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  1. May you enjoy many more old man now go get piss drunk today and have fun!
  2. I haven't tried any of those but why exactly will you need to plug/unplug the HDMI cable? Maybe you could use an HDMI Switch https://www.monoprice.com/category/adapters,-switches,-&-splitters/audio-video-distribution/audio-video-switches if your TV doesn't have enough HDMI ports that can help and you can choose between one that has a remote (needs a power outlet) if you don't want to get up to switch between devices or one without and you get up to press a button and switch devices. Try searching on Google or Amazon for one and also see if they are compatible with Chromecast or Amazon fire if you have those. Also make sure it's hdcp compliant and at 2.2 so you can watch legit movies with no issues
  3. I predict full on Dragon ball heroes Amiibos for 15 minutes straight.
  4. Thank you @GregoryRasputin can't wait to get fucked up and party
  5. NeoSabin

    Day Of The NeoSabin

    LMFAO thanks sexy beast
  6. #5 = 4 minutes and 40 seconds of my life I will never get back
  7. I went to tweet you happy birthday and it apparently brought down Twitter! I hope you have a great birthday ^__^
  8. He's away taking care of his first newborn son ^__^ THE SEED LIVES ON!
  9. Get it while it's hot https://enso.henkaku.xyz
  10. He just hit me up and wanted you guys know that he'll be away attending some matters in his personal life. Nothing bad, it's actually great news just hearing about it lol. Wishing you the best Greg!!!
  11. Try either changing the lines in game and pops.txt to uppercase SEPLUGINS or try moving the cwcheat.prx to the SEPLUGINS folder and change both text files to reflect that ms0:/SEPLUGINS/cwcheat.prx 1 and see if that changes anything
  12. BobbyBlunt has admitted to being wrong more than once. Stay tuned as PSHAX gets more details on what else Mr. Blunt has been wrong about. Edit: Seems I was wrong in typing the word "wrong" on this post and may be in collusion with Bobby. A separate investigation is being conducted by me o_O
  13. TP-Link Archer C5400 AC5400 Wireless Tri-Band MU-MIMO Gigabit Router $199 is the cheapest it's been all year, was $269. It's $199 on Amazon, BestBuy and Newegg but the Google/Newegg link is promising free shipping and no tax, which is a big plus. https://www.google.com/shopping/product/2788058559934912159?lsf=seller:8438988,rt:2&prds=oid:16038776158398665114&q=ac5400&hl=en&ei=SOAxWL2yK-WVjwTbnprwDA&lsft=gclid:CjwKEAiAsMXBBRD71KWOh6fcjRwSJAC5CNE18YOgcfNf7kNJoOuUUujvBSaSRy-m7VbH5PmzvX7sbBoCiqbw_wcB
  14. LG 43UH603V 43 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV WebOS now £399 down from £599http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LYHIZR3/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_awdl_xs_xngmybQ44CAXQ added 6 minutes later Yea some items are even inflated from a cheaper price then given a small discount on Black Friday. The best deals are TVs and other electronics they're trying to push out of stock for next year's model. You can use http://camelcamelcamel.com toe get a better view of price increases and drops on items you're looking to buy. Toes were intentional
  15. Happy birthday Alfred Hitchcock, Fidel Castro and... Why was I here again? ? Happy Birthday PlaystationHax!
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