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  1. Hmm last one and this current one is being posted by mobile. I believe the guest ones were on PC, I thought I was logged in when posting but then it said enter a nickname or something like that so I just typed in "J16" then it showed up as Guest J16.
  2. No dude it isn't about that, I was simply stating an opinion. Where exactly did you help lol? I did actually respect you at one point when I noticed you were a blogger at hack informer, but then nah. Also a scene member gave me a Twitter link where you made fun of my homebrew, saying it's "hilarious", if that's your way of helping then ok. Anyways I'd rather not cause any drama here, there's already been enough drama in the Vita scene. My bad @GregoryRasputin didn't mean to start anything. Feel free to clean this up mate.
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