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  1. This makes me wonder if the team plans on keeping HENkaku running for a long time? Are there developers from the team on this forum? Can't other websites host the files needed for the HENkaku installer to run, when their site goes down? Or do we faces legal issues if we do (if the team behind HENkaku would even want us to do that).
  2. Every time I open the forum my dog starts barking for no reason, runs up and down the stairs, and I hear 'knock knock' coming from the basement. My wife is scared, and I almost **** in my pants. Also I can't find my beer anymore. Will this be solved in a future update?
  3. I suspected it was you ... Thanks man :-) that's very kind of you!
  4. I wonder, I wonder ... Last night I found an article on Google which let to the website 'consolehax.it'. I was curious to see what a site with the same domain name but a different extension had to offer, since I never heard of the consolehax.it website. But know comes the strange part. That domain name apparently redirects immediately to mine. Does anyone now who owns consolehax.it? As I would like to thank them for redirecting to my website :-)
  5. 'Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX' I'm so happy I've got to know you! The honesty and knowledge you guys share and give to the scene is enormous. Without a place like this, I wouldn't have had the courge to start our Dutch Forum, Thank You!
  6. Uncharted 4 Maybe? Badass Story Mode and pretty fun Multiplayer. Youtube some multiplayer movies to see if you like it.
  7. I have the same problem with my first DS4 accept for all directions. I opened it up cleaned it out, and put controlfreaks on the joysticks. Didn't help. The first DS4 controllers are of very low quality. The Thumbsticks worn out after a few months (and almost not using it). The battery died, at least I thought it was the battery, but i replaced it and it didn't charge aswell ... I can still play with that DS4 if it's wired. Otherwise it's useless as fuck.
  8. Hi again, I have opened our Dutch Scene Forum today. I hope it can become a place to trigger Dutch people in to development, etc. Senaxx is co-administrator. If you're Dutch welcome; if you're not Dutch euhm also welcome.
  9. Actually you need 66GB which is only 66% of 100GB . But I get that it can be a pain in the ass for some regions. Luckely where I'm from bandwith is unlimited for a "fair" price. Download speed is up to 40Mbps.
  10. That's not possible, you have to download the whole game then. What country you in? Is bandwith that expensive?
  11. I'm not sure if there's anything other then the Take King DLC with the Legendary edition, but if not, isn't it possible to run the game from Blu-Ray and just download the DLC from the store without downloading the whole game?
  12. True. That's how I see it. Couple of months ago I saw the official Sega Mega Drive and Atari reboots in my local game store. Went there this week, and I swear they still had the same boxes on that shelf. Nintendo must be hoping on people buying the mini NES as a collectors item, but I can't see this console being very popular for regular gamers, not even for those who don't know what emulators are. I still wonder why Nintendo hasn't stepped up to mobile platforms, a lot of people who aren't familiar with emulators could really want to buy an emulator with prebuild roms.
  13. I wrote an article on what I think about it on my website. I just don't like this mini NES, it seems to limited and could only serve as a collectors item (kinda).
  14. I like the look of it on FIG8. It also makes me wonder if it isn't just a patent for another portable console.
  15. Hi, thanks. I was lucky getting this domain for only 15$. I'm trying to focus the website on all consoles, but my own knowledge and experience is with PlayStation (PS3, PS4, PSP, PSVita) and mobile devices (Apple/Smartphones/Tablets) only. I'm looking for fellow enthousiasts who want to help out, since i'm currently the only one working on it. My main goal is to setup a Dutch forum and bringing the download-section back online. I'm not the owner of former website www.console-hax.com, it seems that website is down. Maybe @GregoryRasputin knows more about that.
  16. Hi, I would like to announce myself as the owner of ConsoleHax.com. I started a couple of months ago, and the site has since then been updated multiple times. I'm kinda happy with how things are now, and i'll start to focus on spreading some news, and giving my personal opinions / insides. I hope you appreciate a personal touch. I'm also currently creating a Dutch Support Forum, kinda like this one, but then for the Dutch. Let me know what you think :).
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