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  1. Boi I was 4 years old when PS3 was released xD
  2. if you call 5.07+ end users then yes, but this statement is not valid. besides the "why you don't need to downgrade your ps4" is way too early to judge, because we still don't know for 100% sure the proper requirements to downgrade so from my perspective, and from perspective of a 5.07+ user it's way too early to say if it's needed or not.
  3. I heard kiwidog was testing the downgrading and we wait for him to finish and see how the entire downgrade process will go.
  4. You don't need kex if you have previously dumped required data. Only hardware to flash it back.
  5. Why I need/want to downgrade: 1. be on 5.05, dump all required data for downgrade 2. update to latest 3. dump psn stuff, activate and other stuff I want 4. downgrade 5. profit still needs proper confirmation, but it is highly possible as long as you can go from JB'ble FW to latest, I don't see any issues and why I would't want to downgrade, so I can't agree with majority of this post
  6. @ocam and for future people reading this post, since the release of xvortex's ps4 dumper tools, this tutorial is only for fake signing custom homebrew/prx's If you wish to do something with games, this is not the thread for you
  7. Hi! I've made a tutorial on how to fake sign .prx libraries and .pkg packages for use with PS4HEN It's a little chaos, but I hope you will understand it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLBwiPz64WI Later today I will be explaining how to dump your own disc games
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 83/100 My Time 86 seconds  
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 83 seconds  
  10. This should be called Full and not advanced debug settings ;d
  11. 1,81 euro is quite cheap, but for 21 euro shipping it's not that good
  12. 4.55. Selling my PS4 Slim, and getting a new one in hope of getting it on lower firmware
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