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  1. Is there anyone out there who's interested in doing some Twitch streams of Blu-Play games? :-) Could probably boost the interest among devs.
  2. Any news? Is the project ready to be added to the Games section at blu-play.com yet? 🙂
  3. Very impressive! I'm puzzled how it can result in such a speed difference, by placing the WAD outside the jar. I would have expected it to be faster if it was inside the jar.
  4. Gotta be honest and admit that I didn't even know Doom had a multiplayer mode. Is it one-on-one then, or is it teamwork against the enemy? 🙂 Something tells me I'll be spending a lot of time with this game when the Blu-Play port is complete.
  5. Let me know when everything is complete and ready to be added to the Games page at Blu-Play.com 🙂 And feel free to add the Blu-Play logo somewhere. https://www.blu-play.com/logo.svg
  6. Yea, sounds fairly simple. But a relay server? Isn't that usually one of the clients? Is such a server also included in the Blu-Play port?
  7. I'll have to experiment with separate sound files. The main reason I went with a sound.bdmv file, was because that archived discussion forum at Markmail.org advised it. Most people seemed to have trouble getting sound working in other ways, and the JMF was also recommended for having more options such as panning and volume setting, which HSound doesn't have. The Player object does as a stop() method. Regarding music: Why not just use a video with an mp3 file? Would be a lot easier. And although you can play simultaneous sounds, I seriously doubt it'll work with that many simultaneous sounds. You're basically talking about a MOD/MIDI player lib. And that would definitely be impressive. Network: Is anyone else still playing Doom anymore? 🙂 I think IPX would probably be overkill. Maybe as a final step when everything else is done, if you're still missing a challenge at that time?
  8. Indeed yes! Couldn't test on the PS3 right now, but even on my standard Sony Blu-ray player, multiple sounds are playing at the same time! Well done! I guess HSound is the key. I've been using a sound.bdmv for my projects so far and loaded the sounds with a Player. Must try out HSound next time!! Again: Really impressive work! What's next? Is it complete now? I never really got to play Doom back in the day. But I think I'm gonna start when this port is done. 😄
  9. Does that mean the download binary contains sound effects now? 🙂
  10. How did you create your sound.bdmv file? I used a tool from the HD Cook Book to do it. Basically it just takes a bunch of wav files as parameters to generate the file. Maybe you created a sound.bdmv that is too big? Or doesn't contain 48Khz wavs? From the Markmail site:
  11. Here's the code I use to load from sound.bdmv in Ukko's Journey. So that should work for you too. Note though, that VLC and Kodi doesn't handle this yet. So you can't hear anything if testing with one of those. private javax.media.Player load(String number) { try { org.bluray.net.BDLocator bdl = new org.bluray.net.BDLocator("bd://SOUND:" + number); org.davic.media.MediaLocator ml = new org.davic.media.MediaLocator(bdl); return javax.media.Manager.createPlayer(ml); } catch (Exception e) { return null; } }
  12. I was just recording a video myself when you posted this. 🙂 Gonna upload soon.
  13. It's awesome that you're so active with this project. The only thing your updates needs are photos. 🙂 Or maybe even videos. I may create some later.
  14. New link https://discord.gg/7bkeJEP
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