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  1. ah this is great, I've been looking for the best way to dump rap files from my slim PS3 without having to create a full backup of the HDD. edit: after some reading, I don't believe PS3s that can't install CFW can avail of this, as you can't dump the required keys.
  2. potentially with a capital MAYBE (setting less channels might help), and I was told Sony official headset worked with PS3 without any mods and so I assume it works perfectly since it costs an arm and a leg. but since I don't have a BT audio device and it was a pain working at ASM level I don't see myself realistically attempting that really. I quickly googled that headset, it seems to be using BT 3.0, so I would assume it's being downgraded at the Playstation level, since BT 3.0 should be decent enough for music playback, thus this. (ummm... ill see if I feel like it, I might
  3. ooo thanks, I've been waiting for someone to confirm that BT audio works, as I don't have a BT headset myself, it's a shame that there is a lose of quality as using USB headset and DS4 seems to be fine, but I suppose that was expected due to the difference in bandwidth BT and USB can handle.
  4. No, not yet. your best chance for something useful is to stay on the lowest possible FW.
  5. at this moment, I dont have a reason to believe that, and time will tell.
  6. not entirely accurate, you can get real code execution from this without kexploit, you'll just be sandboxed. kexploit is only needed to remove the sandbox and allow more access.
  7. Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX Whoever wins this, better use it to get FFXV.
  8. I think you're thinking of releasing the kernel, not so much so the unlock key... but even at that, you're thinking of google app bundle and not android OS.
  9. I've been in enough communities/scenes to know this won't happen... you should also know, the FBI don't pay you to do things for them, they blackmail you... such as, they'd steal your twitter etc until you help them, unless you're a multimillion company.
  10. @Cr0w the only thing I'm working on is my exams and don't expect any exploits from me, i might be a dev but not a hacker(i probably don't have the patience for it), although its something I'm considering getting into, but that won't be soon.
  11. let me play the devils advocate for the sake of it... let say that this happens, wouldn't that force sony to find another means of banning users, or do they have none? if they have none, surely they're not stupid enough (ok maybe they are), to just start banning people...
  12. I've yet to try either, but Twisted version don't support Mac, so that's one pros for sony
  13. Good job @fx0day. for the net, have you tried Ethernet cable? you're such a great motivator.
  14. The exploit M0rph3us is talking about is a 'known' one, yet has no use and it's not even firmware dependent, as it's related to apps on the PS4, Cturt has briefly talked about them in his articles, but they're mostly useless since they have no access to JIT, so you can't use them to calculate addresses.... however, Cturt has mentioned that there are webkit exploit that have either not been disclosed or found, and the best way to make sure when these are found that they'll work is to stop updating your PS4 (sony might find one and fix it, but since no one else found it, you won't kn
  15. out of bond is a type of exception error, not an exploit, but potentially something exploitable... anyway, its a linux/freebsd font bug, but no one said it works on 3.15 but 1 post by someone on wololo.net website. i might be usable through the browser, but i did a quick research around that time, but as far as i found, that font format extension doesn't actually work in the browser. @wildcard @eXtreme there are few ways to proceed... both these method should work in theory... but my exams are only 2 weeks away, so I won't be able to experiment with this myself for a while, as
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