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  1. Hey. Nice to see that someone interested about this project yes, its like the NANDway Board (1x 100nF and 1x 10µF). Its not important which capacitor is C1 and C2 (they are parallel). You mean how the form at elecrow should be filled? yes, its like the NANDway Boards.
  2. yes. the connector is not easy. I use a big, flat solder tip (Weller LT BB) and some Flux. I try to solder as short as possible :)
  3. Teensy adapter Board for NORway with E3-Clip support first of all !!!: This methode is not tested as well as the NANDway adapter PCB. I have not enough test boards to test it with all available NOR-Boards. Chipwelt (our great psXtools Admin ) contribute a JTP-001 (CECH-25xx) board, which i use for my tests. all work perfect (read/write multiple without any problem). On the other hand, GamersRS (the guy who make this awesome tE3nsy logo for me) have test it on some other boards. He tell me, there are some issues with some PS3-fat boards, but maybe he had just a bad E3-Clip connection
  4. V2.1 is now available in the first post. fixed a layout mistake (twisted the 2x4 pin header at the Teensy socket (thank to Th3Knights for the report)) and change the silkscreen. If you have a V2, you can use it without any problem. the V2 use only 2 of 5 lines for RE, but this is not a critical problem.
  5. maybe the button on the Teensy is broken. you can also bring the Teensy with a simple bridge in the bootloader-mode. just bridge the "GND" and "RST" pin behind the button
  6. This problem is only, if you are not logged in. i think this is not a bug
  7. The gerber files are in the zip file, which you can find in the first post. just send this zip file. the PCB-Service should know, what to do with these files
  8. you can find all what you need in the first post. only the link to elecrow ist not up to date. here is the new link: http://www.elecrow.com/10pcs-2-layer-pcb-p-1175.html
  9. yes, this is correct. you just need to solder the parts on the board, like in the tutorial on the first page. On a few of the pictures, you can see also the circuit board from below and his conduction paths.
  10. @Joonie: The MCP1825 ist not powerful enough to power the 3,3V on a CECHA. at the CECHC an CECHG its possible but i use the LM3940 on the Teensy (same pinning as the MCP1825, but cheaper and this Regulator can provide 1A) and a separate 5V to 3,3V / 3A Voltage Regulator with an 5V/3A Power Supply to Power the NANDs. In this projects i use an seperate 3,3V Power Supply (wich you can connect on the DC Connector on the front where previously was the card reader). The first plan was a dual NAND with a Progskeet V1.21 (or V1.1 if the V1.21 dont work). so i create a PCB with the second NAND0 an
  11. nice work @exploit0 but why you have shortcuts between the Pads of the capacitors? some of the circuit path looks different like the paths in my layout, too. If you need a Layout for a PCB Without external Voltage-source, you can also use the pdf below. this was the first version without capacitors, Voltageregulator and two bridges @cfwprophet: its like an ambulance in the rear mirror EDIT: ops, i forgot the pdf Teensy2Clip - Folie.pdf
  12. @exploit0: you can open the project file with Target3001 (the simplest variant of this tool ist free), but below, you find a pdf of the schematic, too Many thanks to those who make the devwiki article. I like to share my work. Its my hobby, not my work, so i dont need to make money with these things mirror Teensy Adapter Platine V2.pdf
  13. i am not shure, but i think the USB Device must work with this sort of NAND flash (or is this standardized and i can use every pin-compatible NAND flash?). A long time ago, i have the same idea too, but no motivation to test this
  14. Teensy adapter Board for NANDway Hey. in the past, i create a simple adapter board to connect the Teensy to a "360-clip NAND Clip" (the classic kind of NAND Clips). It's easier and faster to solder a board than wire the cables, no more problems with cable breaks and a good connection. A english speaking user ask me for a solder tutorial, so I thought on this occasion, i can write directly to the community. Of course, you can find all what you need below to order your own boards. But now the tutorial with some words (the most things should be self-explanatory). What you need: larg
  15. When I Power die 3,3V Line of the PS3, I measure circa 1,5A. according to the psdevwiki its even ~1,8A. i chose die 3A for enough buffer. of course you can make a protoboard solution. my prototype was a flying structure (yes, I not believe myself that this has worked).
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