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  1. therifboy, /dev/mem is your friend
  2. No need to find where is idps file located. It should be in your working directory (in a command prompt you can see it on the left side of ">") if you specify idps file without any drives or directories; if you specify idps file as "X:\foo\bar\idps.bin" then it will be there.
  3. I've added a layer of protection (an obfuscation and anti-debugging tricks) to the program basically because of .ony. It includes a protection of using virtual machines.
  4. Nope, sorry. I've disabled VM support specially.
  5. Cj los santos, if you haven't tried yet, then just try to use this proxy server on your PC, a mobile phone or a tablet. Then try to use it on the PS3 browser.
  6. Well, I don't know how one of you have got a rubbish IDPS, this just can't be because I've only wrote 16 bytes and checks an IDPS (some static bytes and Target ID) before creating or writing a file. Sadly I can't reproduce this situation. Just skip the testing connection step and try to launch "What's New".
  7. Yes, just open it, change the working directory to the program directory (or just specify a full program path) and then specify output file name: C:\Users\HappyUser> C:\Users\HappyUser\Downloads\idpstealer\idpstealer.exe idps.bin
  8. So many people don't read readmes.
  9. Because you need to open a command line and pass the IDPS file as an argument to it. It will write an IDPS into that file.
  10. It seems the problem with displaying of a page is related to the PSN DDoS.
  11. I think it should work on Vita and on PSP too but both of them have a different key which I don't know. That's why my tool ignores them.
  12. Please report if the tool works or not for you because we need some more testing.
  13. Yes, of course. Open the command line, then change the working directory to the program directory and run it with an additional argument for an output file.
  14. Have you read a readme file? I think you have missed a file argument.
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