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  1. i have updated the payloads, so now you can dump erk and metldr on 3.55, 4.21, 4.30, 4.46, 4.65, 4.70, 4.75, 4.76, 4.78 (cex or dex) with a single pkg/self instead of several ones. you could add this to toolbox yourself, now it is opensrc. the files will be dumped in same directory from pkg/self https://www.dropbox.com/s/d7avyjjbciqejc2/erk_met_dumper.zip?dl=0 confirmed working and tested them myself with the dumpers btw, you only need 5 symbols, so you can leave and remove the rest: toc, extend_kstack, copy_to_user, memset, memcpy. further it is only syscall table
  2. i see. but it wasn't mentioned and i like to compile everything myself instead of using others' stuff btw, i do not use or have looked at the existing scripts. i compile it on windows with psl1ght and sdk.
  3. dunno what you mean, but there is definately sth missing. when you clean spu source and compile newly, the new self code does not work. anyways, i have fixed and expanded the sources and now i have made it dynamic, so it will work for any firmware version or target (cex or dex) only 4.21 and 4.46 for now, cause i am too lazy to add others and do not have all symbols... it contains eid root key dumper and metldr dumper for 4.21/4.46 cex or dex http://www83.zippyshare.com/v/ZVYO7gYt/file.html
  4. have to fix sth... @zecoxao there is something missing in spu dumper source (when compiling on clean source), but using the leftover shellcode works.
  5. it softbricks when you apply this on vsh. maybe i was too unclear about it, but it ends in blackscreen when you return from recovery menu and just choose restart system software. it also makes you unable to change regions on dex and it will result in blackscreen after you have chosen this option. only cure from the blackscreen of it, if you choose restore default settings in recovery menu 4.21 @0xD41D4 vsh (C41D4 hex offset in file) i have applied your patch and this results in this behaviour. only when i go to recovery menu and then leave it or choose that region opti
  6. ahh, i know these patches already, lol. i have applied them to that rsod fix that i have made working for all fws dynamically. it was already found for 4.46 from mysis and sguerrini has made the pkg. so how do these patches help to make apps appear on fsm xmb? btw, i never have shared the code for it, so here it is edit ok, i think i have misunderstood. you just have meant to use these patches to bypass fsm mode and i have meant to show apps on xmb when already in fsm with that red box. i only know that cobra works fine in fsm mode, but plug
  7. thanks. i wish i could have only half of the brain, that @mysis has. i would try and do then much more useful stuff.
  8. would you mind to share the patch? is it lv1? and do the apps show up on xmb after applied? oh, and sth else, it seems on dex dongles aren't revoked unlike cex. there you don't need any patch and dongles do work straight away.
  9. nice upgrade @mysis and thanks. this i call a useful update instead of the one aldo has done! btw, your patch for coldboot view sleep is bad and can softbrick ps3 in recovery. i would review it or remove it from wiki edit thanks @GregoryRasputin
  10. it is just, i have read now old logs of some real 1337 guys and i feel ashamed of the things i was posting. i have felt that i have a good understanding of things, but compared to them i am just a stupid idiot who talks too much. and also my ego has grown too much lately, which i really regret.
  11. i have apologized that i have posted it, but i had to. and i have nothing against you cause i agree in many points with you. there was a time when i was a bit mad, when you have released the 0.2.3 version of mfwbuilder, but this is long gone. you were talking about others' bad usage of language, where it is also sometimes hard to understand you. it just sounds you do not like psxtools. well, sorry again that i often post stupid nonesense and i really should stop hanging on forums
  12. sorry, but i have to say this. i wouldn't point with fingers at your position, cause your english is not very well, too. many posts from you i even do not understand clearly. anyways, i dunno what you have against psxtools, but i am also posting there.
  13. dex leafs? sounds funny just curious, but is there any coincidence a dechj was sold on ps4news as a decr (lol)?
  14. just to let you know, i have found now the missing vsh patch for running fselfs on cex http://www.psx-place.com/forum/mfw/running-fself-cex-cfw-2598-new-post.html
  15. sorry that i am a bit late for the party... happy birthday STLcardsWS . finally. i even know your nicks' meaning
  16. hmm, have you tried dongle on 4.xx to get into fsm? i can get into it fine and with appldr patch also exit it fine on 4.xx. i don't think this is needed for fsm and merely for usb "jailbreak" maybe?
  17. i know that old lv2diag.self works if appldr sig check is patched, but i want to make my own lv2diag.self, that performs some other tasks as well. but i cannot get any self loaded as lv2diag.self and crashserious has made his own lv2diag, too
  18. just want to add to this, there is a way on dex at least, to trigger and run apps in fsm from xmb. if you connect to tm and enable app_home and put in a homebrew in a "PS3_GAME" folder, you can start and run this app. i have tried it myself with rebug toolbox and a selfmade app to exit fsm from (fsm) xmb, lol. edit btw, does anybody know how to make a lv2diag.self that gets accepted? i have tried with product mode toggle from glevand, but it gets not loaded at all. i am missing something there, but dunno what it is. running this "lv2diag.self" with tm works fine. this method of target
  19. does not work for me and vsh pattern is way off record. there are too many possibilities to patch
  20. sounds like you are messing with modded eboots, or do you mean if you resign same eboot to retail, it works for you then? maybe your make tool is bad. and as i have said, for 3.6+ games better use only 3.6+ makefself, otherwise the games will probably give you errors. best example is dead space3. resign it to fself with 3.4 or 3.55 sdk tool and you will get that infamous trophy and save error. resigning it with 3.6+ tool works fine though. another thing that came to my mind, there was some really bad vsh patch applied to first rebug versions and another "always applied" vsh patch does dis
  21. thank you for mentioning it. i have not checked their site lately and was totally surprised. finally, i could unbox my still sealed copy of tales of vesperia and enjoy it in english. i have waited for this since first announce and everybody else has discouraged me lately about this project.
  22. really some weird problem you got there, and i also have never heard of this one. i can only think of a messed idps, permission problem or messed up hdd. for the last one, i would suggest try formatting hdd lowlevel or do 0byte overwrite with hexeditor (usually faster than format tools). otherwise, there is only possibility of messed up eboots. i would never use any eboot made from others and instead only make yourself one. and keep in mind, for 4.xx games you will need at least make_fself 3.6+. there are also a few games, that do not run with compressed eboot, so that you shud also t
  23. i see. i have not tried the tools so far, so i didn't know. but maybe you can just create mms folder with that db.err file on unencrypted part and ps3 will join them by itself?
  24. i have to correct myself. this tool and ps3export have great capabilities for those like me, who prefer only using internal hdd. so all installed content/folders can be automatically restored, in case there is a corrupt filesystem error and you have to format hdd. and here is devwiki link for database rebuilding http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Recovery_Menu#4._Rebuild_Database
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