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  1. of course you are the best writer I know
  2. yes i remember http://www.ps3hax.net/2010/04/ps3-owner-sues-sony/
  3. Yes right@Lucif3r i try send self file with target manager and result error.so research is wait now. Sent from my E5563 using Tapatalk
  4. For a while just ekstracted file nand IDPS Info:Target ID - 82 (Debug / DEX) ✔Model - [DANGER] - 10IDPS - EID0 & EID5 ✔ and this
  5. @judges Thanks for share tool i can ekstract nand dump 1gb my dex superslim now
  6. yes i can read dump now with clue from @zecoxao
  7. Finally i can read dump with fake sd method file is big size 1gb i dump twice and compare are identical The question now how to ekstract it any sugestion? the file on proces to upload wait
  8. okay I use teensy now this is the result.its strange dump,I just found out now or my method wrong to dump? dump with 4.25 dex https://mega.nz/#!gcxSwJ5K!0YRepFMIpiiwUGKCxhJaGjkjSGqool27qI1PKdZxgds dump with 4.55 dex https://mega.nz/#!AMwAhKDA!DWdSi54d1xsSf74lqeqEffTxk_oehnmBUdG1ifpvFh0
  9. Okay i waiting someone to teach how te get dump this dex console.and to get dump flash for research for all here.
  10. yes in my post picture show i use e3 flasher but it cant dump anything
  11. Its note " update data of version 4.25 or later can be installed on this system" Sent from my E5563 using Tapatalk
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