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  1. Rautz

    NES and Sega Emulators Released For 4.55

    Oh nice one!
  2. Nice one. Ps4 scene has been going off lately.
  3. Rautz

    PSNStuff BDU

    This looks like a great app! I havent had the chance to have a play around with this so apologies if its a silly question but can we(end-users) modify the list/links so we can download homebrew packages from private/public servers?
  4. List of NTSC games, if there is no comment after game then consider it working fine:
  5. Great tutorial @Thibobo! I noticed a typo(disc0.1.iso) on the renaming of the iso to disc01.iso but you have the image in there so shouldnt be an issue if people also use the visual reference you supplied. Only thing you may want to edit will be the naming convention as icon0.png should be 512x512 and is the image you see on PS4UI with the 1920x1080 pic1.png file being the image you see at the game start up. Anyone that wants to use their own png files should note that they need to use 24 bit color depth(RGB) as you'll error out during the build process with a 32 bit depth(RGBA) color scheme. - I use something like pixelformer to do my image conversions. import /drag a jpeg off the net, convert to desired pixel count and click color depth then export to my ps2 folder. as a png file. - 10 second task, if that!
  6. Rautz

    #PS2 Backups Running On #PS4 - #PS4HEN

    Kia Ora @flatz(and anyone else involved) https://twitter.com/flat_z/status/954809279147663362
  7. Rautz

    Happy Birthday Abkarino

    Happy Birthday @Abkarino
  8. Isnt there a button combo to get out of IDU mode?? - In saying that a warning is helpful as I think opening the second option(cant remember what it was called) takes you to IDU section so would be one of the first things someone would click if they are the curious types out that just scroll down and click "X"
  9. Thanks for the great tutorial
  10. Yup, now I can unbox my MGSV edition console. It's been a long but worthwhile wait
  11. Rautz

    RetroArch v1.7.0 Released - Improved PS3 Port

    "Netplay now works. You can netplay between two PS3s, " Yep that is some xmas miracle shit right there.
  12. Rautz

    Merry Christmas From PlayStationHaX

    Merry Xmas guys, hope everyone enjoys the time with their family
  13. Rautz

    Team PS3Xploit To Release Some Awesome PS3 Goodies

    Good to see new developments are still happening for the ps3. its pretty amazing to think the 3.41 dongles are over 7 years old now!
  14. Im just a bit curious to see how many people can get in on the action now that fail0verflow has released info about their exploit.
  15. Rautz

    A Write Up On The First Kernel Exploit For #PS4

    Oh wow this is great news. Will be nice to see what happens over the next month or two.