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  1. flatz

    DECR CP memory (240 MB)

    therifboy, /dev/mem is your friend
  2. flatz

    [Release] idpstealer, by flatz

    No need to find where is idps file located. It should be in your working directory (in a command prompt you can see it on the left side of ">") if you specify idps file without any drives or directories; if you specify idps file as "X:\foo\bar\idps.bin" then it will be there.
  3. flatz

    [Release] idpstealer, by flatz

    I've added a layer of protection (an obfuscation and anti-debugging tricks) to the program basically because of .ony. It includes a protection of using virtual machines.
  4. flatz

    [Release] idpstealer, by flatz

    Nope, sorry. I've disabled VM support specially.
  5. flatz

    [Release] idpstealer, by flatz

    Cj los santos, if you haven't tried yet, then just try to use this proxy server on your PC, a mobile phone or a tablet. Then try to use it on the PS3 browser.
  6. flatz

    [Release] idpstealer, by flatz

    Well, I don't know how one of you have got a rubbish IDPS, this just can't be because I've only wrote 16 bytes and checks an IDPS (some static bytes and Target ID) before creating or writing a file. Sadly I can't reproduce this situation. Just skip the testing connection step and try to launch "What's New".
  7. flatz

    [Release] idpstealer, by flatz

    Yes, just open it, change the working directory to the program directory (or just specify a full program path) and then specify output file name: C:\Users\HappyUser> C:\Users\HappyUser\Downloads\idpstealer\idpstealer.exe idps.bin
  8. flatz

    [Release] idpstealer, by flatz

    So many people don't read readmes.
  9. flatz

    [Release] idpstealer, by flatz

    Because you need to open a command line and pass the IDPS file as an argument to it. It will write an IDPS into that file.
  10. flatz

    [Release] idpstealer, by flatz

    It seems the problem with displaying of a page is related to the PSN DDoS.
  11. flatz

    [Release] idpstealer, by flatz

    I think it should work on Vita and on PSP too but both of them have a different key which I don't know. That's why my tool ignores them.
  12. flatz

    [Release] idpstealer, by flatz

    Please report if the tool works or not for you because we need some more testing.
  13. flatz

    [Release] idpstealer, by flatz

    Yes, of course. Open the command line, then change the working directory to the program directory and run it with an additional argument for an output file.
  14. flatz

    [Release] idpstealer, by flatz

    Have you read a readme file? I think you have missed a file argument.