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  1. My favourite PSVita homebrew has not been released yet. XD You'll see soon 16
  2. ok but I own a 3.56 min downgradeable CECH PS3 with 4.81 REBUG REX. Could I install 3.55 CFW ?
  3. Thank you for clarification. If people have to choose the best between Ports and Emulators, the current thread is not valid. Indeed, as people currently have to choose 1 emulator AND 1 port, and emulator choice beeing in all cases one of Cpasjuste, you can't really see which is the more appreciated between Cpasjuste's emulators and ZeldaROTH. Regards.
  4. In my case, I put a lot of time and effort by first finding the exploit, then adapting it, then learned programming in LUA, then learned C. I think the aim of an utility program is usefulness, a game is to enjoy, an emulator to play old good games and a plugin to make our use of the Vita better.
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