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  1. Eh, Let's hope it'll bring more devs to playstationhax!
  2. No he didn't discover it at all.
  3. Looks like it's public. http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=45888 <html> <body onload='runTest()'> <script> function runTest(){ document.writeln('<html></html>'); } </script> <iframe src='1.html'></iframe> </body> </html> <html> <iframe src='2.html'></iframe> <iframe src='3.html'></iframe> </html> <html> <script> window.parent.stop(); </script> </html> <html> </html>
  4. 150million devices will soon be on linux... Kappa.
  5. The thing is... I have spoken to Cturt. There is a new kernel exploit and he is releasing to public.
  6. Hey, I felt i needed to share with you guys as this is going to public.... Which i wasn't really hoping for but ah well. As you can see below Qwerty is about to post heap use-after-free at WebCore::TimerBase::heapPopMin() public. I do currently have the POC but i am not sharing. I guess 3.50 is now going to be the golden firmware hey? Cturt is also working on a current or new exploit? For the console as well i guess we'll have a lot more games to play now?
  7. Dev Menu on the PS4 ~ Flatz Release

    Update to 1.76.
  8. Oldie but a goodie

    Flame baiting again? For a senior staff member you are real mature.
  9. Oldie but a goodie

    You going to advance the PS4 scene now? XD
  10. PS4 file compression and encryption

    @zecoxao Can help you here with decrypting all * < 3.50 self/sprx. Not sure if he wants to share though.
  11. Dev Menu on the PS4 ~ Flatz Release

    The license file is on the Ps4 which we can use to license the PKG's but it's encrypted...
  12. Dev Menu on the PS4 ~ Flatz Release

  13. Dev Menu on the PS4 ~ Flatz Release

    Yeah, Just had the wifi loader and exploit compiled testing it out so i'll post some pics soon ^^ You should buy a PS4 1.76 your from UK right? Easy to get a hold of one
  14. Dev Menu on the PS4 ~ Flatz Release

    Alright, So if anyone hasn't seen the update yet github it just got updated today on https://github.com/kR105/PS4-dlclose/commit/0028afaf0ef9b2581d47ec4d32ebb4c75db9d576 kR105 git allowing Dev Menu? Anyone tested it out yet?
  15. PS4 2.XX Webkit Exploit Proof Of Concept

    What's the point posting two liner threads? Are you that lazy? Waste of mysql space.

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