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  1. First i want to state that i have zero problem with people selling hacked consoles on eBay, i think that we should be able to sell modded consoles and chipped consoles on eBay or wherever, what i am against is people selling hacked consoles at an inflated price, just because they have a bunch of pirated games included, this causes harm to the scene as can been seen in the case that Sony recently took against a guy from California Blackcloak13 who's real name is Eric David Scales has been taken to court by Sony Interactive Entertainment(SIE), for selling a 'Jailbroken' PS4 loaded with 60+ games for $499, an agent of SIE bought the console in April 2018 found that the harddrive was filled with 60+ pirated games, SIE then bought another PS4 from Blackcloak13 in June 2018, this console was on firmware 5.05 and also had a bunch of pirated games, here is a few quotes from the legal document: You can download the PDF and read more at the source: Sony Sues ‘Jailbroken’ PS4 Seller for Copyright Infringement Thanks Roxanne for the tip, wish you were a member of the forum so i could mention you.
  2. A recently published or republished patent by Sony titled "Remastering by emulation" has managed to causes rumours and speculation that the PlayStation 5(PS5) will have Backward Compatibility, here is some information: I am not sure that this patent has anything to do with Backwards Compatibility in the traditional sense, where you stick a disc on a previous console in the new console and it plays, this seems to me to be something similar to how PS2 games are played on the PS4 at present, the game is packed with higher resolution textures and an emulator.(Check edit) I would love to see the PS5 able to play games from all the previous PlayStation's, however i do not think Sony would commit itself to such a task, instead they will just keep re-releasing old games with higher textures that can look decent on a 1080p+ TV as well as adding trophies, i really do not think we will ever see any future consoles from Sony having Backward Compatibility. I have added a poll, participate in it Here is the patent Thanks @zecoxao EDIT I have been corrected by developer @Zer0xFF on the line i have put a strike through above, this is what he said:
  3. GregoryRasputin

    Learn From And Contribute To The Console Developer Wiki's

    You can't sign up, i have to sign you up Ill leave you a password on Discord
  4. If you read this link, you will know that the PS Dev Wiki grew and added PS1 and PS2 Wiki's, the Wiki's were spread all over different URLs, so i decided to put them all under one roof(minus PS3 and PS4 Wiki's), which is why i created this thread to inform you of the changes in links to the Wiki's: PlayStation Dev Wiki - Main Site/Portal This is the main page for the Wiki's, the portal to all the other ones, it also contains useful links to various places of PlayStation help, such as forums, Discord and IRC, this is the one you want to stick in your bookmarks bar, visit it: here PS1 Dev Wiki Created in June 2018, official opened in August 2018, this Wiki will be the hardest Wiki to fill, a lot of the old PS1 dedicated websites are long gone and there is no record of them anywhere, just fragments of a scene long forgotten in the past, but it will be a project worth undertaking, i hope some of you fossils that were around in those days will be able to contribute, if you want to help you can do it: here PS2 Dev Wiki This Wiki was created and opened on the same days as the PS1 Dev Wiki, however this Wiki will be easier to fill and contribute to, as the PS2 scene is still very much alive, feel free to add what you can: here PSP Dev Wiki This Wiki was created in June 2017 at the request of @Mathieulh, the PSP scene was a great scene when it was alive, even though that scene is a shadow of itself, it still is spilling secrets, anyone with new or old information can add it: here PS3 Dev Wiki This one is currently the , oldest, biggest and most complete, various developers have been contributing to it over the years, but it has bits missing that needs adding, you can help by contributing: here PS Vita Dev Wiki This one has a decent amount of content, but lacks the passion of the PS3 Wiki, perhaps Vita scene developers think as lowly of this console as Sony does If you have anything to add, please feel free to do so: here PS4 Dev Wiki This is the newest console wiki, it has a decent amount of content and with all the latest information released, it should be full of new stuff, to help contribute or even educate yourself, do so: here PS VR If you are interested in PlayStation VR, you can check out the Wiki dedicated to it, or if you have one or plan to get one, you can contribute: here Note The PS3 and PS4 Dev Wiki are hosted on a different server and owned by different people, but we are still a family and collaborate, having many of the same admins and editors, such as @sandungas, @Ada, @Mathieulh, @euss, @zecoxao and the beautiful Roxanne(who still hasn't joined the forum ) . If you need Wiki help, join Discord: PS Dev Wiki Discord PlayStationHaX Discord
  5. GregoryRasputin

    PlayStation Classic Revealed

    You all have seen the NES Mini, SNES Mini, C64 Mini, Neo-Geo Mini and the announced Mega Drive Mini and the rumoured N64 Mini, now it is Sony's turn, today they announced the PlayStation Classic: The Classic console of course is a lot smaller than the original PS1 console, comes with the original style control pads and even has a instruction manual that resembles the original, the buttons even work: Power - Turn on the console Reset - Suspends the game Open - Changes virtual game Sony have stated that the console will come with 20 games, but so far have only shown 5: Final Fantasy VII Jumping Flash Ridge Racer Type 4 Tekken 3 Wild Arms The console will be released on the 3rd of December 2018 and will cost: $99.99 US $129.99 CAD £89.99 €99.99 Here are videos from their respective regions: North America Europe Official Websites North America Europe
  6. The PlayStation scene has a nice selection of archived firmware sites, yesterday as i was browsing Reddit i found a new site, it has PSP, PS3, PS Vita and PS4 firmware's: It also has other goodies such as a backup of the now defunct gitorious.ps3dev.net and various homebrews and CFW's. Archive Website Source
  7. GregoryRasputin

    [Released] OpenBOR PLUS v1.200

    It is no secret that the PS3 scene is my favourite console scene and nothing makes me more happy than when something new is released or ported for it, such as today's release OpenBOR PLUS, here is some information on what this homebrew is: Download Official Forum
  8. Call of Duty: Black Ops III (BO3) PS4 1.26 ELF Aimbot & Loader Tool 1.26 Download
  9. GregoryRasputin

    Release: BwE PS4 WiFi/BT Patcher & Extractor v1.00

    It's only for x64.
  10. GregoryRasputin

    The Ultimate PS4 Hacking F.A.Q - #PS4Hen

    I need to completely redo this guide, to fit more in line with firmware 5.05, so many things to do though.
  11. GregoryRasputin

    The Ultimate PS4 Hacking F.A.Q - #PS4Hen

    My personal opinion is that you should buy a console with 5.05, people are only speculating that 5.55 will be released when 6.0 is released.
  12. GregoryRasputin

    PSA: Be Aware Of These Fake Devs And Scammers

    I accepted the invite as i am always posting about scammers and fakes, so if i can contribute to a website dedicated to calling these people out that's all great, however: The whole PSXHaX does throw me off, how can a dishonest website be used to contribute to a website calling out fake websites and scammers, perhaps we need to inform or remind Al Azif how much of a bad site it is and why it shouldn't be asked to take part.