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  1. i tried the quiz and got ERROR EX0 at the end i think this message is in the wrong place.
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 45/100 My Time 121 seconds
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 100/100 My Time 54 seconds
  4. last tuesday i picked another (after selling my oringinal white ps4 over a year ago) one but this time it was a slim, it came with a 1TB slim console, drive club, uncharted 4 and ratchet and clank for 249.99 from tesco. now i could of got the pro for less after doing a quick web search while i was walking around the shop but as i was looking forward to R&C and UNCHARTED 4 it would of cost me more buying the pro and games seperatly.so was best deal i could find which i pondered was cheap. now all i need is to clear my argos card so i can get my N SWITCH and PSVR.... good times ahead, cant wait to play stardust vr and ressy vr.
  5. i bought a LG49UF640V 4K UHD smart webos tv 49" in feb from argos for £429.99 and even now while offers are on its still about the same price. but i suppose it could be as simple as that tv is not in the sales. cheers for the camel link, that could really come in handy
  6. sky news was saying that they found 49% of the deals last year was cheaper just befor and just after the black friday deals.
  7. HI folks, just seen at argos there was a super stardust ultra VR game, and my jaw dropped. first thing that came to mind was "i dont do weed any more but shit man i gotta get me that game just for good old days sake" so i started looking for PS4 VR packages that i could find. do you guys n gals know of anywhere that is selling a new PS4 pro AND VR headset together? but not just that,what is the most you have seen for the VR or a PRO? ive just seen on gumtree somebody selling VR for £550. yeah you read me £550 lol. https://www.gumtree.com/p/video-game-motion-sensors-cameras/playstation-vr-ps-vr-/1197177363 sooooo....whats the best deal and worst deal you have found for PS4 PRO + VR headset or just PS4 PRO/VR on its own? in the uk. added 1 minute later PSVR headset 399 http://www.preloved.co.uk/search?keyword=vr
  8. i wish mine would, im a dumbass when it comes to modding ect. but i agree,the wii u is a good console and it has its place in my house too,it has its own table with two 3ds's, 2 portals, a bunch of amibo's and skylanders and its own 28inch full hd tv. in our house its called the NINTABLE
  9. i was watching this earlier and i gotta say its pretty cool,better than what i had in mind too. i like the joypad that splits into not just two halfs but two seperate controller so we can have two players. i wonder if we could get 2 pads, splits them both and have 4 players??? i think this is the first console im willing to pre order,id like to know abit more about it first tho such as VR, price and general accessories ect.
  10. N direct in 11 mins 3pm UK time http://store.nintendo.co.uk/twitch.list?utm_source=ENNI-_2016-08-31-Nintendo-Direct-Group-3&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ENNI-_2016-08-31-Nintendo-Direct-Group-3&affil=thgemail&utm_content=TCMemail&widget_id=351090
  11. ive got a 9.7inch lenovo tablet and its perfect,full HD screen too. looking at smaller screens feels like an over sized phone now, my kids have a 7inch tablet each for youtube kids and odds n sods games which is good for browsing the net when they are in be and my tab is past arms reach, but personally i think that the console wont be "walking the streets, out n about" portable, i think it will just for moving from room to room,which is fine by me and a 10" screen would suffice.
  12. Just to start, i put this in scene new as its not exactly officail N news. An industry insider (so some say) Emily Rogers, has tweeted some info on the NX. if true im a tad dissapointed,id like a bigger screen.with how cheap some tech is now,id like a 10 incher ( instead of this hugh thing)
  13. definitely real 'i'd say but, i thought the next console was going to be NEO not the slim. and it slimmer yes but not really that much slimmer. I actually like the underside better than the top lol.
  14. i agree, could of just used the info already out to make a document to look legit but like you greg i have also learnt from the ps3 scene that on many occations you should only believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.
  15. cool news, i wonder if they saw the sega thing in argos and decided to copy. oooo gradius is on it,i was shit at it but i loved it.
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