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  1. Tutorial in german language: https://psxtools.de/index.php/Thread/74924-Tutorial-PS3-von-OFW-auf-CFW-ohne-Hardwareflasher/ Best regards Fatman
  2. Happy Birthday, alles Gute zum Geburtstag !
  3. It´s sad but i have to tell you that @Chipwelt is very sick at the time. Anyway i am sure he will be pleased about this birthday greetings when he is back.... Best regards Fatman
  4. Happy Birthday @GregoryRasputin !! I wish you the very best, much cash girls and so on... Fatman
  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 213 seconds  
  6. I wish you the very best for your Birthday Kind regards Fatman
  7. Really a hard read. Its not fair that a "hobby" like hacking tear down the real live of him and yes, it´s very similar to Graf Chokolo. I wish him only the best. Fatman
  8. Hi @ all Yes, the original source is psxtools.de like GregoryRasputin mentioned. It´s an topic on our site (no News! only a topic). The user who reported/dicovered this has registered on our site only a few day´s ago - so we don´t know him very well and also we don´t know if this is real. For me, i am very skeptical about this. Maybe it´s possible to manipulate the BDLive fonktion and maybe it´s possible to download an linux image to the internal hdd of the PS4 but the point is: how will the image be mounted/started ?! thats the biggest question on that and thats the question this user has not answered right now. best regards Fatman
  9. a little late, but I wish you the best too for your birthday
  10. So changed my password. I have received two emails! @GregoryRasputin: keep the head up ! After beeing Admin on psXtools on nearly ten years i´ve learned that no software is hundred percent save. In this years we have been hacked two times. For my gladness i´ve never seen any dumps of our Board in relevant sources. Also our software (Woltlab Burning Board) save the passwords hashed an double salted, so it should be hard to encrypt them. For an admin it´s important to keep the Software up to date. Use the current stable Version of php, of mysql (or whatever IP Board uses) an of course, the newest Version of your Community Software. Also create Backups of your Database and Files every day and then you have done every thing that is possible. In my opinion it´s an risk to use Wordpress - on wordpress every week vulnerabilities gets discovered.... Best regards Fatman
  11. I wish everyone only the best for 2016. Happy new Year
  12. Thanks to you and to 3141card ! Greets Fatman
  13. A little bit late, but i wish you the very best too @3141card ! Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich ! Gruß Fatman
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