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  1. When I run the WUP Installer from within the Homebrew Launcher, I get an error. Error: MCP_InstallGetInfo 0xFFFBF3E2 This happens whether I select "Install title to system memory" or "usb storage" Ideas?
  2. I hear you. So what do I use if I want to run games from a USB flash drive or hard drive?
  3. Well, the WUP installer I have crashes. Anyway, now that I have Loadiine, how do I run a Wii U game from a thumb drive?
  4. I thought LoadLine was broken. I never tried LoadIine. Question: Now that I have LoadIine, do I need the WUP Installer? What does the WUP Installer do that Loadiine does not?
  5. OMG! That is hilarious! Well, Loadiine works perfectly when I type in the address properly. Now, if the power turns off, do I have to do it again?
  6. I went to loadline.ovh on the Wii U and the screen went black, flickered and then took me here.
  7. Yes, I am sure I am using the right files on my sd card. I upgraded it to 5.5.1 myself. Which exploit site are you using?
  8. OK, because I got this system used, I decided to go into the settings and delete everything and start over. However, the problem of the lockup still happens. I went to another kernal exploit site (wiiu.insanenutter.com), but still got the same lockup problem.
  9. When I disconnect my WiFi on my Wii U, I cannot load my browser at all. Therefore I cannot clear the cache. If I connect the internet, the Wii U locks up because the browser loads my Kernel Exploit page as the last page I was at. How do i stop my Wii U browser from loading the last page visited?
  10. theZander, do you have the url to a proven Wii U exploit site? One that does not lock up YOUR Wii U?
  11. I just checked and the SD card is indeed formatted as FAT32. I have reformatted it several times and re-copied the files on it. No go. Every time I try loadline and go to the link provided, nothing happens. Question: Now my browser goes to my link that activates the kernel expout automatically when I launch it. That means when I run the internet browser, my Wii U locks up. Is there a way to reset the browser?
  12. I just downloaded the homebrew from the links you provided. I uploaded the www files to my server at http://jcitech.net/homebrew/index.html I put the files on my sd card in the /wiiu/apps/hbl folder (I also tried the /wiiu/apps/homebrew_launcher folder. I went to the link I showed above and it locks up my Wii U every time. Ideas?
  13. I have 5.5.1. My sd folder is SD:/wiiu/apps/homebrew_launcher. Is this the problem?
  14. This is all way too complicated. Every time I try a kernal exploit, my Wii U locks up. I looked at the Wup Installer but cannot figure out how to install it. I tried to install loadline, but when I went to the url that they said will run loadline, nothing happens. No lockup, no nothing. To hack the vWii, AI need to have an original game in the cd drive that I do not own, so I have no way to do that. I installed an external drive to the WiiU and it formatted it. Now I have no way to transfer backed up games to it. Maybe if I get this modded, I can use FTP to
  15. OK. I have been seeing a lot on Wii and Virtual Wii. What is the difference? Is the virtual wii an emulator that runs through the Wii U menu?
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