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  1. So as most of you know, the PS3 Scene just recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the PS3 being hacked/jailbroken, many, many things have happened in that short year, many changes and break throughs, i have two reasons for creating such a FAQ, the obvious being all the changes, PS3 owners just getting into the scene, need help and guidance, i also seen a failed attempt at a F.A.Q on another site and i thought that mistake needed to be rectified, with a proper F.A.Q (Q) Why Would I Hack/Jailbreak My PS3 ? (A) Hacking your PS3, gives you so many new option’s, you will be a
  2. The PS Vita competition KyûHEN has been running for almost a month and has recieved some great submissions, below I will list each one: Utility * hbRedirect by @Rinnegatamante - Redirect ux0 usage to other partitions. * Vita Homebrew Sorter by @joel16- Sorts the the application database in your LiveArea. * Mac Address Spoofer by Princess of Sleeping - Allows you to spoof your mac address. * DS4Ambi by Sarcastic cat - Change the colours on your DualShock 4 Light Bar. Video Recorder by @Rinnegatamante- Record your PS Vita gameplay. * reSaved
  3. I am sure most of you in the console hacking scene know the name garyOPA, he was an admin and ran well known PlayStation scene site PSX-Scene, he moved on to the dishonestly aqquired PS3Crunch as well as keeping close ties with the well known scene site Maxconsole. Well Gary is now sitting in a prison in USA awaiting trial for distributing piracy devices and is being sued by Nintendo over SX Pro and SX OS, Nintendo is looking $2,500 for each piracy device sold as well as $150,000 for each copyright violation, this is a multi million dollar lawsuit. You can read the
  4. @TheDarkprogramerhas released a new homebrew application today, this one is called PS4 Tools Homebrew. The application includes: PKG Functions Read System Info Trophy Util Open Save Data View the source to download and find an explanation of what each function listed above does: https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PS4_Tools/releases/tag/Brew Follow TheDarkprogramer here: https://twitter.com/thedarkprogr
  5. @TheDarkprogramerhas released a new application, this one allows you to view your trophies on a computer. Download https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PS4_Tools/releases/tag/trp2 Follow TheDarkprogramer here: https://twitter.com/thedarkprogr
  6. Sony have revealed that they are working on a new VR system for the PS5, this will please PlayStation VR fanatics such as @centrinoand @DEFAULTDNB . There are not a lot of details, apart from a mention that it will connect to the PS5 via a single cord and will come with a VR controller that will utilise some DualSense features. More info can be found here: https://blog.playstation.com/2021/02/23/introducing-the-next-generation-of-vr-on-playstation
  7. Getting news on time is a bit of a rarity for me these days and I am not going to disappoint with this one A few days ago @TheDarkprogramerreleased a new application that allows you to unlock your PS4 trophies. You can follow a tutorial on how to use it here: @TheDarkprogramerhas updated his Trophy unlocking application to version 1.1 v1.2 This will no longer delete you're current game.(Thanks to @AngelDavil88_v2 for this info) Auto Patch( App_VER and other SFO goodies) 3 Methods via Settings (FTP/P
  8. Yesterday I posted some images of a device that @LightningMods_has created for the PS4 known as E4, the images can be viewed here: https://gregoryrasputin.net/some-images-of-the-ps4e4/ A lot of people have been asking me questions regarding the device and whilst I am able to give people a rough idea of what it is and does, I am not quite qualified to give a full explanation on it, so below you will see a Q&A I did wih LightningMods regarding this device, I hope you find it helpful. Hi LightningMods. As you know I posted the images of your E4 d
  9. One of the greatest handheld gaming devices for the console hacking scene will be soon be ten years old, in that time we have a lot of fun and excitement, we have had the fun PSP related hacks and then we have had the awesome native hacks such as Rejuvenate and HENkaku, each of these hacks gave much love and opportunity to a handheld that Sony had abandoned. Since the native hacks were released we have had two great homebrew competitions and we are about to have another one where you will be able to win lots of cash prizes. This competition created is called K
  10. I feel really fucking dumb for having to actually write this topic, but since @RoxanneTweeted something about PS4 firmware 8.03 yesterday, people have been hyping it up as she has a WebKit exploit for firmware 8.03, this is NOT the case Here is the Tweet Roxanne posted: It has 172 likes, this is because most people assume that it is WebKit exploit related, it has four quote tweets each assuming it is WebKit exploit related, it has replies assuming that it is WebKit exploit related, but that is not the worst. In a now deleted article, well
  11. It is only six months since TheFlow disclosed the last big Kernel Exploit and now he has done it again, this one works with firmware 7.55, this exploit was reported to Sony just 20 days after he disclosed the last one in June. The last exploit was fully disclosed, this one only partially. With fully disclosed you get the full contents of the exploit, with partial you only get the summary and timeline and not the actual contents of the exploit, will this be fully disclosed through time? Your guess is as good as mine... More info can be found here:
  12. Developer khubik has released Baryon Sweeper a piece of software that helps you to unbrick your PSP 3000. You can find the download along with description on how to use it here: https://www.pspx.ru/forum/showpost.php?p=1229948 Here is a tutorial on how to make a JigKick Memory Card https://www.pspx.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=111112 Also don't forget there is a PSP Dev Wiki https://playstationdev.wiki/pspdevwiki/index.php?title=Main_Page Any and all contributions are welcomed.
  13. You should check out the latest RetroArch release for PS3.
  14. If you haven't been living in a cave for the past couple of years, then you will know about this horrible virus that has been holding us all hostage. Many places such as UK and Ireland have gone into lockdown, with schools closing and lessons going online, sadly not everyone has a PC or laptop so won't be able to do online lessons, laptops and PC's are expensive, but games consoles can be gotten quite cheap, especially second hand and these can be used to access online learning. Compatible models: Xbox One Xbox One S Xbox One S Digital X
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