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  1. A Blu-Play Discord server has been created. Feel free to drop by. https://discord.gg/qeQbMd
  2. hmkay.... I think it'll be more important to people to be able to move forward + left/right at the same time though.
  3. Really? It's supposed to fill the whole screen? Here it's just rendered in the top left corner. Both on PS3 and a standard blu-ray player I tested on. But if you use a smaller resolution you'll get a higher framerate too. And higher framerates are always good. You don't have to remove forward movement from the UP button just because you also put it on a shoulder button. Alternatively, you could add a way to redefine controls, like I've done in Ukko's Journey.
  4. Holy moly!!! This is really impressive!!! I did not expect it to run this smoothly at all! This is looking very promising indeed! Tested on PS3. You should be able to setSize(720, 480) instead of 1920x1080 in order to fill more of the screen. Consider using L1 or R1 for forward, so you can press L1 + LEFT/RIGHT to move forward and left/right at the same time. Sadly, the gamepad doesn't allow us to press UP+LEFT/RIGHT at the same time in blu-ray mode. But any other buttons can be pressed and held fine. This is one of the annoying limitations of Blu-Play. And it's even worse on Xbox One. For "The UFO Game!" I added shoulder buttons for UP+LEFT, UP+RIGHT, DOWN+LEFT, DOWN+RIGHT - all firing at the same time. Do you need/want help with audio? I can look into creating an m2ts file with the music, and a sound.bdmv file with the sound effects.
  5. Interesting project. I will link to it on blu-play.com
  6. Ok, so the PS4 gives about 32 megapixels to the Xlet - twice as much as the specs dictate. It would be interesting to see what normal players will do. It could be that 32 megapixels is an unwritten standard nowadays. Keep in mind the original BD-J specs are nearly 20 years old now.
  7. Nice find! It is not a hack though. BD-J specification states that players have minimum 11.9 megapixels of memory (for non-networked players). And 16.1 megapixels for networked players (BD-Live players). This does not mean some players can't have more though. Likewise, BD-J specification states that a JAR should be max 4 mb in size. But again, this doesn't mean some players doesn't accept bigger jars. Those are merely minimal requirements for manufacturers to follow. Your findings is a great example though, showing that the PS4 console (and probably PS3 too) have much greater potential than your average blu-ray player. It would seem that the BD-J Xlet use the same memory as everything else on the console. If so, the sky is the limit, which is awesome of course. It would be interesting to see how many images you can create. What happens if you try with 100? 200?
  8. Yea, there's lots of useful help at that archived markmail forum. Looking forward to see what you're brewing.
  9. The L1, L2, R1 and R2 buttons work as NEXT TRACK, PREVIOUS TRACK, FAST FORWARD and REWIND. But an Xlet can capture those buttons too. You just need two steps: First: The BDJO file 00000.bdjo in the BDJO folder contains a lot of attributes relating to the JAR file. The HD Cookbook project contains a jar app you can use to convert the BDJO file into an XML file for editing, and convert back again. https://github.com/oliverlietz/bd-j/tree/master/DiscCreationTools/net.java.bd.tools.bdjo java -jar bdjo.jar 00000.bdjo 00000.xml Edit the XML in your favorite text editor. Look for a tag named keyInterestTable. For "The UFO Game!" it looks like this: <keyInterestTable>0xffe00000</keyInterestTable> This value indicates which buttons the Xlet should be able to use. PLAY = 0x80000000; STOP = 0x40000000; FAST_FWD = 0x20000000; REWIND = 0x10000000; TRACK_NEXT = 0x08000000; TRACK_PREV = 0x04000000; PAUSE = 0x02000000; STILL_OFF = 0x01000000; SECONDARY_AUDIO_ENABLE_DISABLE = 0x00800000; SECONDARY_VIDEO_ENABLE_DISABLE = 0x00400000; PG_TEXTST_ENABLE_DISABLE = 0x00200000; Add them all up, and you get 0xffe00000. Save and convert the XML back to a BDJO file: java -jar bdjo.jar 00000.xml 00000.bdjo Here's a bdjo file from the Minimal SDK where I changed the value for you. https://www.blu-play.com/00000.bdjo Then: In your Xlet code, you need to create a UserEventRepository, and add keys you want to use. org.dvb.event.UserEventRepository rep = new org.dvb.event.UserEventRepository("SomeNameForYourRepository-DoesntReallyMatterWhat"); rep.addAllArrowKeys(); // All dpad buttons rep.addKey(org.havi.ui.event.HRcEvent.VK_ENTER); // Cross rep.addKey(org.bluray.ui.event.HRcEvent.VK_POPUP_MENU); // Square rep.addKey(org.bluray.ui.event.HRcEvent.VK_PAUSE); // Circle (but only works with Dualshock 4) rep.addKey(org.bluray.ui.event.HRcEvent.VK_TRACK_NEXT); // R1 rep.addKey(org.bluray.ui.event.HRcEvent.VK_TRACK_PREV); // L1 rep.addKey(org.bluray.ui.event.HRcEvent.VK_FAST_FWD); // R2 rep.addKey(org.bluray.ui.event.HRcEvent.VK_REWIND); // L2 org.dvb.event.EventManager.getInstance().addUserEventListener(this, rep); Now you should be able to receive these buttons in your Xlet.
  10. Actually, it would be better to create a new thread. Will make it easier for other devs to find answers later. Lots of different questions (and answers) will be good and helpful to this forums users. Please create a new thread. Meanwhile I'll put together an answer for you.
  11. Good to hear! Yea, the blu-play.com site still needs a lot of info. It's a work in progress, among my many other sparetime projects. The (lack of) work on the site reflects the amount of interest I'm seeing. Since you're apparently looking into it, I may add some more info in the near future. Btw, I will recommend you to buy one of those re-writable discs. You can use those forever. It's great for BD-J dev.
  12. I gotta admit I've never used the minimal SDK's myself. But I see that the disc image they include is an AVCHD folder. This is definitely part of the reason why the burned disc isn't working. This goes back to when the PS3 firmware would run BD-J Xlets on an AVCHD folder structure on a USB stick. When burning to a real disc, it can't be AVCHD. But luckily it's fairly easy to turn an AVCHD folder into a Blu-ray folder: The root of the disc must contain the BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders. Not the AVCHD folder. And then rename two files: INDEX.BDM should be renamed to index.bdmv MOVIEOBJ.BDM should be renamed to MovieObject.bdmv And that should be it really. Just put the 00000.jar file into the JAR folder. Remember to burn with UDF 2.5 filesystem.
  13. A webversion of "The UFO Game!" is now online here: https://www.blu-play.com/online/TheUFOGame That means you can play it in a browser on your PC / Mac / Linux now. It does also technically run on phones and tablets, but since I haven't added touch-input yet, you won't be able to control anything. The webversion was made possible because of another little project I've been working on every now and then, called sMIDP2lib. In short, sMIDP2lib is a kind of translation layer that allows me to use J2ME MIDP methods on other platforms. "The UFO Game!" could be ported to web relatively fast because I made sMIDP2lib for Javascript, just as "Ukkos Journey" was ported to Blu-ray relatively because I made sMIDP2lib for Blu-ray. I may look into a web port of "Ukko's Journey" too in the future. But the best part of course is, that any future Blu-Play game project is relative easy to port to web. That just makes it even more interesting to make a Blu-Play project.
  14. Another option is Blu-ray Disc Java. https://www.blu-play.com Doesn't require a jailbroken device to run. If you want to go with web, you shouldn't expect framerates higher than 2-4 fps.
  15. Here's a "longplay" video of the game being completed. ?
  16. Hi Shiro I'm not sure if you mean before or after release. There were a few local betatesters before release of course. After release, someone made this video showing how to run it from USB with webMAN.
  17. LuBlu Entertainment gives you another homebrew Blu-Play game for your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4: "The UFO Game!" Strongly inspired by the 38 year old game "Satellite Attack" for the Philips Videopac G7000. (Called "UFO!" for the Magnavox Odyssey2), "The UFO Game!" can be considered a kind of remake. Download the ISO from https://www.blu-play.com/games Burn the ISO to a BD-R or BD-RE. Or - if you're running MultiMAN or WebMAN; copy the ISO to the BDISO folder and run from there. You also have the option of buying a physical copy in one of two variants: The budget version for €5, or the Collectors Edition for €12. Both prices includes shipping. The story so far Year 2079, 12 years after The Big Exposure: An underground organisation known as "The Superhero Network" (TSN) revealed to the world, that all the big wars on earth for the past century were in fact secretly started by the acknowledged peacekeepers on the planet, rather than the minority groups who were always blamed instead, on the major news outlets. The revelation wasn't exactly a shocker though. Most people had known for decades really, but just chose to ignore it because they couldn't *really* believe it. And even if it was true - what were they to do about it anyway? With The Big Exposure, TSN had presented the whole world with indisputable evidence. There was no longer any doubt. Everyone knew the truth now, and TSN quickly gained worldwide acknowledgement and popularity. The so-called peacekeepers got the nickname "The Invaders", because of their invasive actions on the world: Spying on the public with satellites and space-drones, and using them to invade innocent foreign countries to gain even more power and control. TSN has been in open war against The Invaders ever since the exposure. The Invaders are few in numbers, but they're all rich and powerful: They have all the latest tech and all the latest weapons. The Superhero Network in turn outnumbers The Invaders by at least a million people, but they still lack funding, and is therefor forced to use old outdated tech that doesn't get enough service checks. Having a rather strong passion for justice, you recently signed up to The Superhero Network offering your skills as a Defence Vessel pilot. A Defence Vessel is a one-man space-pod, created by members of TSN in the early days of the war. It is designed to be used for destroying spy satellites and space-drones owned by The Invaders. So there you are, in space, behind the control panel of your assigned Defence Vessel, ready to shoot down some spy satellites and drones - but then you discover that the gun controls are broke: Your gun is stuck in a one-way rotation! Oh no! Something also appears to be wrong with the navigational system. Some directional buttons seems to only work one at a time! In fact, the only thing that seems to be working alright on this thing is the shield! But even in working condition the shield has its limits too. You're a rather skilled Defence Vessel pilot, but this isn't quite what you signed up for. Unfortunately it's too late to back out now. You have no choice but to do the best you can and hope to survive this thing... Interested in making your own Blu-Play game? Then visit https://www.blu-play.com/developer/getting-started
  18. Very nice! I've been away for a few months. Seems this forum is where all the homebrew gets covered. ?
  19. It's great to see all these homebrew releases lately. Especially when so nicely executed. The only thing that could make them better, would be to include online highscores, to have the scene compete. ?
  20. While chatting about BD-J development on IRC, someone gave me this link: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&amp;tl=en&amp;u=bu-nyan.m.to%2FBD-J%2Fbdj.htm Contains a lot of older BD-J homebrew, along with the NES emulator we saw on YouTube videos many years ago.
  21. So I got my hands on a Sony BDP-S3700 blu-ray player, and borrowed a DualShock 4 v1 from a mate. Yup, it works fine. I can use the DualShock 4 v1 to control Blu-Play games. BUT: Only one button at a time. ? So not a whole lot more useful than a remote control. That doesn't mean it's useless. Just means it has to be a certain type of game, like Ukko's Journey; one that requires you to press buttons many times, rather than holding multiple buttons at the same time.
  22. It's been 2 years already since Blu-Play was born. I can't believe how fast time flies. (Standard opening to all of my posts). The whole idea with the Blu-Play label was to make more homebrew game developers interested in Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J), so we'd see more BD-J homebrew. I ported "Ukko's Journey" to BD-J to disprove a lot of false claims seen here and there online, and to show everyone that BD-J is perfectly capable as a homebrew gamedev platform. And it had an effect. During the past 2 years, I saw a LOT of interest from developers, curiously asking lots of questions about the possibilities, first doubting that it was really true that you could target all 3 consoles simply by using Java. But once I got them convinced, they eagerly expressed a lot of interest. ? To help out developers interested in BD-J homebrew games, I have now created some developer pages on Blu-Play.com On these pages you can find information on how to get started, various tips'n'tricks and other useful info. It's still a work in progress but I thought I'd let you know it's there now. (It's assumed you know basic Java - you won't find a Java tutorial there). Developers are also much welcome at channel #blu-play on Freenode for a chat. The more the merrier, as they say. See ya there! ?
  23. Nice! That's some grade A homebrew right there! Are there any website anywhere that lists PS4 homebrew like this? Similar to what the Vita users have here: http://devdavisnunez.x10.mx/wikihb/?home
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