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  1. ConsoleHax

    The Winner Of The Fifa 18 Game Is...

  2. Before the PlayStation 4 was officially announced a picture of an early prototype controller was leaked by Destructoid on February 15th 2013. The photo indicated that Sony integrated a touchscreen and quite possibly PlayStation Move functionality. Although it's clear we are talking of a very early prototype, it is the first time the world sees the light bar on the back of what we now call the DualShock 4. This is only one of the things that will be featured on PS4History.net. Stay tuned for more news, and in the meanwhile don't forget to take a look at PS3History.net.
  3. 1. No 2. Yes 3. 4.55 game dumps can be patched to run on 4.05, the other way around (4.05 games on 4.55) works out of the book.
  4. WARNING: Be extremely careful not to install the latest firmware after following this tutorial! Also make sure to NOT delete other files and folders on your PS4 via FTP!!!! I'm writing this tutorial for those of you who have decided to update from firmware 4.05 to 4.55 and can't because of an error. This error is caused by either manually creating the required update folders via FTP, running the upload blocker payload or running HEN. I have not yet updated to firmware 4.55, and I suggest you consider the advantages and disadvantages before installing a higher firmware on your console. I'll start of by saying either way the update blocker is installed on your system, it created two empty folders on your PS4 system. When we delete these folders via FTP you should be able to update again via USB. If possible make sure your PS4 is not connected to the internet while following this tutorial or disconnect your PS4 as soon as the update blocker folders are deleted! I don't want Sony to push the latest firmware update on your console! STEP 1: RUN THE EXPLOIT + FTP PAYLOAD ON 4.05 Do this the way you prefer. When using Exploit Host by Al-Azif I recommend 'xVortex + FTP' When using any online method I recommend 'xVortex + FTP' If you are using an exploit without implemented FTP payload, inject a FTP payload which grants you full permissions STEP 2: CONNECT TO YOUR PS4 USING FTP SOFTWARE (EX. FILEZILLA) Open the FTP Software (Host = PS4 IP / Username = "Blank" / Password = "Blank" / Port = 1337) and press connect. Navigate to /update You'll find two empty folders 'PS4UPDATE.PUP' and 'PS4UPDATE.PUP.temp.net' Delete these! IMPORTANT: At this point I recommend to disconnect your PS4 from the network (if it doesn't block internet access to Sony). Just to make sure the console doesn't start to download firmware 5.05! Congratulations. You should now be able to install firmware 4.55 at your own risk!
  5. ConsoleHax

    Win A Copy Of Fifa 18 For PS4

    There's only one FC Bruges! (Club Brugge KV - Belgium) 3
  6. This is a tutorial for those of you who want to build payloads from source in Ubuntu. This tutorial is written for Ubuntu 16.04 - 17.10, but with an extra and necessary step for Ubuntu 17.10 users because otherwise it'll throw you an error. If you run a lower version, you should be able to build payloads without the extra step. This should in theory also work for other Ubuntu distributions as long as they are installed with ENGLISH as main language (Xubuntu etc.). Requirements: Ubuntu 16.04 or higher installed and configured IDC's Payload SDK (download here (click on clone or download and choose Download Zip)) Step 1: Put the required files in Desktop Extract ps4-payload-sdk-master.zip that you downloaded earlier Open the extracted folder and copy/cut all files and folders Navigate to your Desktop and create a new folder PS4SDK Paste the folders and files in the PS4SDK folder Your directory should now look like this: Step 2: Getting the SDK to work Open Terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and typ: sudo apt-get update In Terminal typ: sudo apt-get install binutils In Terminal typ: sudo apt-get install llvm In Terminal typ: sudo nano /etc/environment and press enter Start a new line and typ: PS4SDK="/home/yourusername/Desktop/PS4SDK" Press CTRL+X to exit and save changes by pressing Y IMPORTANT: After the installation of both packages is completed, restart Ubuntu. Step 3: Prevent errors Navigate to /Desktop/PS4SDK/libPS4/source and open syscall.s with a text editor Uncomment the line: .section .sc_rop, "w" Comment the line: .section .sc_rop, "wb" It should look like this: THE NEXT STEP IS ONLY REQUIRED IF YOU ARE WORKING WITH UBUNTU 17.10! Navigate to /Desktop/PS4SDK/libPS4/include and open types.h with a text editor Comment the line: typedef uint32_t __dev_t; (change it to /* typedef uint32_t __dev_t; */) STEP 4: Open PS4SDK/libusbfatfs and right click in the folder Choose 'Open in terminal' Typ: make STEP 5: Open PS4SDK/libPS4 and right click in the folder Choose 'Open in terminal' Typ: make Done! You should now be able to compile payloads. To be sure navigate to examples, choose an example, open the folder, right click, choose open in terminal and typ make. You should now see a .bin file in the folder, that's an example payload.
  7. ConsoleHax

    [Update] And The Winners Of The #SD2Vita Adaptors Are...

    Congratulations for all who won.
  8. ConsoleHax

    The Ultimate PS4 Hacking F.A.Q - #PS4Hen

    Thanks @GregoryRasputin this is exactly what people need! Keep up adding new information as it comes along. Great job!
  9. Very strange. Did you run the game again after injecting the payload? It has to be at least on main menu. Then minimise using PS button. If you have a flash drive with light you should see it blinking.
  10. While following this tutorial you'll learn how to make a backup (dump) of a PlayStation 4 game you own and then convert it into an install-able .pkg file. This is the fastest and also the EASIEST way to date and made possible by xVortex. FIRMWARE 4.05 ONLY!!! If you are looking for another well written and documented in-depth tutorial, I advice you to take a look at the more advanced @Thibobo's tutorials (here and here). Dumping your game: Boot up your console (Optional) Install all available patches for the game Connect a USB Flash Drive to the console and open the browser Surf to the mini Playground (https://www.consolehax.com/playground-4-05/) and click on xVortex + Dumper Minimalise the browser by pressing the PS Button once Run the game and wait untill you're in the main menu Minimalise the game by pressing the PS Button once The dumping process has now started. The data is being transferred to your USB Stick. As soon as the dumping is complete the console will shutdown. This is normal. Rebuilding your dump: For the following steps you need to have access to a computer with Windows. We use gengp4.exe (download the ZIP file with executable here) and Fake_PKG_Generator tool (not linked, use google). Connect the USB Stick to your PC Run gengp4.exe and navigate to your dump CUSAxxxxxx directory Click on Generate .GP4 (wait untill 'Done' appears) Click on Save .GP4 Now run orbis-pub-gen.exe from the Fake_PKG_Generator folder. Open the saved .gp4 file Click on Build If clicking on build immediately gives you an error, press it again and it should work. SOURCE: Github/xVortex
  11. ConsoleHax

    How to build your own PS2Classic PKG's for PS4!

  12. Hi, I'm now hosting a dedicated webpage which mirrors different fork's by different developers of the kexploit for firmware 4.05 on my website. Some people like to call a page like this a playground but it can't be compared with the one that is available for firmware 1.76. Here's a list of the kexploits currently hosted: SpecterDev's kexploit: This is the original exploit. It allows you to inject a payload after running the exploit. IDC's fork: This is an updated fork of the original exploit with improvements. It allows you to inject a payload after running the exploit. (The page will remain blank, don't worry just inject). xVortex + Dumper: This fork runs the exploit and allows you to dump games without having to inject the payload. xVortex + FTP: This fork runs the exploit and allows you to connect via FTP without having to inject the payload. (Port: 1337) xVortex + HEN: This fork runs the exploit and allows you to install and run unsigned packages. (Credits to wildcard and flatz) The playground can be accessed and used on PS4's with firmware 4.05 by browsing to https://www.consolehax.com/playground-4-05/ It can be used as a perfectly working alternative for offline hosting and it will be updated in the future. Enjoy! This is made possible by the work of SpecterDev, IDC, xVortex, Wildcard, Flatz, qwertyoruiopz and a lot more people. Visit Github SpecterDev Visit Github/IDC Visit Github/xVortex
  13. ConsoleHax

    Six v5 #SD2Vita To Give Away - #HENkaku

    mGBA 4
  14. This tutorial is made possible by valentinbreiz, markus95 and logic-sunrise.com. The distribution used is compiled with 3D drivers and some emulators. This is not my guide, I just followed and translated it. Nobody is responsible if you brick your console. BEWARE: The following steps do not yet work for all PS4 models, because the payload is not compatible: CUH-1102A (Should work) CUH-1115A (Should work) CUH-1116A (Should work) ... CUH-1216 (Not working) CUH-1216A (Not working) CUH-1208B (Not working) CUH-1216B (Not working) CUH-7016B (Not working) ... Requirements: 8GB (minimum) USB Flash Drive (Tested with both USB3.0 and 2.0) Payload: ps4-Linux-Loader.bin (download here) Fedora Fail0verflow (download here) Rufus (download here) USB keyboard and mouse PS4 Kexploit (IDC) to run the exploit and inject the payload (tutorial on how to run exploit can be found here / I tested with IDC which can be found here: https://www.consolehax.com/IDC) Step 1: Create a Linux bootmedium Open Rufus and select DD Image from the dropdown menu under Format Options. Make sure your screen looks exactly like this screenshot: Click on the icon next to DD Image and select the Fedora image you downloaded earlier (unzip the zip file first). Click Start, and if a prompt shows up, press OK. Step 2: Run the kernel exploit Run the kernel exploit so you can inject the payload. If you still don't know how to run the exploit see number 6 under requirements above. Step 3: Insert Flash Drive and inject Payload Connect your USB Flash Drive with the PS4 (port to the right). After that inject the payload ps4-Linux-Loader.bin. If you still don't know how to inject a payload see number 6 under requirements above. Your console now needs a couple of minutes before rebooting into Linux and launching the Fedora distro. FAQ: Try again or another USB Flash Drive if it doesn't work on a compatible PS4. SOURCE: Logic-Sunrise.com