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  1. playing-hard-documentary-ubisoft-for-hon


    Op Netflix is een documentaire verschenen over de vierjarige-ontwikkeling van For Honor. Dit spel dat ontwikkeld is door Ubisoft Montreal is uitgegeven voor PlayStation 4, Xbox One en Windows. Het spel was in februari ook gratis te downloaden voor PlayStation Plus leden. 


    De documentaire volgt oa. creative director Jason Vandenberghe, Stéphane Cardin en hun team. Zo krijgen we een unieke blik over hoe het er achter de schermen aan toe gaat en welke emoties dit teweeg brengt bij de ontwikkelaars. Net zoals de personages in het spel zullen ook zij tegenslagen moeten verduren.



  2. In October last year TorrentFreak found out that Sony was pursueing a jailbroken PlayStation 4 seller (with preinstalled illegal backups) in the United States, who also owned a website informing *uhum* people to never buy games again... Now the same source reports that the company demands a compensation of 16.800 Dollars or about 14.765 Euro, because the seller did not respond to the original complaint. The Japanese company therefor asks the judge to issue a default judgment for violating DMCA.




    Included in that sum (if that's how you can call that) is the sale of two exploitable consoles for 1600$ or 800$ each and 200$ per illegally installed game. They also want 3458$ for the legal costs.


    The use of illegal game backups is limited to games released with max. firmware 5.05. A firmware version that was released more than a year ago, which luckily means that recent games are not vulnerable until a new Exploit Chain is released for a higher firmware.


    There are also quite a lot of advantages on having an up-to-date console, think of Free 2 Play games, being in parties with friends and the abillity to play every game ever released for the console. My motto is, and will always be: Do not Pirate, Support Developers! And if you don't want to update your exploitable console it might be a good time to look for a cheap used / updated PlayStation 4.


    But what if you can't afford an extra console? On ConsoleHax.com/guides/ you have a section with a number of possibilities. And there's even more, because in recent days homebrew (games) are making their way to the PlayStation 4.


    Source: TorrentFreak

    VIA: ConsoleHax.com


    (Thanks Lars for the tip).

  3. Developer TheFlow has released H-Encore 2.0 for PlayStation Vita's with firmware 3.65, 3.67 and 3.68. This hack allows you to run HENkaku / taiHEN on consoles with a firmware higher than 3.60 (original HENkaku).




    Also possible: Are you already using H-Encore? You can use Modoru to downgrade the console to firmware 3.60 and install Ensõ (video guide here).


    What does H-Encore 2.0 bring?

    From now on you have the ability to automatically exit and bypass the bootstrap menu. You can force launching the bootstrap menu by holding R while starting H-Encore. In addition, you can personalize save data to get rid of the trophy warning. The spoofer has been changed to 3.70 and the kernel ROP chain uses less and better gadgets.


    What can I do after installing and / or executing H-Encore?

    • You can personalize your Vita by using plugins
    • You can play games for all firmwares (reF00D)
    • You can use SD2Vita
    • You can intall and run homebrew (duh)
    • You can use Modoru to downgrade to a lower firmware version


    I have written some guides on ConsoleHax.com: https://www.consolehax.com/guides-psvita/


    What do I need to hack my Vita / TV?

    • A PC (Linux / Windows)
    • A PS Vita / TV with firmware 3.65 , 3.67 or 3.68
    • An official Vita Memory Card when you have an OLED / 1K console.
      • Vita Slim and Vita TV can make use of the internal memory.


    If there is a lower firmware such as 3.61 or 3.63 installed on your console, it goes without saying that you can NOT update the console the usual way. You can however make use of a DNS, see the following guide: https://www.consolehax.com/guides-psvita-365/


    SOURCE: Twitter
    VIA: ConsoleHax.com

  4. Earlier this week Vita hacker and developer TheFlow released Modoru, a downgrade method for the PlayStation Vita (TV). The application that can only be run on consoles with HENkaku and / or H-Encore enabled allows you to go back to the out-of-the-box firmware of your console. So, if your console shipped with firmware 1.69, you can reinstall that firmware version. Afterwards you can easily update to firmware 3.60 by using the HENkaku DNS (




    We can conclude that for now Modoru is  mainly intended for users with a Vita on firmware 3.67 or 3.68 who can not use a permanent hack (Ensõ).


    Most Retail PlayStation Vita firmwares that can be used with Modoru can be downloaded from The ConsoleHax [Custom] Firmware Vault: https://www.consolehax.com/vault/index.php?resources/categories/retail-firmware.27/


    This Video Tutorial is made by the one and only @Thibobo all credits go to him!





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  5. A Reddit user under the pseudonym AlphaFoxWarfare has shared a PlayStation 4 screenshot that shows us a screen which allows the user to change the Country/Region of the account.




    Sony has not yet issued an official statement about this feature, and it seems that it does not work yet. This could be Sony's first step toward preparing for the European ban on Geoblocking, a law that is applied since December 3rd that states customers within the European Union can not be refused because of their region by a webshop from within the EU. 


    This could also mean that this feature will only be available to residents of the European Union.



    In the absence of the an official announcement from Sony, users are experimenting with the option themselves. It seems that despite appearing in the store menu, it isn’t functional yet. Either Sony slipped and the feature appeared prematurely, or the company’s gearing up to set it live soon and this was just the first step. We don’t have any other details at the moment but we’ll make sure to update our readers when we have more information.
    – PlayStationLifeStyle.net



    Upon loading the PS Store page via my console, I found the option (pictured above) to change countries under “Store Region” in the menu on the left. The list of countries that I can switch my UK account to includes Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.
    – AlphaFoxWarfare


    SOURCE: Reddit
    Via: PlayStationLifeStyle.net
    Dutch: ConsoleHax.com

  6. According to a recently published patent application from Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC, the next generation of DualShock controllers may receive a touchscreen instead of a touchpad. Although the information in the document is not entirely clear with what the company plans to do with the screen.




    On behalf of Sony Ryuji Nakayama, Ennin Huang and Nathan Gary invented the patent that was submitted on September 29, 2017. The submission however does not mean that Sony will actually use it, technology companies often have their ideas patented to protect innovations.


    Personally I find that the current touchpad doesn't offer real advantages during gaming or navigation and I often forget the controller even has one. This also seems the case with most game developers who never really embraced the use of it during gaming. It would be kinda cool though to see an interactive map on your controller during gaming, so who knows what future gaming might bring. On the other hand it probably wouldn't be feasible, a controller with such a high end touchscreen would be immensely costly.


    The full patent can be read as a PDF here: http://pdfpiw.uspto.gov/.piw?PageNum=0&docid=10099121&IDKey=96543379056A


    Via: Hardware.info / ConsoleHax.com


  7. SegaMegaDriveII.jpg


    The Sega Mega Drive is a 16-bit console that was released in Japan in 1988. The console was then released in the United States under a different name: Sega Genesis because of patent rights. Europe even had to wait until 1990 for it's official release, despite it's popularity with fanatical gamers. The Mega Drive is the third console of Sega and the successor of the Master System.


    When the console hit the European market a wide range of games was already available, especially compared with regions where the console was already released. Yet it took Sega until early in year 1990 to search for a new mascot that had to compete with Nintendo's Mario. The search ended with Sonic, a blue (same accent as the Sega Logo) hedgehog. By bundling Sonic: The Hedgehog and the Mega Drive, the company achieved a successful market share increase.



    A few years later in 1993 a new version of the console was produced and it was named Mega Drive II. This smaller and lighter version came equipped with a compact motherboard that was more power efficient. The headphone jack vanished much like with today smartphones, although it wasn't replaced.


    Technical Sheet:


    • Processor: Motorola 68000 - 16bit Processor with a clock speed of 7.6MHz
    • Co-Processor : Zilog Z80 - 8bit Processor with a clock speed of 3.58MHz
    • Graphic Processor: Sega 315-5313 ASIC (Yamaha YM7101)
    • Sound: Texas Instruments SN76489 - Yamaha YM2612
    • Number of colors : 64
    • Resolution : 320 × 240 (progressive) or 320 × 480 (interlaced)
    • Memory: 72kB RAM and 64kB Video RAM
    • Media: Cartridges
    • Ports: 2 ports for controllers - Expansion port - Composite video - RGB-Video output - headphones
    • Dimensions: 278mm x 215mm x57mm
    • Weight: 2.08 Kilogram


    Over the years a large number of emulators that can play Mega Drive (Genesis) I & II roms have been released for different platforms (PC, PSP, PS3, PS Vita, ...) Most of these are available as freeware. So find yourself a good one and give Streets of Rage or Sonic: The Hedgehog a chance.


    Source: ConsoleHax



  8. GameCubeWiiPrototype.jpg


    Who doesn't know the original Nintendo Wii controllers? But who did know that these controllers were originally designed for the Nintendo GameCube? A Twitter user named @spmrp has found these rare relics on a Japanese auction website.



    The code name for the 'Wiimote', Nunchuck and Sensor Bar for the GameCube was Nintendo Revolution. A name that was later used for the prototype Nintendo Wii. The package was sold for around 581 Euros.


    The hardware needs to be connected with the console like regular GameCube controllers, but the buyer has not yet found a way for them to work.


    Source: Nintendo Everything

    Via: ConsoleHax


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  9. On 10/10/2018 at 4:29 PM, oceansoul said:



    I byu damaged PS3 working long time with ps3 but i found strange problem with ps3 and controler/joystic cant connect with ps3 cable and wireless ! I try both ports ... Strange thing is that not turn on led on joystic but when i connect hard drive its work but not with joystic try with few cables joystci on another ps3 works well ... Also try to reset joystic but not help ! 


    Ps3 is model slim cech 2504 datacode 1a



    Pull the power cord out of your console. Then reset DualShock controller. Reconnect the power supply to your console and connect the controller via USB

  10. Okay, the title might sound like a delayed April's Fool joke, but in reality this is a real and awesome hardware mod created by someone with the nickname Shank. Start to finish the project took him on a year and a half journey.


    In addition to the original Nintendo Wii the handheld makes use of two analog sticks ripped from a Nintendo 3DS, a 340x240 LCD screen, a fan and a battery. Don't expect playing sessions of a few hours though, the battery will last about fifteen minutes.

    Games are loaded via USB.



    SOURCE: BitBuilt.net

    VIA: ConsoleHax.com

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  11. Nintendo has announced new wireless controllers for it's Switch. The controllers seem to have emerged from the eighties and are intended to play NES games on the hybrid console.




    The controllers are charged by connecting them to the Switch dock, but you can not use them as Joy-Cons. Presumably the controllers communicate via Bluetooth, which also means they are not wired.


    According to the big N the controllers are only available for customers with a paid Switch Online subscription. What this means, or how this will be determined is unclear. My best guess would be that the controllers can only be activated when using Nintendo's NES library.


    A set with two controllers will cost 59,99 Euro.








    Source: Twitter
    Via: ConsoleHax

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  12. After installing the new Nintendo Switch system update on September 18, 2018 it will no longer be possible to unlink your Nintendo Account from a Nintendo Switch user. Also make sure your existing Nintendo Account is linked to the correct user.





    If you use Custom Firmware or hacks on your hybrid it's probably a good idea to unlink your Nintendo Account right now.


    SOURCE: Nintendo

    VIA: @Joonie

    VIA: ConsoleHax.com

  13. Hardware producer Razer released two new controllers for the PlayStation 4. The sensitivity of each controller can easily be adjusted with an accompanying application.


    The entry-level model is named Razer Raiju Tournament and looks more like an Xbox 360 controller with some extra buttons. In terms of functionality both are comparable with each other. An app let's you setup/create different profiles on the controller per game or gamer. Price: 150,00€







    The second model is the Razer Raiju Ultimate and it comes equipped with ultra fashionable RBG lightning around your touchpad, which makes Disco Stuf's place look like shit. It also has an additional multi-functional touch bar with four buttons that can be configured individually. And interchangeable thumbsticks and d-pad. This controller costs more then your actual PS4, price: 199,99€.







    If you're that kind of dude or girl that's stuck in the 90's I recommend you buy yourself an Ultimate controller. If you only want an Xbox controller for your PlayStation I suggest you use bing and search Hori Onyx.


    Do you prefer these over the DualShock 4 controllers? Let us know your opinion.


    SOURCE: Razer
    VIA: ConsoleHax.com



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  14. Hi! I'll shortly describe three (easy) ways to run the new Kernel Exploit for firmware 5.05. These methods should work up until 5.07. Thanks to all developers and hackers who had part in this release!


    There are other great ways like Al Azif's Exploit Host, but my time is limited. Make sure to visit: https://t.co/xx4ZF9OgKm)




    If you have a console with a lower firmware you can download the 5.05 firmware update from ex. consolehax.com/vault/ . Rename the file to PS4UPDATE.PUP and place it on a USB Drive (PS4/UPDATE/PS4UPDATE.PUP). Install it via Settings and make sure the console has no connection to the internet.


    You can host the exploit on your computer by running a local webserver. In order to do so, you need to setup the server with the files found on SpecterDev's GitHub page. I will not explain the configuring of the webserver itself.


    1. Download the files: https://github.com/Cryptogenic/PS4-5.05-Kernel-Exploit
    2. Configure your webserver with the files from step 1
    3. Connect your PS4 to the server
    4. Open the browser
    5. Navigate to the IP address of the server
    6. Click OK when the message 'We have updated our privacy policy in accordance with GDPR...' appearce
    7. Minimize the browser by pressing the PS Button
    8. Profit


    B. ESP8266 (ESP8266 Xploit Host)

    Developer @c0d3m4st4 has released an update which includes the exploit for firmware 5.05. You can flash the firmware with NodeMCU PyFlasher (Windows).


    1. Download ESP8266XploitHost 2.3: https://mega.nz/#!OI8GxAyA!54QnxvbXkPiSrs0j_d5dWwopqsHg42S5hS-MLSd2leQ

    2. Download NodeMCU PyFlasher 3.0: https://github.com/marcelstoer/nodemcu-pyflasher/releases

    3. Press and hold the Flash button on the ESP then connect it via USB to your PC

    4. Run the software NodeMCU PyFlasher

    5. Choose the ESP from the Serial Port drop downlist

    6. Firmware = The .bin file downloaded in step 1

    7. Baud rate = 115200

    8. Flashmode = DIO

    9. Erase Flash = Yes, Wipe all

    When the proces is finished make sure to power your ESP, and boot your PS4.
    1. Navigate to 'Settings' - 'Network' en click on Custom
    2. Choose WiFi and connect to ESP8266XploitHost
    3. The password is 'ps4xploit' without the '
    4. Click OK and next until you test the connection
    If the connection test succeeds navigate to 'Settings' - 'User Manual' and you'll be greeted with the custom ESP interface. Select Mira + HEN from the list.
    C. Hosted Online
    Hacker Qwertuiop is hosting the exploit on crack.bargains. This is the easiest step, but it does require the console to connect to the internet. Therefore I recommend to not use this if possible.
    1. Open the browser
    2. Open the URL: http://crack.bargains/505k/
    3. Click OK when the message 'We have updated our privacy policy in accordance with GDPR...' appearce
    4. Minimize the browser by pressing the PS Button
    5. Profit
    I'm aware of other methods to successfully run the exploit, but someone else will explain these.
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  15. It was written in the stars that today something would be released in the PlayStation 4 Scene and Team OpenOrbis has done that with Project Mira. A unique Custom Firmware project that should revolutionize the PS4 scene. Note: this release is not yet usable for end users at this moment. A full exploit chain for firmware 5.01 -5.05 is necessary.




    The Mira Project is a set of tools that grants you more power and control over your jailbroken Playstation 4. It is the result of all the hard work by the OpenOrbis team.

    It works differently to the custom firmware experience on Playstation 3, where CFW would be installed on the system via modified PUP files (e.g. Rebug), however once the framework is installed and ran it gives users the same functionality they were previously used to.


    Just for clarity, this is not a Custom Firmware in the form of an update file (.PUP) as known for PlayStation 3 consoles. You can probably compare it the most with taiHEN for PlayStation Vita.


    The Read Me also states the introduction of a HomeBrew Store based on VitaDB of developer Rinnegatamante.


    SOURCE: Github/OpenOrbis

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  16. 3 hours ago, Kazmi said:

    Btw i m waiting for 5.01 kexploit jb release... Today is 20 may and according to the rumours today is the date of release  can u please correct me if i m wrong please 

    I m realy starving for 5.01 jb trust me ?

    Have patience. If not today it'll come a bit later. Only specterDev knows when, and he Tweeted he'll release it witbout mentioning a date and I trust that.

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