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  1. Hi Sounds crazy but I think it's good to have Linux on ps3 if I will ever need it (quest or Windows on my PC will fell). What is the recent Linux? This? https://sourceforge.net/p/redribbon/wiki/Home/ Even its site is not existing anymore http://redribbon.t15.org/ Or does something with more pleasant GUI (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu) exist too?
  2. Open source of page with os: divs, images....
  3. this is not a streaming (Windows 95). Web application simulates OS
  4. DebugBrain, on fat problem is thermal grease under the cover of processors. Any fans can't fix this After PS3 Slim overall design of PS4 sucks. I prefered that PS4 was bigger but higher design quality. For example bigger heatsink and fan like in PS3. Also they use cheap Delta fans. On my ps4 main noise goes from circuit design of supply system of APU and PSU. And I can't fix this in any way How quote nicknames?
  5. I tried keyboard. Damn. PS4 has most useless browser and OS I've ever saw. Yes, it can run games and few things but this isn't to much in 2016 with that HW. no needs to remove fan + on ps3 fan cools only CPU, GPU and psu. heatsinks don't contact ram and other
  6. Maybe in future Sony will make something usefull. For example add support for external keyboards. I'm not C-programmer or hardware architect. What CTurt writes is very difficult + I'm from start on 3.15.
  7. Is there any way to get keyCode in browser for DS4 buttons? I wanted to finish this JNES emulator http://pasha4ur.org.ua/temp/ps4test/jsnes-master/ but I couldn't get code for any button $(document).on('keydown', myFunc); function myFunc(e){ e.preventDefault(); alert(e.keyCode); } Seems like browser on PS4 works in wrapper like browser on tablet: we just move touch point and than click. And doesn't interacts with input device directly but somehow d-pad works in roms for ps3 slim http://www.aquatuning.us/water-cooling/gpu-water-blocks/console-cooler/13118/alphacool-playstation-3-kuehler
  8. Playstation 4 cooling mod Not finished. My PS3 with such mode goes under 57-58*c at full load +200-300MHz will not change temp very much It will be cool if push it a little faster. Sometimes it fells lower 25fps Really crazy man (and no place for XO ) Interesting how PS PSUs don't overheat without fans
  9. I think that ps4 scene too. But there a lot of real reasons: remasters, almost no exclusive and poor functionality in FW. I hope that last thing will be fixed in future by cfw. I heard that CPU unit can work up too 2.7Ghz. 2-2.2 will be nice and will not eat to much from PSU. Interesting, is there any chance to overclock ps4 through software? I know that BIOS will be hard locked and hidden. But people overclock in some way phones and tablets. I even oveclocked E-Ink book with opened Android.
  10. thinkpad x240 (220, 230) also support touch and pen from wacom
  11. Sorry, my english isn't perfect for understanding this phrase. Google can't translate too
  12. If you have a lot of money Wacom tablet with Windows or Android. You can also use it for drawing in graphic suites and like graphic tablet for PC. The newest top model http://wacom.com/en-us/products/pen-displays/cintiq-companion-2
  13. Off: I have ps4 only 1 month (ps3 a little longer) so I'm not filled up with these rumors. For now I've just made hardware mod for ps4 and don't use it.
  14. ocam, ok. But if you find somebody who has neccesary paid info or ready solution than most user will donate. I guess Stock FW on PS4 - useless peace of sh....
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