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  1. @GregoryRasputin - I stopped working on the project because im focusing other ps4 stuff. - The code released has some addons, and it's not the same as the previuos public release. - The code released brings the following addons: 1) Userland debugger. 2) Live kernel patching. 3) File upload. 4) Full folder download. 5) enable/disable userland ASLR at runtime. I removed all functions that may get me into legal trouble, such als self/sdll decryption and some other stuff. Most functions removed are not a big secret anymore and anyone who wants and has the knowledge can integrate them again (if he wants one tool for everything). Code is not clean and most of it is written quick and dirty because the project was never meant to be made public but only for personal use. I hope other devs will have fun with it.
  2. I have just released v2. Download link is in the first post.
  3. Code exec in Userland without kexploit will never happen on fw >= 3.xx
  4. Its important to mention that you dont get real Code execution from this exploit(not without kexploit), only ROP execution (Big difference). And Most probably the Bug will be fixed in fw 4.0...
  5. That your 1.76 console crashes when you choose 1.70 is normal. But that it does not work when you Set it to 1.76 is really strange. Must be something wrong on your side, can you send other payloads to your console? I have many replies from ppl on 1.76 saying that it works great.
  6. Not started is correct. After that you should be able to connect... Just to be sure, you have also selected fw 1.76 in ninja right?
  7. Port 9023 is used to send the payload, After that ps4 listens for connection on port 9050. What is the code exec Status in playground After you sent the payload? What fw are you using?
  8. It has nothing to do with ps4link. Except for the dlclose kexploit, it is 100% my Code. Basically you just need a service on ps4 that provides the same functions as playground, and trigger the functions over Network. But imo the only useful function in playground is Code exec.
  9. The kexploit is embedded in the exe, and I am not using ftp. You have to send the payload only once. Once the payload is running, a Background process listens for new Client connections. Every connection is processed in an own process. Its pretty stable, but in case something goes wrong, just restart fileninja and click on connect.
  10. Hi, I am glad to share with you my first PS4 related public release. It is called PS4FileNinja and it is basically a file browser. It currently works on FW version 1.70 and 1.76. The usage is simple: *** Version 2 ready for download. This version brings the abaility to attach to processes and dump or analyze process memory. 1) Start code execution in playground. 2) In PS4FileNinja select FW, insert PS4 IP and click on "Send payload". 3) If the payload was sent successfully, click on "Connect to ps4". Screenshots: Download: http://bit.ly/2bv9xdf Have fun with it...
  11. @Reidenschi I'am not sharing any details but @cfwprophet already mentioned, that dev's know whats possible and what not.
  12. @StarMelter can you please lock or trash this thread? I know you have some experience with it
  13. @Reidenschi Made some progress thanks to other devs that contacted me. But I am not releasing anything until I have something that works.
  14. @cfwprophet its ok, I am not offended at all and thank you for the response. I will have a look at the vita and wii u exploits. Thank you again.
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