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  1. pinky

    Vita help!

    u don't need a cfw system. this can be done with either ofw or cfw. all u need to do is go online (don't connect to the store), and register the ps3 with cma. then, transfer the game to the vita via open cma./qcma. it doesn't matter which one u use. if the game is already on ur pc/laptop, just register and connect to ur pc/laptop instead. u need to use vita update blocker or something that uses a proxy to connect the vita to the internet to get around updating.
  2. you're welcome. my memory of ps3 stuff isn't that great anymore since I've moved on to new systems. I'm glad I could help u though.
  3. I posted a video of how smea hacked the 3ds with the help of two others on psx-place. it shouldn't be too hard to find on youtube. there's also a video of this ios-u hack in practice on wololo I believe. it also shouldn't be too hard to find on youtube. anyway, smea ended up bricking his wii-u during his research, but he managed to reflash it.. the video shows him going into red nand along with him showing a game he had ported over to the wii-u.
  4. I could be wrong since I have no experience with the ps4, but I believe I read that the "out of memory" error happens sometimes. not sure about filezilla, but u could try mapping the network drive. that's what I do with the 360. u don't need a third-party ftp program that way either.
  5. on top of that? the vita seems to encrypt games with more than one key now that they've titled, head, body, tail, etc. I ripped the licenses from tales of hearts r. there's also a files.db which has all of the game files to rip. not sure if it's the same with the ps4. I have no experience with hacking the ps4 (don't own a hackable system).
  6. afaik, rap files r now 48 bytes instead of 16, so there's no way u could bruteforce them. plus, there's the rif conversion. u can rip rif files from the vita, but I dunno about the ps4.
  7. the virtual memory cards (the normal ps2 ones and the ps2 classics) r identical aside from encryption, so u can easily move saves in between the two.
  8. the darker theme is more pleasing to the eye for me.
  9. I've not tested it (cobra 7.30), but the save files for non-ps2 classics might be a place to look. they're located outside of the home folder. the folder will be obvious (can't recall the name atm, but it's on the root of the hdd). if they're not there, they may be located next to the ps2 classics like ps1 saves (not classics)..
  10. it's even possible to inject nds games - DQ 9 on the tv: http://tinypic.com/r/2z7e9a9/9
  11. I had posted to this message before, so I think it was lost. anyway, I've done this with the normal pokemon bootanim. I haven't chosen one I like yet.
  12. that's very kind of u to say. I do remember that as well as padding updates, so that the ps2 would read them since it can't read a few MBs very well.
  13. that I don't know. I only know about what I've done. if I had a business installing modchips, I might be able to help further. I'm sorry, my friend.
  14. Taiwanese, huh? I'll make a mental note of that. I knew it was an Asian country. I think it had to do with a new ps2 version for that country. what's kinda funny is that the update image for matrix infinity has a girl in a bikini. it's the config screen actually.
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