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  1. With some work now that we have a kernel exploit i think we can dump them ...
  2. Yes we could but we need the partition passphrase to remount the partition
  3. I think i was not clear ... Some folders you see at the root are mountpoints of encrypted partitions : /dev/da0x4.crypt/=/system /dev/da0x5.crypt/=/system_ex dev/da0x9.crypt/=/system_data /dev/da0x13.crypt/=/user /dev/da0x14.crypt/=/eap_user /dev/da0x12.crypt/=/update /dev/da0x0.crypt/=/preinst /dev/da0x1.crypt/=/preinst2 ..... Some are mounted in Read Only so you can't write in these dirs , it's not a ftp issue ... If you mount a USB key in Read Only on linux you'll never be able to write on it , you need to mount with R/W rights ...
  4. Don't know where you try to write but renember that there are some mount points who are in Read Only , so you have to mount them with R/W permissions if you want to write with Ftp on these ...
  5. I've just edited the value of "sdk_version" ... You can't launch new games with this trick (i suppose we don't have the keys) the game installs but i get an error when i try to launch it ...
  6. Sorry but no this is not working like this !!! it's working on 3.50 because it's still allowed on PSN but it will not work anymore in some days (like every update) ... There is more work that only spoofing the Fw version to get PSN on 1.76 I spoofed my Fw in memory on my 1.76 PS4 , so i can bypass Disc game update and the online Fw check but there are another checks to connect PSN . Look on PS3 : http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Online_Connections#X-Platform-Passphrase
  7. SKFU Proxy 3.03 View File Mirror of the last version of Skfu Proxy for windows ... Submitter fx0day Submitted 06/07/2016 Category PC Software(PS4) Developer Developer: Skfu Source Source: https://streetskaterfu.blogspot.fr/
  8. Version 3.0.3


    Mirror of the last version of Skfu Proxy for windows ...
  9. Look if they have the same lens , if they have the same lens model just swap the lens ..
  10. There's a video Page 3 of this thread ...
  11. Good job !! And many thanx for all your tips
  12. preinst is a mountpoint (/dev/da0x0.crypt /preinst) it must be read-only (like preinst2) this is why you can't write here
  13. Ps4lib is now deprecated and hitodama updated PS4SDK here : https://github.com/ps4dev/ps4sdk Examples here : https://github.com/ps4dev/ps4sdk-examples Psxdev is also working on Ps4link port to the new Sdk : https://github.com/psxdev/ps4link/tree/ps4sdk_work
  14. Nope it should work nice and i didn't update it since rlz .. Btw i suggest everybody to host it @ home and use the Dns trick rather than the proxy one ... Little easter egg from Xerpi who choose this port on Vita Ftp server What time is it ??
  15. If port 1337 is not free you will find Ftp server on the next port : 1338 , 1339 ... If you launch the Ftp Server more than one time without rebooting it may help
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