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  1. thx for the tut ! If it is the Debug Settings with the bricking IDU Mode a warning would be nice not to enable it
  2. I was on 3.55 all the time... but changed to the ps4 pro so now on 4.55
  3. Nice thx to all dev involved !
  4. Still waiting for Sony to throw their lawyers to these devs....Shit Sony ^^
  5. congratulations ! So your Homepage and forum are not the same site ? i was lged in but your ho´mepage didnt recognized it...
  6. dont mess with gregs wife ^^ just kidding...
  7. Happy Birthday to you Marmelade im Schuh, Aprikose in der Hose....Happy Birthday to you ^^
  8. holding back tools is a bad thing this is not what i meant in my thread.. i hate dongle makers and so on and ripping people off like gtaweekid... i mean if it is just a service for people who have no clue how to jb a device or no time to do but they want pay for it then it is ok. ..but it should maybe be mentioned that all tools are free and that they are just paying the work they do
  9. I see no problem there... I know the tools are all for free available but the work to do is not every time easy...and there are many people who dont know how to do it even if there are many tutorials out there...They just dont have time to do it or just no knowledge and fear to brick their devices....But if you want homebrew on your console and nobody can help you then this is a good idea to every one to enjoy this....in my eyes it is a help for people
  10. no..... after you updated the forum software my lights turned off and now iam in the dark and batman knocked on my door giving me a ps4 cfw...so all fine here
  11. I remind you if you want to build your own house and the employes are saying to you..."Just teach it your self you can build your own house by your self" it is absolutly clear that every one can fucking learn coding but not every one want to learn coding....damn ^^ And remember you are not better then others because you can code a little bit dont understand me wrong i dont want to sound bitchy but keep calm and thx for your work for us stupid non coding individuals who are so ungratefull and dont want to learn coding...peace
  12. on another forum i get 2 links maybe some devs can take a look at it inutial patch for ps4 toolchain http://reviews.llvm.org/D11279 teach the autoconf mashinery about the ps4 tripple http://reviews.llvm.org/rL227090 iam no dev so dont know whats going on there...
  13. also a little late but also from me belated best wishes @bigboss
  14. hope now the drama is over ^^ ps. and finaly i can login to this site
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