3 being hacked, you will remember that it's security turned out to be fucking awful, when Team Fail0verflow gave their presentation on hacking the PS3, they took the piss out of Sony's lack of security on the console, they seem to have improved quite considerably for the PS4, so you would think that even with something such as the PlayStation Classic, they would still add a decent amount of security, but they didn't. We know that @Yifan Lu and xyz from Team Molecule have been busy working on the device and Yifan managed to get UART on the device, but there have been other big players working away and tinkering at the device, you can follow them via the links below. First we see the PC version of Doom running on the PS Classic, it is not full screen, but that does not matter, all that matters is that it is running and someone managed to do it with ease: Here we have a game running on the PlayStation Classic, i am not sure what it is, but it was never intended to be played on it: Finally we see Yifan running a Crash Bandicoot Prototype on the PlayStation Classic: Watch dancing the unhacked playstation tears away from YifanLu on www.twitch.tv Then we have the fact that Sony seem to have left their private signing/encryption keys on the console for all these awesome dudes to find: Images via Yifan's Twitter. For more information and tweets regarding the PlayStation Classic, follow these guys: @yifanlu @nvsofts @v9938, @emuonpsp, @bakueikozo Don't forget to visit the PlayStation Classic Dev Wiki: https://playstationdev.wiki/psclassicdevwiki/
  10. Like i said in the last thread, many awesome people have been playing with with the PlayStation Classic and one of those people is xyz, famously known as the coolest member in Team Molecule, yesterday he posted the differences between PSX Rearmed and the Sony modified version of that Emulator, many more game names than those available were found, here is the entire list: > {"SCPS10008" , ARC_THE_LAD_JP}, > {"SCPS10026" , ARC_THE_LAD_2_JP}, > {"SLPS00900" , ARMORED_CORE_JP}, > {"SLPS91444" , ARMORED_CORE_MASTER_OF_ARENA}, > {"SLPS01234" , CHOCOBOS_JP}, > {"SLES00477" , COLIN_MCRAE_RALLY_EU}, > {"SCES00992" , COOL_BOARDERS_2_EU}, > {"SCES00344" , CRASH_BANDICOOT_EU}, > {"SCUS94900" , CRASH_BANDICOOT_US}, > {"SCES00967" , CRASH_BANDICOOT_2_EU}, > {"SCPS10047" , CRASH_BANDICOOT_2_JP}, > {"SCUS94154" , CRASH_BANDICOOT_2_US}, > {"SCES00008" , DESTRUCTION_DERBY_EU}, > {"SCUS94302" , DESTRUCTION_DERBY_US}, > {"SLES02067" , DISNEY_TOY_STORY_2_EU}, > {"SLES01816" , DRIVER_EU}, > {"SLUS00842" , DRIVER_US}, > {"SLPS01750" , EHRGEIZ_JP}, > {"SLUS00433" , FIGHTING_FORCE_US}, > {"SCES00867" , FINAL_FANTANSY_VII_DICS_1_EU}, > {"SLPS01057" , FINAL_FANTANSY_VII_DICS_1_JP}, > {"SCUS94163" , FINAL_FANTANSY_VII_DICS_1_US}, > {"SCES10867" , FINAL_FANTANSY_VII_DICS_2_EU}, > {"SLPS01058" , FINAL_FANTANSY_VII_DICS_2_JP}, > {"SCUS94164" , FINAL_FANTANSY_VII_DICS_2_US}, > {"SCES20867" , FINAL_FANTANSY_VII_DICS_3_EU}, > {"SLPS01059" , FINAL_FANTANSY_VII_DICS_3_JP}, > {"SCUS94165" , FINAL_FANTANSY_VII_DICS_3_US}, > {"SLPS01060" , FINAL_FANTANSY_VII_DICS_4_JP}, > {"SLPS01348" , G_DARIUS_JP}, > {"SLPM86042" , GRADIUS_GAIDEN_JP}, > {"SCES00984" , GRAN_TURISMO_EU}, > {"SCPS10045" , GRAN_TURISMO_JP}, > {"SCUS94194" , GRAN_TURISMO_US}, > {"SLES01404" , GRAND_THEFT_AUTO_2_EU}, > {"SLUS00789" , GRAND_THEFT_AUTO_2_US}, > {"SLES00032" , GRAND_THEFT_AUTO_EU}, > {"SLUS00106" , GRAND_THEFT_AUTO_US}, > {"SLES03662" , HARRY_POTTER_AND_THE_PHILOSOPHERS_STONE_EU}, > {"SCPS10029" , IQ_INTELLIGENT_QUBE_JP}, > {"SCUS94181" , IQ_INTELLIGENT_QUBE_US}, > {"SCES00003" , JUMPING_FLASH_EU}, > {"SCPS10007" , JUMPING_FLASH_JP}, > {"SCUS94103" , JUMPING_FLASH_US}, > {"SLPS01421" , KAGERO_JP}, > {"SLPS01010" , KLONOA_DOOR_TO_PHANTAMILE_JP}, > {"SLUS00585" , KLONOA_DOOR_TO_PHANTAMILE_US}, > {"SCES01000" , KULA_WORLD_EU}, > {"SLES01301" , LEGACY_OF_KAIN_SOUL_REAVER_EU}, > {"SLUS00708" , LEGACY_OF_KAIN_SOUL_REAVER_US}, > {"SLES02470" , MEDAL_OF_HONOR_EU}, > {"SLUS00974" , MEDAL_OF_HONOR_US}, > {"SCES00311" , MEDIEVIL_EU}, > {"SCUS94227" , MEDIEVIL_US}, > {"SLES01485" , MEGA_MAM_LEGENDS_EU}, > {"SLPS01141" , MEGA_MAM_LEGENDS_JP}, > {"SLUS00603" , MEGA_MAM_LEGENDS_US}, > {"SLES01370" , METAL_GEAR_SOLID_DISC_1_EU}, > {"SLPM86114" , METAL_GEAR_SOLID_DISC_1_JP}, > {"SLUS00594" , METAL_GEAR_SOLID_DISC_1_US}, > {"SLES11370" , METAL_GEAR_SOLID_DISC_2_EU}, > {"SLPM86115" , METAL_GEAR_SOLID_DISC_2_JP}, > {"SLUS00776" , METAL_GEAR_SOLID_DISC_2_US}, > {"SCES02771" , MR_DRILLER_EU}, > {"SLPS03336" , MR_DRILLER_G_JP}, > {"SLPS02600" , MR_DRILLER_JP}, > {"SLUS01111" , MR_DRILLER_US}, > {"SLES00664" , ODDWORLD_ABES_ODDYSEE_EU}, > {"SLUS00190" , ODDWORLD_ABES_ODDYSEE_US}, > {"SLPS02122" , PACAPACA_PASSION_JP}, > {"SCUS94183" , PARAPPA_THE_RAPPER_US}, > {"SLPS01230" , PARASITE_EVE_DISC_1_JP}, > {"SLUS00662" , PARASITE_EVE_DISC_1_US}, > {"SLPS01231" , PARASITE_EVE_DISC_2_JP}, > {"SLUS00668" , PARASITE_EVE_DISC_2_US}, > {"SLPS00500" , PERSONA_JP}, > {"SLUS00339" , PERSONA_US}, > {"SLPS00678" , RAY_STORM_JP}, > {"SLUS00005" , RAYMAN_US}, > {"SLES00969" , RESIDENT_EVIL_EU}, > {"SLPS00998" , RESIDENT_EVIL_JP}, > {"SLUS00747" , RESIDENT_EVIL_US}, > {"SCES00001" , RIDGE_RACER_EU}, > {"SLPS00001" , RIDGE_RACER_JP}, > {"SCUS94300" , RIDGE_RACER_US}, > {"SCES01706" , RIDGE_RACER_TYPE_4_EU}, > {"SLPS01800" , RIDGE_RACER_TYPE_4_JP}, > {"SLUS00797" , RIDGE_RACER_TYPE_4_US}, > {"SLPS00898" , SAGAFRONTIER_JP}, > {"SLES01514" , SILENT_HILL_EU}, > {"SLPM86192" , SILENT_HILL_JP}, > {"SLUS00707" , SILENT_HILL_US}, > {"SLUS01131" , SPEC_OPS_STEALTH_PATROL_US}, > {"SLUS00821" , STREET_FIGHTER_ALPHA_3_US}, > {"SLES00939" , STREET_FIGHTER_EX_PLUS_EU}, > {"SLPM86041" , STREET_FIGHTER_EX_PLUS_JP}, > {"SLUS00548" , STREET_FIGHTER_EX_PLUS_US}, > {"SLES00527" , SUIKODEN_EU}, > {"SLPS00097" , SUIKODEN_JP}, > {"SLUS00292" , SUIKODEN_US}, > {"SLUS00418" , SUPER_PUZZLE_FIGHTER_2_TURBO_US}, > {"SLPS00611" , SUPER_PUZZLE_FIGHTER_2_X_JP}, > {"SCUS94240" , SYPHON_FILTER_US}, > {"SCES01237" , TEKKEN3_EU}, > {"SLPS01300" , TEKKEN3_JP}, > {"SLES01136" , TOM_CLANCYS_RAINBOW_SIX_EU}, > {"SLES00718" , TOMB_RAIDER_2_EU}, > {"SLPS01200" , TOMB_RAIDER_2_JP}, > {"SLUS00437" , TOMB_RAIDER_2_US}, > {"SLES00024" , TOMB_RAIDER_EU}, > {"SLPS00617" , TOMB_RAIDER_JP}, > {"SLUS00152" , TOMB_RAIDER_US}, > {"SLPS01144" , TOMBA_JP}, > {"SCUS94236" , TOMBA_US}, > {"SLES02055" , TONY_HAWK_SKATE_BOARDING_EU}, > {"SLES02908" , TONY_HAWKS_PRO_SKATER_2_EU}, > {"SLUS01066" , TONY_HAWKS_PRO_SKATER_2_US}, > {"SCES00002" , TOSHINDEN_EU}, > {"SLPS00025" , TOSHINDEN_JP}, > {"SCUS94200" , TOSHINDEN_US}, > {"SCUS94304" , TWISTED_METAL_US}, > {"SLES02754" , VAGRANT_STORY_EU}, > {"SLUS01040" , VAGRANT_STORY_US}, > {"SCPS10089" , WILD_ARMS_2_DISC_1_JP}, > {"SCPS10090" , WILD_ARMS_2_DISC_2_JP}, > {"SCPS10028" , WILD_ARMS_JP}, > {"SCUS94608" , WILD_ARMS_US}, > {"SLPS00750" , XEVIOUS_3D_G_JP}, > {"SLUS00461" , XEVIOUS_3D_G_US}, > {"SCES01312" , XI_EU}, > {"SCPS10051" , XI_JP}, Source
  11. The PlayStation Classic has been out for two days and already many hardware tinkerers have played with the console and gotten it to do stuff that it technically wasn't meant to do, this one however has nothing to do with messing about with the hardware, but rather by plugging in a USB keyboard:
  12. GregoryRasputin

    Make Your Own PlayStation Classic

    The more and more i see this stupid device that Sony is fooling people into buying, the more pissed off i get, not only have they used an open source Emulator instead of creating their own, or utilising the one from the PS Vita, they have used a SoC that everyone seems to be laughing at, in my opinion the hardware is decent enough, but EVERYTHING else is a let down, here is a small list of fails: Mixing NTSC and PAL games. Having a bunch of games that are nothing special. The price. No DualShock controllers. I probably could find more to point out, but that is not what this thread is about, this thread is to inform you that you can make your own PlayStation Classic that will be far better, cheaper and will let you use DualShock controllers, i will list a few examples below, from budget to higher range, all will be superior to Sony's quick cash grab, btw i will be attempting one of these myself and i am a complete n00b when it comes to soldering and i think i will manage fine when it comes to applying the solder: Budget Build Broken PS1 - £10 PS1 Controller - £7 or PS1 DualShock - £10 x2 £14 or £20 PlayStation 2 Controller USB Adapter - £3 Raspberry Pi - £35 Premium Build Broken PS1 - £10 PS1 Controller - £7 or PS1 DualShock - £10 x2 £14 or £20 PlayStation 2 Controller USB Adapter - £3 ROCK64 - £68 Both builds involve soldering wires from the PlayStation 2 Controller USB Adapter, to the controller port board on the PlayStation 1, it is probably tricky if you have never soldered before, but manageable. You will also need memory cards and power supplies for both builds, unless you are super handy with electronics and can use the PlayStation 1's power supply to both power the device and turn it off and on. This is what one could achieve:
  13. GregoryRasputin

    Release: BwE PS4 NOR Validator

    I love everyone
  14. GregoryRasputin

    Release: BwE PS4 NOR Validator

    Awesome work, thanks for posting. I removed the links to PSXAIDS as they don't fit with the thread, why should one be redircted to a scene website trash when they can get those links here
  15. This is the sexiness i was looking for, the PlayStation Classic ripped apart to see what was on the inside and Eurogamer have come through with the goods, below will be a basic outline of the specifications of the board: Processor - Quad Core ARM Cortex A35 running at 1.5GHz Graphics - PowerVR GE8300 Ram - 1GB DDR3 Storage - 16GB eMMC Ports - 2 X USB, 1 X HDMI, 1 X micro USB Source