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  1. Happy Birthday 3141card

    Thanks my friends
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    Happy birthday my friend, I wish you all the best.
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    A belated Happy Birthday @franzes80
  4. Others.dxt is into game content folder, e.g. /dev_hdd0/game/SLES50920/USRDIR/CONTENT/Others.dxt
  5. For info, the methode for dump the RAM over lv1_peek() is not optimized. It was good enough for me. Which file is extended for dump is unimportant too. The other changes are: symbol 0x10000 check_text_for_illegal_instructions() This function check the text segments(including our changes) for illegal instructions like hvsc and others. It is not necessary, but it make the bootup faster to skipp this check. I nop-out and remove this useless thing. symbol 0x10550 set_hvcall_perm_for_initialize() This function set the access for all hvcalls needed for the init. Now it patch access for all hvcalls. symbol 0x10834 set_hvcall_perm_for_runtime() This function set the hvcall permission at runtime, interrupt stuff and stuff like lv1_close_device() for finalize, can be nop-out. symbol 0x104D4 syscall_0x1002_invalidate_gpu_hvcalls() This function invalidate all gpu hvcalls after rsx stuff is inited, can be nop-out. symbol 0x11C38 syscall_2() Called at the end of init, to start pu scheduler. Here are the calls to e.g. check_text_for_illegal_instructions()
  6. Happy Birthday Chipwelt

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag

    Happy Birthday and all best wishes for you @GregoryRasputin
  8. ps3 hdd scripts/vm by picard (relink)

    @sandungas The same stuff is here, if you need it.
  9. Arch linux Virtual Box image: part 1: https://mega.nz/#!2UklUYYK!FWYCfFGR41aRdGn_aTe5AdMdLVwaFpACMKQ09lWix0M part 2: https://mega.nz/#!WckAQDxL!f5Ruu7HugGay5bfgb4xR9d_NVsqfqJTv6Zjp_c_NOoE username: picard pass: ps3 root pass: ps3 You need hdd_key.bin und vflash_key.bin, calculated from your eid_root_key. Download this windows tool and drag&drop your eid_root_key on it to get your key files. https://mega.nz/#!3M0WlQbL!ImBW3hsMPti-ohpHgchcty7OXxuZqXZNrwMOgtGEbRs Into the VM, copy hdd_key.bin und vflash_key.bin to: /home/picard/ps3hdd/ (e.g. with a USB stick) The VM contains only the scripts for mount/umount a NOR Slim HDD. Here are the scripts for Fat NAND und NOR PS3s. https://mega.nz/#!DJ1HlYjT!J4CYg0SSdZrJqC6gPbrOjF4zo1FxvsOOqZQre7JehkQ The scripts for mount/umount have to be in: /home/picard/ If all files are placed and your PS3 HDD is available into VM, open a terminal and execute the mount script as su. (UFS2 remount rw takes a couple of seconds) That is my Slim NOR HDD: Now you can copy stuff from/to your HDD over terminal. If you finish your work run the umount scrip before you disconnect your PS3 HDD, to avoid damage to the filesystems on your PS3 HDD.
  10. [Quiz]PlayStation 3

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 25/100 My Time 231 seconds Thx for second chance I make seppuku...
  11. [Quiz]PlayStation 3

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 7 seconds  
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  13. Happy Birthday @3141card!

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