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  1. That was so what of low dude. Really. You should know me. And if you not able to get the facts strait or ask me before why i may spit out such words about a person then im finally and happily done with everything her. thx for the nice time.
  2. Well i love woman, i have not seen the movie and i wont...cause i don't like Melissa McCarthy and i hate racist Nigger which...the black bitch is ! Only to play in a Movie make a racist person not to a Jesus.
  3. well in main there is no real cirlce ^^ i just eg. did my home work and when i really need to ask something in 10 years or so, then i do it but i show that i did my homework first and the ni don't ask for the solution im asking if im on ther ight way. So some other hint. Google for the basic linux elf header for 64 bit and for the elf documentation for Unix / Linux systems. Read that, check the elf structure, take the last block away and you have the PS4 elf. ^^ Also you may not be able to read the whole kernel cause you may forgetting it is not a PS3 anymore, meaning even if we play games, the OS is still running in background. So you may hitted a offset where code is executed the moment you wnt to read it. Google for the ASM commants for Unix / Linux for interreuption and also give a look into Marcans kernel source for the ps4.
  4. UART do not work on Retail cons even if enabled. That is more a feaure for Dev / Test consoles. And no that is not a full dump. This is only the symbols table, not even the code page of the kernel it self. So it is no wonder that you can't find the offset of the function call within your dump. Sure you can dump future. I have a 32 MB dump of some one else too but that is not the point here... You may should read the kernels data header to get on the complete size of the kernel. And even then it seems you may doing a bit wrong if you only can dumb thoes 15 mb. ^^ I give you a hint....i never heard of 'ps4KernelMemoryCopy'. You do that with basic shit c. it hase nothing to do with it's just that peoples that do trust them each other to a specific point do share some stuff they archived. That is all. And since what happend in past, dude it is no wonder. We get some nice stuff, the next day later the half of it is leaked. So don't put that shit on us. Go put it on the persons that are held for this.
  5. uhm..first i may allowed to ask how 'big' your kernel dump is ? And then the stuff you talk here is already knowen. Please calm down and wait thoes 2 months till NEO and VR is released.
  6. The Dust got that high and big, that the Vita already hase her own magnetic field. XD Well, to the Waninkoko uhh...sry..Henkaku i mean : There is for sure a lot, LOT more possible. They just got onto the right track now. And sure they could give piracy too, but they don't care about the scene's wish for piracy. If the scene want to have their pirated games then some other dev need to come and reverse their work, then go on to patch the shit out of the kernel. Which let me come to the next Theme. Based on how a Linux / Unix system theses days work and also based on the PS4 i can tell you guys without that i even need to give a single look into it that they have a kernel sploit which let them patch some credentials and so also deactivetd the filesystem sandboxing. And no it is not the same situation then before. Even if this sploit do not work on higher FW, they are publicity into the kernel now and they released the bin. So a dev that knows what he is doing can reverse their work and use the ksploit t ogo future. Also he or some one else can use it on lower FW, for sure as long the sploit also exist there. But the main thingy for the Vita is it is no PS4. What does this mean in terms of security? Well, the Vita don't have a SysCon that will brick your device if you flash a backup that is older then a few minutes. There is no MediaCon controlling various other stuff from the Sytem. There is no GPGPU that can run fancy moddern high security tasks, i just say SAMU ;). So sure she might be better secured in terms of kernel. But it does not mean there is no way and also IF you get into the kernel on the Vita it is something totaly diff then for the PS4. Remember, the Vita hase no fancy GPGPU like the PS4 and so also no SAMU. Where on the PS4 if you got into the kernel, it does not allow you to eg dump some really interesting pub keys and some binarys to reverse the algorithm for it, you should be albe to do some hardcore shit on the Vita if you play around with the kernel. Which does still not mean that you can now dump also the LV0 & LV1 to completely hack the Vita publicity without to either have a lv0-sploit &| lv1-sploit or any other way to gain a decrypted binary of them and analyse it. STILL...it is a totally other point for the PS4. But we have the year 2016 now and who the fuck do care about a install able FW if you can run hacks these days untethered ? Anyway, to be able to use the hack on older FW's may enable the scene to get hands onto, as example, the lv0 &| the lv1. Where we mostly will never see on the PS4 something install able, coud this be for the Vita scene mean that they may some day have something to install. Let us made a fun bet, if im right then my adversary need to donate 5€ to the our site, else i need to do. deal ? ^^
    Uhm.....my Tool can do this also since ages and it is on github ^^ https://github.com/cfwprpht/PS4_AC1D_Flash-Tool
  7. It hase nothing to do with to calm down. YOU call your self a Developer so da Fuck BEHAVE LIKE ONE ! How you even can come to the idea to put something public and let it test from a user if YOU SELF didn't test it before ? Are you drunk or something like that ? Or maybe are you Waninkoko or what ? Wanna brick some PS3s with no reason ?
  8. if any one of you guys want to tell me, that you will not be able to google for the Vita and how to install a own image to a pkg, then i'll quite. but it seem's. that i may simple lost the contact to normal peoples. may i should stop in main posting on the forum.
  9. ......did no one ever of us dev's tell in public that the Vita is a mini PS4 ? they even use the nearly same OS ? no ? Edit: don't get me wrong i don't want to sound bitchy all the time. but not everything is right now a secret. it's simple as i stated many times now, we need to suck everything out of our finger's. we have no fancy orig SDK to read up. So WE the dev's also have a lot to read up and search and google and compare eg. syscall docus with the call's from the ps4 and what ever. I think it is not to much asked, that user's may calm down from the "bad dev's" trip and start to do something on their own. And even if it is only to google.
  10. he-ho welcome and have a nice stay
  11. what have that to do with what i said ? nothing cause the majority even don't understood of what im talking. all what them interest is how to run pirated games. and it is not todo ps4link. the app use some standart system call's to display the fs and what ever. so every dev with a bit of clue can write his own 2 or 3 lines of code to display the fs. but as said.....the main reason peoples want to have ps4link compiled is to do piracy or change some images of a pkg. which is all what you can do wioth that kind of. but how ever. swapping a image of a pkg is even already called custom menu. ^^
  12. lol custome home menu XD you swap the image of a pkg. that it is Guys it is the same then on the Vita. There is no secret. Peoples are just lazy. That's all. ^^ Edit: Also how a DB work is no secret. Sony was that nice to even use a SQL DB. Really peoples out there, get your ass up instead of waiting onto other's all the time. Google is your teacher.
  13. better write your own one... imho link shouldn't be a library and what ever, it should more be a own app, like a file browsing tool as example. also the shell is simple to un handy to port it and make a universal use of it. so i wrote my own server, which is dynamically and not only tighten to one single app. you guys really should start to write environment that every other dev can use too, without that he need to change something to make it run with his code. also in ps4link there would be code removed regarding the kernel. so where the sense is to give the scene something, and to same time remove all the real goodies out of it, so that other dev's need to rebuild that goodie's, then i for my self don't see the sense of the release. which did let me made my own mode of CTurt's SDK. but how ever, if you peoples can't wait, better start to contribute and write apps every one can use. it's not meaned negative but really, forget the ps4link.
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