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  1. Anyone got ptrace/proc_rwmem working properly? Just keeps stalling here.
  2. Only other thing I can think off is a bad usb stick, @eXtreme tried a different one?
  3. I saw something about only working at 1080p a while back, not sure if that's still an issue though.
  4. Good spot, just tested, seems to work fine and PS4 shuts down properly after indicating no locked resources. He uses some trampoline code to return to userland, haven't analysed it much more interested in fully working return now
  5. As I mentioned above those functions are broken (what looks like intentionally) and need fixing. Some of the asm command is round the wrong way. The example given in cturts article works fine if you fix the asm commands.
  6. changing isfd had no effect, kn->kn_kq->kq_knlist and kn_id appear to be both valid. Here are the structs if you want to give it a try: #define TAILQ_ENTRY(type) \ struct { \ void *tqe_next; /* next element */ \ void **tqe_prev; /* address of previous next element */ \ } #define SLIST_ENTRY(type) \ struct { \ void *sle_next; /* next element */ \ } struct selfdlist { void *tqh_first; void **tqh_last; }; struct selinfo { struct selfdlist si_tdlist; /* List of sleeping threads. */ struct knlist si_note; /* kernel note list */ struct m
  7. Yes, status set still causes a panic, not sure exactly what you mean about isfd? In this case the new knote has isfd set to 0.
  8. I'm not sure we can cleanly exit dlclose through 'fixing' the knote. You can get a list of valid knotes through proc with td->td_proc->p_klist.kl_list.slh_first, if you memcpy one of them over the broken note in kernel payload the Ps4 still panics and shuts down.
  9. Not how it works, trying to return from dlclose forcefully leaves resources locked in the kernel thread which breaks further system calls.
  10. Yeah it seems to be locking some resources which also breaks subsequent system calls. Looking into it.
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